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MaBloWriMo 24: Bezout’s identity

A few days ago we made use of Bézout’s Identity, which states that if and have a greatest common divisor , then there exist integers and such that . 308 more words

Number Theory

MaBloWriMo 23: contradiction!

So, where are we? We assumed that is divisible by , but is not prime. We picked a divisor of and used it to define a group , and… 320 more words

Number Theory

3 easy JBMO problems to do on a plane

I had 13 hours and 25 minutes of free time on the plane.  Aside from playing pool on the mini TV-screen (90% of time), I actually did some math (10% of time).   191 more words


MaBloWriMo 22: the order of omega, part II

Yesterday, from the assumption that is divisible by , we deduced the equations


which hold in the group . So what do these tell us about the order of ? 196 more words

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Not all triggers are bad.

By David Joel Miller.

Sometimes you need to get triggered.

The concept of “triggers,” things that you might see, hear, feel or do that could set off a change in thinking, feeling and behavior is an established part of the way of thinking in the recovery field. 963 more words

Recovery And Resiliency

MaBloWriMo 21: the order of omega, part I

Now we’re going to figure out the order of in the group .

Remember that we started by assuming that passed the Lucas-Lehmer test, that is, that is divisible by . 300 more words

Number Theory

MaBloWriMo 20: the group X star

So, where are we? Recall that we are assuming (in order to get a contradiction) that is not prime, and we picked a smallish divisor (“smallish” meaning ). 134 more words

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