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Psychic Roots, Part 2

Last time I wrote about my “psychic” experience with John Bernard Schoenewolf, this time it will be about another “psychic” experience I had. If you remember, Hank Jones has written a book called Psychic Roots and discusses those moments when you unexpectedly and inexplicably find things related to your family. 1,927 more words

Craven County

Diving right in......

I am a firm adherent to the Doctrine of Grace, and offer no apologies for that.  

It has been 40 years since I converted to Christianity from Roman Catholicism, and that is not to bash the religion I was born and raised in, but Catholicism is not Christianity, though it is within what is commonly called “Christendom”. 211 more words

Doctrine Of Grace

Two Headships, not "Two Natures"

Gill claims that the elect can be both in Adam and in Christ at the same time. How? Gill claims this can happen because Christians have “two natures”. 1,205 more words


Odis Clinton Abbott

We had one of the best trips to Cades Cove we have ever had.  We stopped at the Primitive Baptist Chursh on our loop tour.  We met a man that was born in Cades Cove and lived there until he was 13 years old.  297 more words


Response To Jason Brown On Regeneration Without Gospel Conversion

Response To Jason Brown On
Regeneration Without Gospel Conversion

By Curt Wildy

In response to my series on whether all of the elect will hear the Gospel, 1,591 more words

10. Wildy, Curt

The "I was never lost" doctrine of Stanley C Phillips

a review of The Eternal Vital Union, by Stanley C. Phillips, (Gospel Mission)

First, because he makes so much fun of others who attempt to write books, I want to ask Stanley if he thinks he is a baby-doctor… 2,685 more words


Receiving the Righteousness By Imputation

Romans 5: 17 speaks of “those who receive the free gift of righteousness” and how they reign in life through the one man Christ Jesus. This receiving is not the sinner believing. 534 more words