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Prince Charming had to cancel our date in the 11th hour last night. And now… Harry/Cary just canceled tonight’s date.

I am not pleased.

The veil has been lifted on Prince Charming. 914 more words


Puddles of pee

My Sunday afternoon date was fun. We met at 2 pm at an English tavern in my neighborhood. I had suggested this bar because the fog had suddenly cleared and I knew this place had an outdoor patio. 1,106 more words


Prince Charming is ideal

I had my much-anticipated 2nd date with Prince Charming on Friday night. It couldn’t have gone better!

Prince Charming had made reservations at Beso Bistronomia… 1,912 more words


Friday lunch date

I just came from a lunch date with a newbie. He was age-appropriate, successful, and attractive… but our personalities just didn’t jive.

Long story short: Meh. 825 more words


Down the rabbit hole

My date with Seth last night went well. It was our 2nd time seeing each other but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a 2nd date since our 1st “date” happened because we met up with each other at a music festival back in early October 2016 to listen to Cake. 964 more words


About a dude

I’m cautiously optimistic… but I think I may have actually found a solid FWB! To say I’m ecstatic would be an understatement. I’m treading carefully and slowly, trying not to get ahead of myself. 1,440 more words


Stamp Collecting

No, we are not going to actually discuss collecting postage stamps as I know nothing about that topic.  We are going to discuss how I began to categorize the men I matched with on Tinder. 1,025 more words

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