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Minimalizing your paper clutter

Ever look around your house at your paperwork? Is it stacked in piles around your house or neatly in a filing cabinet?
What if you could make all the piles and filing cabinets disappear while keeping everything. 698 more words

Primitive Art

Leather Earrings

Autumn Morehouse studios creates art for your ears using 100% leather.

Primitive Art


One of my favorite artists — Jean Michel Basquiat. He is in my top ten list of artists I love. Got an opportunity in April of this year to see a retrospective of his journals, paintings and drawings from the Cleveland Museum of Art.   12 more words


“Creativity is contagious.  Pass it on.”  Albert Einstein

One of my favorite art pieces in my home was not actually made by me, but rather by a friend who was visiting.   341 more words

Grandma Pat Cooks

Kazimir Malevich

Female Torso”, 1933, Kazimir Malevich.


The Lascaux Cave Paintings: Human Desire into Art

On the 12th of September 1940, prehistoric paintings were discovered in Lascaux, France on cave walls and ceilings seen today as some 17,000 years old. … 896 more words


Welcome to the Jungle... The Mindscapes of Henri Rousseau

On the 2nd of September 1910, French Naïve painter Henri Rousseau died in Paris aged 66. A puzzling cult figure during his lifetime, Rousseau was very much a self-taught artist with a unique style, famous most of all for his visionary jungle scenes. 714 more words