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Primeval - Mundane Monday Challenge #120 - Learn Photography

My entry for this week’s Mundane Morning Challenge. This was taken on a walk through woodland on Anglesey, North Wales. I like ferns and there were some lovely examples here. 149 more words


Under-rated Science-Fiction TV Shows of the 2000s (Part 1)

In a world of Stranger Things, Doctor Who, and Firefly I find that some of the really great science fiction tv shows slip through the cracks. 1,187 more words


Wanders in...Gibraltar

The Rock is big. I hadn’t been prepared for just how severe the fall away would be. The drop was well over a thousand feet; at the bottom of the sheer limestone cliff everything seemed rather small. 506 more words


Very smart, mischievous, tool using creatures... that fly.

I have always loved Crows. Everything about them. The chattering talk between a couple Crows sitting in the same tree but a distance apart. Just staying in touch. 80 more words


Between hammer and a hotspot

Primeval masculine ambitions can force you to leave your native tribe in a haste. But nobody can guarantee your safety in the cruel world – especially when you are a feeble lady. 29 more words


A Poem on the primeval thoughts of a writer


There is joy that is induced,

And there is ecstasy that comes by act,

Intoxicators are a lot,

Yet – nothing gives a high that a great conversation can shy. 416 more words



Aen crouched in the brush, surveying the path that curved between massive redwood trunks and lesser conifers. The young hunter, no longer a child but still absent a beard, concealed himself beside a rotten and shattered pine. 2,224 more words