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Prime Time Thursday 26th May 2016

You can view my appearance on Prime Time last Thursday 26th May 2016 below, from aprox. 24 mins 40 seconds in onwards:



छद्म बहसों में गुम गंभीर मुद्दे

भारत एक बहस प्रधान देश है। यहाँ चाय दुकानों पर सुबह के अखबार से लेकर रात में टेलीविजन के प्राइम टाइम तक बहस का सिलसिला जारी रहता है। यह बहसें बहुत दार्शनिक टाइप की होती हैं। साथ ही, निर्गुण स्वभाव की भी होती हैं।


Beware of the Mighty Matt and his Change.org Petitions!

Yes, Peter. You have much to fear, as Ernest Halcon did when Matthew Berdyck ran this incredibly successful Change.org petition here


If you’re not careful Peter, you might get 11 out of the 10,000 signatures necessary for the Change.org petition, that essentially does nothing anyways. 208 more words

Matthew Berdyck Lies

Give Him Your Prime Time!

Spending time with God, building a relationship, investing time in prayer, reading the bible, these are all vitally important if you wish to get to know the nature of God and to draw closer to Him. 579 more words

How Well Do You Know Your UnSubs On Criminal Minds?

Over the past 11 seasons of Criminal Minds, we watched the BAU solve hundreds of cases and encounter some seriously dangerous bad guys—but not all UnSubs are alike. 26 more words

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Global Factors and a Bloxperiment

Many of my fellow bloggers may know that WordPress also offers stats and insights for viewership, and to me it’s quite interesting to see where my main audience is based. 336 more words


Michigan Football To Play Two Big Ten Conference Primetime Games On The Road

ROSEMONT, Illinois – The Big Ten Conference Office and its television partners announced Monday (May 2) the primetime games for each of its platforms, with two of the University of Michigan’s four conference road contests selected for an evening starting time. 250 more words