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A Fairy Tale Retold: the Blue Collar Kid and the Cantaloupe

Do you remember the Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tale about the Princess and the Pea? The bottom line was that the Princess was so sensitive that even though 20 mattresses were placed between her and the Pea, she still felt the discomfort caused by that tiny little Pea. 583 more words


The Princess and the Pavement

Most of my favourite fairytales as a child I found in Russian story books, stories of the ferocious baba yaga, who lived in an ambulatory hut with chicken legs, books filled with watercolours of severed heads dripping blood and strange moon-faced peasants. 167 more words


The Library Storytime Guy

As a library tech, one of my duties is to do an all-ages storytime twice a week. I generally gear this towards the 3-5-year-old age group as that is most commonly who attends. 700 more words

Writer Stuff

What I Write (So you know what you're getting into)

This is a writing blog, so I’ll primarily be writing about writing. A few other things might slip in occasionally, but that’s pretty much going to be it. 683 more words


Vegan Pea Soup & a Modern Fairy Tale

Cooking for a family that has food allergies is challenging, primarily because those allergies may change over time (depending upon the degree of sensitivity). One food my family always enjoyed during the winter months was pea soup—until one member could no longer eat ham. 595 more words

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Sarah and the Silverware

“I can’t believe your mom’s really making us sleep in different rooms,” Sarah said, dropping her purse next to her bed and pulling off her coat. 2,241 more words