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Who should be India’s Prime Minister in 2019 ? http://bit.ly/2hcvjst

will narendra modi elected again Who should be India’s Prime Minister in 2019 ? http://bit.ly/2hcvjst

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Who should be India’s Prime Minister in 2019 ? 7 more words


Maratha March--Say No To Reservation

Today 9 lakhs people in South Mumbai marched for Reservations for Marathas. I understand Mr Fadnavis the Chief Minister has agreed to this.
Instead of moving forward India is going backwards. 77 more words

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मोदी की पाकिस्तानी बहन...!

जी हां, 22 सालों से उसने संभाल कर रखा है अपने रिश्ते को. उसके रिश्ते सिर्फ उसके नहीं हैं बल्कि दो देशों के बीच प्यार का एक संदेश है.


India can become a Casteless society? One small step for Modi but it has been the Greatest challenge for Ambedkar

I believe Modi has that charisma which can bring discrimination to an end forever. Annihilation of the caste system must for India’s progress.India has its second dalit President by its merit. 50 more words

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From 2019 India’s financial year to shift from April to January

The Narendra Modi Government has decided to scrap the colonial tradition of presenting budget in the month of February.

Come 2019, the budget will be applicable from the first day of the new year. 56 more words


M Venkaiah Naidu to contest vice president election. Resigns from bjp and ministry. Here is complete story of Naidu

M venkaiah Naidu is set to contest vice president election to be held August 5, 2017. Parliamentary party meeting headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President of B.J.P. 372 more words

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