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A conversation about primes with a 10 year old

My younger son is doing a little review work in Art of Problem Solving’s Introduction to Number Theory book.  This book is a wonderful way for kids to learn all sorts of interesting properties of numbers.  123 more words

Who Gets to Jump the Most? (Age 6)

The Activities

  1. Topic: Infinity, Even and Odd. Book: The Cat in Numberland ,Chapter 4, by Ekelund. In this chapter, Mr Hildebrand wants exactly one half of the numbers to go visit the letters.
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Last digit counts for the first 1 billion twin primes

I’ve been playing around with the list digits of consecutive twin primes for a few weeks. The idea was inspired by the paper of Lemke Oliver and Soundararajan on consecutive primes described by Evelyn Lamb here: 607 more words

Eggs and Boxes (Age 6)

Age 6

The Activities

  1. Topics: Numbers, Codes, Algebra:  The Cat in Numberland, Chapter 3, by I. Ekeland.  In this chapter the letters come to visit the numbers, and we learn about letter/number ciphers and letters standing in for numbers.
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Comprehending Primes With Efficient Algorithms

What are primes?
A Number that has no divisors apart from one and itself is termed as prime.

The most naive algorithm for finding if a number is prime involves iterating i from 1 to n , checking if the number is divisible by i (using the modulus operator) . 454 more words


Missing Mate in Ten

Can we have overlooked short solutions to major problems?


Efim Geller was a Soviet chess grandmaster, author, and teacher. Between 1953 and 1973 he reached the late stages of contention for the world championship many times but was stopped short of a match for the title. 1,303 more words


Leica's Summicron-C Line Grows with 15mm and 40mm

At this rate, we won’t have any products left to announce during NAB. CW Sonderoptic, Leica’s sister company that manufactures their cine lenses, has announced the addition of two new prime lenses that really round out and fill the gaps in the Summicron-C line of lenses. 464 more words