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The benefits of moisture socks

Hello Everyone,

Today I wanted to discuss something that no one really likes to think about…Feet! Now I am one of those people who just doesn’t like feet. 212 more words


Red lipstick...Why every girl should find their perfect shade


Today I wanted to discuss a favourite beauty staple of mine and a love of mine in general, the red lip! I have always loved seeing girls rocking a red lipstick, and I was completely jealous that I couldn’t seem to find a shade I liked or suited me. 174 more words


The Body shop Vitamin C Glow: Review

Hi Everyone,

So I wanted to discuss the new additions to the Body Shop Vitamin C line. I have been using the Vitamin C range for around 3 years now, and not only do I love the benefits of using it, but I also love the scent it has, its refreshing and has that gorgeous fresh orange smell.  416 more words


DIY Sea Salt Hair Spray

Its that time of the year again, when exams take over our life and the only thing making us push through is the prospect of the upcoming holidays!^ 326 more words


(DIY) Inspiration board

Hello everyone! I never do DIYs because, well, I’m not really good at these type of things. However, I decided to change my inspiration board this morning so I thought I could share with you all how I make mine and what type of pictures inspire me. 293 more words


Herbal Essences

I have found the it product for my hair! Finally! A lot of other products that is for wavy curly hair does not really work for the type of hair I have. 496 more words

Curly Hair

The 8 Apps {You Didn't Know} You Need

We live on our phones and if there is something we need or want, one of the first thing we grab for is our phones. The main reason we grab for our phones is all the fantastic apps that are out there, but there are millions of apps to choose from, how are we supposed to know what to download, especially when phone space can become an issue. 719 more words

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