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“The Streets of Ashkelon,” Harry Harrison, 1962

The Streets of Ashkelon,” Harry Harrison, 1962 – (Alternate title: “An Alien Agony”)  John Garth, a trader, lives peacefully with a “primitive” but promising alien culture called Weskers.  256 more words

The Scientist

"Day of the Truce," Clifford D. Simak, 1963

“Day of the Truce,” Clifford D. Simak, 1963 — The Punks versus the suburbanites in a fortified, futuristic community.

Comments: Theme of generational conflict.  Read in… 68 more words


“The Moon Moth,” Jack Vance, 1961

The Moon Moth,” Jack Vance, 1961 – A new ambassador arrives to a highly organized culture with two peculiarities: hierarchical “character” masks used in lieu of personal identity and a language spoken through musical instruments. 235 more words


“Things,” Zenna Henderson, 1960

“Things,” Zenna Henderson, 1960 – An alien race describes the arrival of The Strangers bearing gifts.  A young member of the village is tempted to trade the location of his tribe in exchange for “things.” 29 more words


"Day at the Beach," Carol Emshwiller, 1959

“Day at the Beach,” Carol Emshwiller, 1959 — In a post-apocalyptic world, a couple with a very hirsute, very violent son, Littleboy, struggles to reenact a normal “day at the beach.”  When they’re attacked by thieves after their gasoline, Littleboy’s aggressive nature, usually somewhat frightening, provides an advantage. 91 more words


"The Cold Green Eye," Jack Williamson, 1953

“The Cold Green Eye,” Jack Williamson, 1953 — A boy is left with monks by his parents so that he might live a simple life in harmony with life and nature, sequestered from consumerism and Western conventions.  129 more words


"Unhuman Sacrifice," Katherine MacLean, 1958

“Unhuman Sacrifice,” Katherine MacLean, 1958 — A missionary and two crewman arrive on an as-of-yet uncolonized planet.  The missionary–who thinks he’s been given a great honor–is obnoxious, nearly oafish in his over-eager attempts to open a dialogue with his future converts.  560 more words