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Beautiful Valdez

Valdez is a little town about 120 miles out of the way, but worth driving to.  It is the place where the Alaskan pipeline finishes and oil is then shipped to the lower 48.  553 more words


Non salmon eats

I have a confession to make that some of you may not know. I really don’t enjoy eating salmon. Yes, it is shocking but when you grow up eating reds your entire childhood, it becomes old. 145 more words


George and Mary Jo worked as instructors for NOLS longer then anyone in the company’s history. National Outdoor Leadership School is a program based around the world putting students in outdoor environments such as mountaineering, climbing, kayaking, and sailing while learning to work as a team. 124 more words

An old romance

A little over 26 months ago, our 14 foot skiff came to a stop as we approached the north line. We had just traveled from Whittier, via the Passage Canal and Culross Passage in decent fashion because of good weather. 411 more words

Gill netters

A gill netter is a fishing operation similar to a set net site, but your net is connected to your boat rather then the shore. A gill netter has the ability to pick and choose where they want to fish within the open areas. 114 more words

Animals | Seal Pup

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Description From Photographer if Any:

A seal pup hangs out on a drifting piece of ice in Prince William Sound, Alaska.

By dswindler

Source: 500px.com


Team Aquanator

We have a crew of four on this fine vessel we call home. The job could probably be accomplished with three, but with an extra hand aboard it keeps a better balance of sleep and sanity for all. 637 more words