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Japan's crown prince says will model himself after father as emperor

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

TOKYO: Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito turned 57 on Thursday saying he is ready to become emperor after his father Akihito, who could abdicate as soon as next year, and that like him, he will be an emperor who “shares the pain and joy of the people”. 340 more words

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233. She's Always In My Hair (1985)

Artist: Prince Kompositör: Prince

Utgivningsår: 1985 Album: –


Prince var ett geni, men det där vet ni. Spelade alla instrument och producerade redan på debutplattan. 396 more words


The prince who purchased the Black Sea

A Russian nobleman, and his beautiful young bride were strolling along the shores of the Black Sea, during their honeymoon.

It so happened that the wedding ring adorned by his spouse slipped off her finger and was quickly engulfed by the ebbing waves. 120 more words


chapter 15 starts with a fortune 

“The gods have proclaimed-” said the royal fortune teller, observing the coloured pebbles he had toss in the mat in front of him in divination. “-that the next king, chosen to rule this land is…” All of the royal family, ministers and retainers sat around with bated breathes. 160 more words

Lost And Found

When Prince Met Spotify

This blog has never made a secret of its furtive love for the Purple One. He was one of the few cultural figures that we rushed an… 1,679 more words


Prince was/is da man!

JAAA!  Only steps inside this studio door is where all of your favorite Prince tunes were recorded.  Prince is one of the gigantic figures in the entire history of music, and it is an honor to visit his home and feel his magical vibes. 139 more words



Acts 3-14 “You have killed the prince of life and desired a murderer be granted unto you”. (the condemning of Jesus and the release of Barabbas) 178 more words