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Can Factoring Large Prime Multiples Be Attacked By Precompute & Store? - Nope.

At one time, at Apple, we did what is now called a Rainbow Table password attack. We pre-computed a lot of passwords and could just do a “lookup” on the table to find the decryption. 1,374 more words

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Some Twin Primes

With representing the sum of all primes smaller than , the number is a member of the twin prime . The numbers and are also twin primes: and respectively. 19 more words


Idempotent elements in Rings

For a commutative ring an idempotent is an element such that . The collection is an ideal of and in fact, moreover, is a ring in its own right with identity (why?). 202 more words


Return list of primes up to n using for loop

I have just picked up learing python and I am trying to create a simple function which accepts an integer and returns a list of all primes from 2 to that integer. 197 more words


Le Monde puzzle [#1048]

An arithmetic Le Monde mathematical puzzle:

A magical integer m is such that the remainder of the division of any prime number p by m is either a prime number or 1.

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Large Prime Factors of a Quadratic Polynomial

At the International Congress of Mathematicians in 1912, Landau posed four problems about prime numbers that he described as “unattackable at the present state of mathematics.” 782 more words

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Leprechauns Know What It Feels

To be human, that is

Neil L. has graced these pages many times before. Every eve of St. Patrick’s Day he has visited Dick. Sometimes Dick has been hard to… 1,679 more words