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Opinion - Will Abe accept Merkel's sound advice? - People's Daily Online - John Gelmini

Dr Alf raises an important point but despite Japan’s history, its present economic situation and its gradual eclipse by China, Abe still attends shrines dedicated to war criminals and thinks that he can do whatever he likes because… 90 more words


Second Japanese Hostage Beheaded

On Sunday the Islamic State posted a video of the beheading of Kenji Goto- a Japanese journalist captured in October of 2014. Goto was in Syria to secure the release of Haruna Yukawa- a Japanese adventurer captured in August of 2014. 150 more words

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Japanese Government Working to Verify Islamic State Beheading Video

TOKYO, Jan. 24 (UPI) — Japanese leaders are meeting to determine the authenticity of a video that purportedly shows Islamic State hostage Kenji Goto holding a photo of fellow hostage Haruna Yukawa after being beheaded. 245 more words

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Did Japan Botch ISIS Hostage Deal?

The country’s ISIS hostage crisis is a tragedy—one that its government helped to create. Is the Abe administration more concerned with saving face than saving lives? 718 more words
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"Extremism and Islam are completely different things."

Does everyone feel better now?  No longer will we make the logical connection between what those who take Islam seriously with those who wish Islam to be something other than the “religion of peace” that it is. 630 more words


China and Japan: Out of the deep freeze | The Economist

AFTER Japan’s prime minister worshipped at Tokyo’s Yasukuni shrine last December, China declared Shinzo Abe to be beyond the pale; principles are principles. But Chinese ones are, well, nothing if not adaptable, and on November 10th President… 371 more words

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