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Tokina Cinema Introduces New Primes, Refreshed Zoom, and More!

Tokina entered the cinema lens market several years ago with a few zooms and a macro prime which were all ported over from their still photography line of lenses. 852 more words


Factorization diagram cards are here!

It’s been a long process, but factorization diagram cards are finally available for purchase!

If you just want to purchase a set right this minute, then click the above link! 547 more words


Cooke Brings Back The Panchro Primes

Vintage lenses have been a major trend in the motion picture industry and Cooke is in a prime position to take advantage of their unrivaled heritage. 305 more words


Prime Number Finder Code Python 3

I was wondering if I could write some code to find prime numbers up to a given integer, so took a morning off and wrote this in… 716 more words



Mostly the old value their youth?

It can take a fortune

To appreciate an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work.

Asks the 1%: 333 more words


A mathematician's clock

Our new clock arrived to replace the one I broke. I really like it. I love that every number is a three. Three is a prime number too and primes are the best.