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The idea of it all

I believe that I’m in love with the idea of love.
That sweet, magical feeling that Hollywood portrays.

Today I went on a (Tinder) date.

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Book Reality

I’m sick of it.

I prodded the screen of my iPad again, it resting on my chest, the light making my eyes go slightly fuzzy as they adjusted to its new closeness. 669 more words

Elliot Kray

Chick Flicks Ruined Everything.... The Female Psychosis

As soon as girls are talking and walking they are exposed to the fantasy world of being a princess. Dressing up in those puffy dresses calling the princes names from the Disney movies we watched three to four times a day. 2,738 more words


What Disney Taught Me About Unrealistic Expectations In Love

I remember watching Cinderella when I was a little girl and admired the beautiful girl swept off her feet with the help of a little magic and some killer shoes. 487 more words

This is why I love you

It’s often said that we’re drawn to people who reflect parts of ourselves that we wish we possessed. Similarly, if ever someone pisses you off, pay close attention because if you’re looking for opportunities for self development, they’re the best display of things you don’t like in yourself. 884 more words

All About You