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The world of Crucible

In previous posts we’ve talked about the themes of Crucible, and begun introducing the game’s playable species. Today we want to provide a glimpse into the world of Crucible, and the great forces that shaped its creation and inhabitants. 480 more words


Rokinon Announces Two New Mirrorless Primes

Rokinon has been stirring up the lens market for a couple of years offering very affordable options for photographers and cinematographers alike. They just began shipping their lovely… 480 more words


The Greatest Power Of A Number That Divides A Factorial Problem

Recently, I stumbled upon an interesting algorithmic (mathematical actually) problem in an online programming competition, and decided to share my solution with you.

The problem is the following: given a large number N and an integer M, find the largest power of M that divides N! 397 more words


Animal Group Integral Alphabet (imaginary menagerie!) 

From A-Z: groups of animals in attendance at the hypothetical 42 cube amphitheater, (drumroll please!). An…

1. Ambush of tigers or an army of frogs, which is the imaginer’s mood-choice, are announcing both… 330 more words


Bertrand Riemann

Last week on 17th September (1826) we celebrated Bertrand Riemann’s birthday. This is one of those mathematicians I have encountered so much during my study from high-school to university. 411 more words


muted | Hannah

Going with a muted color on the lips to emphasize the eyes. Having a wife who knows her way with make-up is definitely an advantage.


Small and Large Prime Lecture Times

Is this why blogs were invented? So people could just let off steam.

Whatever the case, I have some steam about academic seminars which needs something to heat. 370 more words