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Euler's Proof

I was reminded of Euler’s proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers in reading my new (used) copy of Karl Popper’s book “The Logic of Scientific Discovery”. 244 more words

Refreshing problem on Number Theory

There isn’t too much going in this question.Nonetheless,I just liked it for some bloody reason.

  • Let and be positive integers where .If is prime,prove that is even and n is of the form where
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Sharing Gary Rubinstein's Perfect Number video with my 6th grader

Saw a neat tweet from Gary Rubinstein earlier in the week:

Tutorial videos from the second semester of the math explorations course I teach https://t.co/fVqEGcyd89…

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Euler and 1,000,009

Here’s a tale of one the great mathematicians of all time that I heard for the first time this year: the great mathematician published a mistake… which, when it occurs today, is highly professionally embarrassing to modern mathematicians. 86 more words


Factoring Mersenne "primes"

I love hearing and telling tales of legendary mathematicians. Today’s tale comes from Frank Nelson Cole and definitely comes from the era before calculators or computers. 144 more words


Prime Numbers And How To Find Them 2: Randomness

Again, many will be have been acquainted with the number grid showing prime numbers. Immediately, there is an element of randomness but with a little more thought, you may notice columns of non-primes. 485 more words


Prime Time

the even number community
bolsters pride
in its fabulous wealth
of integer factors

as the prime number
elites remain aloof
in the rarefied air
of exclusivity… 68 more words