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Inspiration: Mary Ann Willson

We know just enough about Mary Ann Willson that we want to know more. What little we know about Willson comes from two anonymous letters and a short biography in Richard Lionel De Lisser’s Picturesque Catskills, Greene County, which was first published in 1894. 231 more words


Are We Alone? (Ceramic)

Day 30.

This is one of my  early pieces of ceramic art. It was inspired by the primitive art of South America. Heavily stylised features, almost brutal in its crude execution large totemic head he is is reminiscent of the Easter Island statues. 123 more words


Carbon Dating (Detail)

Acrylic and conte on canvas (2015)

Size:  w 24″ x h 30″

A fossil of the primitive bird Archaeopteryx lithographia (the “Berlin specimen”) from the Solnhofen Limestone site in southern Germany was the inspiration for this painting, which took a turn or two of its own past that image.

Recent Work

Primitive Treasures

Farm Scene – graphite and crayon – Mildred Burge 1943

Our own Grandma Moses: My Dad’s oldest sister was born in the early 1920s. I spent today going through and scanning some treasures her daughter shared with me – drawings made on found paper.

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After 2012

My Paintings of Italy

My new obsession. When I’m not in the kitchen, I’m at the dining room table with paint tubes sprawled, aluminum pans for palettes, a small blue plastic colander to hold up one end of my canvas on the table (maybe one of these days, an easel), and I paint. 497 more words