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They're after me

They are after me. The people in my nightmare. It’s my fault. I left my glass slipper behind when the clock struck midnight. Prince charming, and his aides are after me… but not for the same reason Cinderella’s Prince charming travelled the world through the seven seas. 17 more words

Prince Charming

At a young age girls learn of Prince Charming. We watch cartoons, read books, Disney is a big factor in finding “the one”. I don’t believe everyone has someone. 168 more words

I’ll always treasure that moment
When the cold rain fell through the tarp
Above our heads
+ you held it back
Protecting my cold skin…

122 more words

Finding His Princess: A Cinderella Story (Filthy Fairy Tale) by Parker Grey

“I barely know this girl, but I need her. I want to be her first, and suddenly I know she’s going to be my last.”- 444 more words


Book Review: "Getting to Mr. Right," by Carol Balawyder 👝 🎒

One of my summer reading books,

“Getting to Mr. Right,”

written by Carol Balawyder,

a dear friend and fellow blogger,

was right away a plot with… 494 more words


Maybe Cinderella was a Bitch...

Once upon a time…

…you met Prince Charming? Wow! What a guy! Tall, dark and handsome or maybe short, bald and a great personality… most importantly, single. 802 more words

Book Review: Escape Clause

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You will once you fall headfirst into this romance by the sea.

Kelsey is running away from something, and Ollie is drifting at sea… a chance encounter starts a domino effect of lust, miscommunication, legalities, backstabbing, history, love lost, love found, love conquering all. 438 more words