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Reap Her

As the dark rises, the night falls but daylight stalls in the corner of the East End.

Silence fails to stand the test of time, therefore screeching dominates. 93 more words



My exhibition finished a couple of weeks ago and I am delighted to say that more than half of the 60 images sold in the opening 3 hours. 34 more words

Ligne-Claire Forest

Decided to try a ligne-claire, Moebius-styled image of a primeval forest, with a few bugs thrown in here and there.



Back to the grind today.

Query letters this morning.

Machete to backyard at noon.

Shower and wire brush to body around 2.

New novel exploits until catastrophic physical collapse and messy mental ungluing by 10. 32 more words


When the Ideas Pixies steal one of yours... My Writing Diary - Ten Years On: 25th April 2006

There are times when a writer will have a fantastic idea for a story, only for the Ideas Pixies — mischievous sprites in the pay of big Hollywood studios — to come in the middle of the night, pluck it from your brain and give it to someone like, I dunno, Tom Cruise, who can have the whole thing packaged and announced in Variety before you can even sharpen your pencils. 758 more words


The Golden Grail

My dearly departed,

Earthly, I will temporarily miss you,

But, not your ghostly movements, unceased from existence,

But, not your enduring cacophonic croaked voice,

But, not your siren of death, bellowing in my earthly  existence, 249 more words