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'ధన'ధన్-2: ఏమైంది ఈదేశానికి

ప్రధాన మంత్రి మోడీ గారి 500 మరియు 1000 నోట్ల పై ఆంక్షలకు సంబంధించిన వార్త ప్రజల నోట వెంట తెగ మార్మోగిపోయింది. మన దగ్గరున్నది నల్ల ధనమో కాదో తెలీక, ఉన్న నోట్లకు సరిగా చిల్లరలు ఇచ్చేవారు లేక, ఎటిఎం లు పనిచేయక, ఒకవేళ పనిచేసిన డ్రా చేసుకువాల్సిన అమౌంట్ పై పరిమితి ఉండుట, పోనీ బ్యాంకు కి వెళ్లి మార్చుకుందామా అంటే, అక్కడ బారులు తీరిన జన సంద్రం, ఇలా అడుగడుగునా…సమస్యల మధ్య దేశం మొత్తం అతలాకుతలం అయిపోయింది. 


And, the Dogs finally intimidated the Elephant.

Does a tit for a tat ever solve a problem? It never does. It only exacerbates the status quo.

Post reading the answers and opinions of various others on Quora, here is what I gleaned from the people who are justifying PM Modi’s actions. 871 more words


"Lal Bahadur Shastri's persona fascinates me" - Shalini Arora

One a few people know that the actress Shalini Arora played the role of Lal Bahadur Shastri’s mother in one of the Bollywood film ‘ 259 more words

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About 8/11...The Demonetization

This is about the bold step taken by our Prime Minister on demonetization on November 8th 2016.  How it has been received by the people and the Indian economy. 13 more words


Prime Minister Modi pays tribute to Late Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha

CHENNAI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today paid floral tributes to Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa who passed away last night.

Flanked by Governor Vidyasagar Rao, Union Ministers Venkaiah Naidu and Pon Radhakrishnan and others, Modi placed a wreath on the body which was lying in state at Rajaji Hall. 25 more words

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Tarek Fatah slams Arvind Kejriwal, calls him 'fool, idiot' for opposing demonetisation (watch video)

Tarek Fatah slams Arvind Kejriwal, calls him ‘fool, idiot’ for opposing demonetisation (watch video)

Pakistan-born Canadian writer Tarek Fatah has given Delhi Chief Minister a tongue-lashing over the AAP convener’s protest against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s much-debated move to demonetise Rs 500 and Rs 1000. 167 more words

Politics And Government

Uniform Civil Code: The dilemma

Much has been discussed and debated recently about Uniform Civil Code with Central Government being asked by the apex court of its response on Shayara Bano’s petition. 312 more words