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Prime Numbers and Extraterrestrial Communication

A fascinating but little known application of prime numbers involves the search for, and communication with, extraterrestrials.  In the 1997 film Contact (adapted from Carl Sagan’s novel by the same name), Ellie Arroway and her team of radio telescope ET hunters pick up a repeating signal from the nearby star Vega (around 25 light years away).   1,532 more words

Carl Sagan

A simple slipstick.

Well, perhaps not “simple” at the level of just taking a couple of rulers and using them, but simple compared to some of the more advanced slipsticks or slide rules that are out there. 2,422 more words

Solving an Unsolvable Math Problem - The New Yorker

The pursuit of beauty http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/02/02/pursuit-beauty Zhang’s 2 accomplishments: Solving a #math mystery about gaps in primes & Doing it after age 50

Profiles FEBRUARY 2, 2015 ISSUE… 13 more words


Project Euler Prime Permutations Solution – Problem 49

Problem: The arithmetic sequence, 1487, 4817, 8147, in which each of the terms increases by 3330, is unusual in two ways: (i) each of the three terms are prime, and, (ii) each of the 4-digit numbers are permutations of one another. 499 more words

Project Euler

train of thought


Many times the train of thought starts off and it all becomes a blur.

Do you know this expression, “train of thought”? It means that it’s not just one idea, it’s a series of ideas. 2,072 more words


the OCD gene

Never thought goldbach conjecture was weird.   From an early age on i believed in the goldbach conjecture.   It seemed so natural, so authentic, so sincere in its assertion. 134 more words


Project Euler Pandigital Prime Solution – Problem 41

Problem: We shall say that an n-digit number is pandigital if it makes use of all the digits 1 to n exactly once. For example, 2143 is a 4-digit pandigital and is also prime. 286 more words

Project Euler