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140: Library of Ferns

Embryos unfurling, stretching to prehistoric patterns. The forest light filtering through your serrations, the unfossilised, fresh-fronded teeth of pure unsullied green. Here is a nursery unravelling then, millions of years of timeless tedium, edenic shapes, untouched touchstone of evolution, perfect pyramids emerging, ancient parchments unrolling to reveal your viriditas vellum, your undeterred, unchanged message. 9 more words

Fresh Mercies Daily


Balcony: (n) the upstairs seats in a theater, concert hall, or auditorium.

In my youthful years…

Actually, there’s little that’s more disgusting than an aging author reflecting back on earlier times with a slight grimace of regret, but mostly tantalizing details of virility and prowess. 378 more words

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A Look Back on Primeval

Now I know that the television show Primeval was quite a while ago now, however I really enjoyed watching it when it was on and I recently read one of the novels so I thought that I would quite like to talk about it here today. 572 more words


For the Love of Ferns

On the eastern slope of the Pine Valley Mountains, a sea of ferns laps at the shimmering calves of a hidden aspen forest. The ferns are heaped at the base of the aspens, thick and green. 468 more words


Preston Comic Con 2015!

Last Saturday was another event I’ve been looking forward to for a while: the second Preston Comic Con! As you would expect, there were some absolutely fantastic costumes on display, from superheroes to… 599 more words

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