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The final type of fishing operation we service are the purse seiners. A seiner is a fishing vessel 30-58 feet long that deploys a seine net off its stern. 615 more words

Iceberg roundup

There are a few times on the Aquanator that encourage us to forget work and pretend we are kids again. One of these such things happens the minute we find ourselves in the mist of icebergs. 210 more words


I got my BUTT!

We had a little unexpected time on our hands, so we went in search of halibut. The day was blistering hot when I hooked into a silver deep at the bottom of the ocean. 44 more words


I make things cold.

You didn’t really believe that all i do on this boat is fix things, did you? One of my main jobs is to keep the fish we take aboard cold. 643 more words

H & A's Custom Seafood Processing

Welcome to the grand opening of H & A’s Custom Seafood Processing. We are currently servicing the greater Prince William Sound area of the beautiful state of Alaska. 151 more words

Beautiful Valdez

Valdez is a little town about 120 miles out of the way, but worth driving to.  It is the place where the Alaskan pipeline finishes and oil is then shipped to the lower 48.  553 more words


Non salmon eats

I have a confession to make that some of you may not know. I really don’t enjoy eating salmon. Yes, it is shocking but when you grow up eating reds your entire childhood, it becomes old. 145 more words