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Try catch that salmon with your hands!

We started our day by kayaking to a small stream located in the end of Cedar Bay where we landed the kayaks. The area consisted of a large tidal flat with a small stream full if salmon working their way up the stream to spawn. 410 more words


Tasting Alaskan Salmon Berries

Meares Glacier, Prince William Sound Did you know Meares Glacier is one of the few glaciers in Alaska that is advancing? Before we travelled north I had the impression all glaciers were retreating and/or thinning so I was surprised to learn that some were currently advancing and/or thickening. 389 more words


A sea of starfish

On our third day in Prince William Sound we woke up to the sound of rain drops hitting the water. Prince William Sound is a wet eco-system called a temperate rain forest which is defined as a woodland of a mild climatic area that receives heavy rainfall, so we well prepared for some rainy days. 867 more words


Voices of Prince William Sound

There are a couple sounds I haven’t heard since I’ve moved to Alaska. I haven’t heard sirens. I haven’t heard the steady rumbling of the 60 freeway. 956 more words


Where the sea lions roam

They bark, they smell and weight more than 1000 lb / 500 kg… I am off course talking about the Stellar Sea Lions.

After an active day of… 188 more words


Hiking on a field of blueberries

After an exciting morning kayaking in front of Harvard Glacier in College Fjord the captain was heading back towards Port Wells. We anchored up in a small bay and the skiff was put on the water. 454 more words