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About Sound Runner

The boat I first started Sound Water Taxi with (original business name) was a 21-foot, fiberglass Lavro Sea Dory. I picked the name Sound Runner… 763 more words

Prince William Sound

Ellamar, AK

It had been far too long since I had visited our family cabin in Prince William Sound. Making a quick trip there is often difficult, because it requires that I can catch a flight to Valdez and then get a boat ride out to… 97 more words


Amazing Whale Encounter

In my 24 years running a water taxi and nature tour boat in Prince William Sound, my favorite wildlife experiences were, without a doubt, with whales — especially humpbacks. 565 more words

Prince William Sound

Can PWS Be Loved To Death?

First published 2013 as a “Stakeholder Essay,” pp. 269-273, In: Integrating Science and Community Perspectives in Prince William Sound: a Case Study on Managing for Sustainable Use of Wildlands… 1,122 more words

Prince William Sound

A Real Life Spiritual Experience

Man, where to start. An entire chapter of my memoirs will be devoted to this topic. And that chapter just may morph into more. Spirituality, or how I saw nature’s creator’s guiding hand throughout the business, has been a major factor from the beginning; from the inspiration to start in the first place, to working through many challenges that happened along the way, to many spontaneous encounters with wildlife, some in answer to prayer, to my being able to maintain a calm hand steering the boat through stormy seas. 527 more words

Prince William Sound

Early Exploring by Small Boat

After moving to Alaska in 1975 to begin my job as a seabird biologist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), my summer field work included running Zodiac inflatable skiffs with a field partner to get around to various study sites along the coast from our shore camp or chartered live-aboard support boat. 877 more words

Prince William Sound

Oh Yea, The Sound

Oh yea, the Sound
God’s own holy ground,
full of wonders sublime
our eyes’ delight.

Oh yea, the Sound
Full of life wrought
by the Creator’s own hand. 24 more words

Prince William Sound