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Snow and Prince Redux #27 A New England Autumn

His Jeep arrived today!  Prince is like a boy with a new toy.  Papa Bear and he discuss the finer points of off road driving. They dream of everything from everything from easy forest  roads and unpaved backroads to extreme mountainous trails!   656 more words

Sims 4

Forever Fake (Prince Charming)

Here, your Prince is coming,
rides on his blackest steed.
Trots to tackle all your wants,
flies to feed upon your need.

Hear, your Prince come knocking. 128 more words


What if Prince Charming is too tall?

I have been swooning over tiny house designs whilst trying to figure out what floor plan and final design I want to go for in my tiny house. 458 more words

Snow and Prince Redux #26 Miami

OH Miami Beach.   Sunshine, blue skies, palm trees, trade winds and the balmy Atlantic Ocean.  The family got into the resort late the night before but that did not stop the girls from being up bright and early.   600 more words

Snow White

The Night Of Goodnight---For Now

The moon’s full tonight and its silver river shimmers on the ocean’s surface as Damien and I cuddle on the sand. My head rests on his shoulder and he holds me close because I’m a little chilled, but so very unready to end this evening. 313 more words


The Night I Sing "Promises"

Sometimes something in you snaps. Now I’m not talking about people who completely lose it and then cause violence. No, I’m talking about a person who loses it and sings another karaoke song venomously. 703 more words


What's Up Once Upon A Time?: "The Other Shoe"

Guys, it’s time for our third installment of Once Upon A Time, which, once again, actually made sense and followed a decent plot structure. WOW! 417 more words