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Fairy tales: the good, the bad, and the ugly by Claire Davon

Happily ever after, you say? Not so fast! There are gruesome origins behind many of our best known fairy tales. Cinderella’s stepsisters cut off their toes to fit into the slipper, the Little Mermaid becomes sea foam when her beloved marries another and the prince is blinded in Rapunzel. 581 more words


the week in review and how much I hate hot weather

This week was hot. This is unusual for my part of the world. Ask me if I like hot weather

“Rebecca, do you like hot weather”? 198 more words


Growing Awareness of Our Own Sin

“Think about the fairy tale ‘The Princess and the Pea.’ The princess had been gone for some time, and many had tried to lay claim to her throne. 104 more words

Princess And The Pea Sleep

Princess and the pea sleep,

Only not a pea under a hundred mattresses;

One tiny thought,

Under a thousand others.


Fairy tale lightning sketches

More sixty second sketches,  this time with a fairy tale theme.

I hope some of you are enjoying these,  thank you so much for looking in and supporting us.  It’s very much appreciated.


A Fairy Tale Retold: the Blue Collar Kid and the Cantaloupe

Do you remember the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale about the Princess and the Pea? The bottom line was that the Princess was so sensitive that even though 20 mattresses were placed between her and the Pea, she still felt the discomfort caused by that tiny little Pea. 583 more words


The Princess and the Pavement

Most of my favourite fairytales as a child I found in Russian story books, stories of the ferocious baba yaga, who lived in an ambulatory hut with chicken legs, books filled with watercolours of severed heads dripping blood and strange moon-faced peasants. 167 more words