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he loves me

If you’re reading these posts in the order that I’ve written them, you may recall that the last reason I put in this “Why Victims Stay” series was because she loves him–not as much as she did, but the feelings are still there.  88 more words

Why Victims Stay

Some toes are more equal than others...

The scene begins as such… A young, dashing fellow looks yearningly across a room filled with gorgeous, voluptuous beauties and as fate would have it he spots HER. 430 more words

Once Upon a Time

[This is a response to an EP post from 10/7/15

Write your own fairy tale. If you don’t like the direction the current story is going, do some editing and rewriting.

448 more words

Two Sides of A Coin

I remember watching Once Upon A Time’s first season, I watched it in a day, hoping to catch up and watch Season 2 live, it worked out that way, and I was stunned by how good that first season was. 389 more words


Once Upon A Time 5x02 "The Price" Recap

Spoilers Ahead

Trees. There will apparently be lots of them this season.

Episode Summary: In Camelot, our heroes go to a ball where one of their lives is in severe danger due to Regina’s lie of being the savior. 3,752 more words


How the ending of Cinderella should have really gone down

Prince: The slipper fits!

Cindy: Well of course it fits… it’s my shoe -_-.

Prince: We can get married now!

Cindy: WTH.

Prince: We must leave at once! 898 more words


Her very own Prince Charming

Once upon a time there lived a little girl, her heart full of love and her eyes filled with dreams. She grew up listening to stories about kings and princes and handsome nice men that all good girls go on to meet when they grew up. 878 more words