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The Night of TMI, Self-Flagellation, and Human Bondage (or lack thereof)

“That guy,” Murphy says, jerking his thumb at the door that Damien had just exited through. “You were kissing him.”

I nod. Murphy has definitely passed the “observation” part of this… 840 more words


The Night of My Stalker Tease

Why did I agree to this? I ask myself for the twelve-hundredth time as I try to apply mascara with my left hand, but succeed only in jabbing my eye with the wand. 823 more words


The Night This Woman Had ENOUGH!

I’m sitting at home, hand in cast, wondering just how my life went from mundane and pleasurably predictable to wild and crazy and so out-of-control. I’ve just got a Steve Martin circa late ‘70’s kind of life. 252 more words


Prince Charming

In the years after high school I sowed some oats and experimented with life.  I explored love, travel, and a few illicit substances before it was all said and done.   1,205 more words

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The Night of Sunflower Fields Forever

Have you ever noticed how many people provide you with very useful information when you no longer need it?

“Punch in the stomach, Clare, never the face, especially the jaw.” 666 more words


Snow and Prince Redux #23a (Special Short Story Edition) The Curfew

“Hello, what are you doing out here alone my dear?  It is very late.”  The kindly voice spoke interrupting her sobs.  “I … I … I am not allowed to talk to strangers,” Rose Red sniffed as she peered up at the lady standing there.   790 more words

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#100DaysofFanFavorites | Day 45

25 Nearest and Dearest 6/25
The Charming Family (Once Upon A Time)

There’s no tragedy or heartache on Once Upon A Time as horrific as the fact that Charming and Snow weren’t given the opportunity to watch their little girl grow. 2,240 more words

Once Upon A Time