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7 of the Craziest Crimes to Ever Happen in Michigan

Just to help you imagine walking a beat in Battle Creek

Det. Russ Agnew and Special Agent Milton Chamberlain team up in the CBS drama to clean up the mean streets of Battle Creek, Michigan. 50 more words

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11 Creepiest Perry Moments

What a creeper.

Every game you play, every night you stay, he is watching you.

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5 Time Thomas Lennon and The Late Late Show Made a Great Odd Couple

He was truly the apple of The Late Late Show’s eye

Everyone is looking forward to Thomas Lennon’s new role on The Odd Couple, but after his three-day stint as a guest host of The Late Late Show, he’d also make for one hilarious colleague. 14 more words

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10 Things Only People from Battle Creek, Michigan Understand

Welcome to the “Cereal City”

Watch the premiere of Battle Creek when it comes to CBS on Sunday, March 1st at 10/9c.

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How Boomers Stay Fit

People don’t often think of Baby Boomers when they think of marathon runners and triathletes.  However, be it because retirement is around the corner, or they just want a fun way to stay fit, boomers actually make up a large portion of that population. 484 more words