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Pick of the Week: Primo Levi’s Periodic Table

Summer presents a great opportunity to catch up on our reading – a skill Galileo… 111 more words


“Perfection belongs to narrated events, not to those we live.”― Primo Levi, The Periodic Table

Primo Levi: Chemistry and the Holocaust

On the 31st of July 1919, the Italian Jewish chemist and writer Primo Levi was born in Turin, Italy. A survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp, he emerged after the war as one of the most incisive and candid intellects among those writers who had experienced the Holocaust. 817 more words


Primo Levi: victims and oppressors

La memoria dell’offesa

Primo Levi

La memoria umana è uno strumento meraviglioso ma fallace. E questa una verità logora, nota non solo agli psicologi, ma anche a chiunque abbia posto attenzione al comportamento di chi lo circonda, o al suo stesso comportamento. 1,332 more words


The Drowned and The Saved by Primo Levi (1986)

This book means to contribute to the clarification of some aspects of the Lager phenomenon which still appear obscure. It also sets for itself a more ambitious goal: it will try to answer the most urgent question, the question which torments all those who happened to read our accounts. 4,932 more words


Moments of Reprieve by Primo Levi (1986)

After Levi had written and published If This Is A Man and The Truce in the late 1950s/early 60s, he thought he’d done his duty – in them he had borne public witness to the misery and evil of Auschwitz concentration camp (where he was incarcerated from February 1944 to January 1945) and exorcised his own demons. 2,547 more words

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