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My Heart

From the beginning, I’ve had this perceived pressure to put on a beautiful wedding and reception. (I say perceived because nobody is making me do anything.) Jon and I are so fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of amazing people, that are willing to travel from far away places, to share our big day with us. 362 more words


Kiss a talking frog
You might find your Prince Charming
Or sell for money!


Prince Harming

Make that pain go away
Wipe away the frown
dripping from your face;
he won’t put a smile as its replace.

Baby, you got to find your own way; 115 more words


I Thought I Could Do This

Right after Prince Charming was killed, I wanted to stay in bed, under the covers, and wish the world would go away.  But . . . 396 more words


Let's Put On Big Girl Panties

I have a sensitivity to pictures of car crashes.  I think that it’s horrible that news websites post these kinds of pictures on their websites and their social media sites.  744 more words


-ONCE- there was a special series⭐︎

You have probably known Netflix for a long time, but I have started recently. It all begun on a November day when I had a terrible flu, and I could have never imagined that my life would have changed forever!! 302 more words


Rose White: Search for a King (A Bachelorette Challenge) #1 Merry Christmas

This story is a spin-off of Prince and Snow Redux.  Rose White is heir to the throne of Windenburg.  There have been many young men who seek to be her suitor and attempt to win the heart and hand of the young princess (AND the right to sit at her right hand as King).   979 more words

Sims 4