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The 'True Image Of A Writer' And Online Writing

Shortly after I first began writing on the ‘Net–way back in 1988–I noticed that there was, very often, a marked contrast between the online and offline personas of some of the writers I encountered online. 495 more words


Surviving Auschwitz with Primo Levi

In our times, hell must be like this

Last week, I wrote about a novel I was reading, Survival in Auschwitwz (If This Is a Man), a memory of 216 pages written by Primo Levi in 1947 originally in Italian.

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Primo Levi’s words remind me of why we need one another. This need goes beyond the idealistic and ephemeral. We need one another for survival. Levi writes, “We, too, are so dazzled by power and prestige as to forget our essential fragility. 62 more words

Auschwitz Through Primo Levi's Feather

It’s Monday! What Are You Reading? I am finally reading what I’ve always wanted to read. Yet in the page 74 from 216 of the “Survival in Auschwitz (If This Is a Man)” by Primo Levi, I am already shocked and impressively astonished by the description of the terror lived in… 467 more words

Livro: É Isto Um Homem? (Primo Levi)

Vendo a lista dos livros do Desafio Literário em um geral, nunca pensaria que “É Isto Um Homem?” (“Se chesto è un uomo”, no original em italiano) estaria incluso. 674 more words


Light a Candle

“It happened, therefore it can happen again: this is the core of what we have to say. It can happen, and it can happen everywhere.”

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