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I sleep deeply the night before I go to the wood. The final dream tantalizes, staying only for an instant as I wake before it vanishes like a slippery brown trout in the muddy depths of a river. 665 more words

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Cult TV Essentials: Primeval

Primeval was a British science fiction show produced for ITV by Impossible Pictures. It was created by Adrian Hodges and Tim Haines, who previously created the… 2,167 more words


TV Treat: Dueling Paganisms

Patty and I have been enjoying Primeval, a popular British TV series featuring prehistoric monsters invading our modern world through “anomalies in time,” whatevuh they may be. 369 more words

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marsh mist





a primeval memory


140: Library of Ferns

Embryos unfurling, stretching to prehistoric patterns. The forest light filtering through your serrations, the unfossilised, fresh-fronded teeth of pure unsullied green. Here is a nursery unravelling then, millions of years of timeless tedium, edenic shapes, untouched touchstone of evolution, perfect pyramids emerging, ancient parchments unrolling to reveal your viriditas vellum, your undeterred, unchanged message. 9 more words

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Balcony: (n) the upstairs seats in a theater, concert hall, or auditorium.

In my youthful years…

Actually, there’s little that’s more disgusting than an aging author reflecting back on earlier times with a slight grimace of regret, but mostly tantalizing details of virility and prowess. 378 more words

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