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Before I launch into who and what NOLS is. . . enjoy some photos of friends, clients, and me over the years (they go as far back as 2008, when I was but a wee one) in beautiful and remote places, partaking in what my mom would consider dangerous activities. 1,521 more words


Glaciers in Prince William Sound

These images I made this year in August ought to make you think “cold” now that December is upon us. It was an incredible day for making photos. 7 more words


Prince William Sound Alaska

Last August I was fortunate to be on a relatively small boat, traveling through a portion of Prince William Sound in Alaska. It was in narrow Esther Passage where I was able to capture beautiful relatively close-up scenery without having to use a telephoto lens. 46 more words


When to be Thankful

There have been many times over the years when I’m presented with a view in front of me that makes me say, “Wow!” Last month while in Alaska, we took a five-hour high-speed boat cruise in Prince William Sound, with its beautiful glaciers. 99 more words



The title of this blog might sound like the newest action-packed (with some romance, of course) film coming to a theater near you. I hope you won’t be let down that it is about three different three-day sea kayaking trips that I had the pleasure of guiding here in Prince William Sound, Alaska. 693 more words

Sea Kayaking

portage pass

On the spectrum of Alaskan trails, Portage Pass is likely one of the highest ranking in terms of reward v. effort.  Starting in Whittier, the trail connects through to Portage Lake, delivering spectacular views of Portage Glacier that you would otherwise have to take a ferry to experience. 318 more words


The Last Leap

Here’s another breaching whale to pique your curiosity — and to hint at more to come. But this one is special, because it’s the very last breaching whale shot I captured on a Sound Eco Adventures trip, on August 28, 2013. 156 more words

Prince William Sound