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Maybe our princess can’t sleep because she’s wearing her tiara.  I know I can’t sleep when I forget to take mine off at night.

"Pea is for Princess." hans christian andersen's "the princess and the pea."

what i love about this fairy tale is that in the original, the prince has set out to find a TRUE princess.  and the queen concocts this crazy test– a tiny pea underneath 20 mattresses and 20 quilts to prove the gal’s “delicacy.”  if she’s sensitive enough to feel the pea, she Must be a true princess. 822 more words

Faerie Tale Feet

The Phony Princess

I loved fairy tales growing up except one – The Princess and the Pea.  Every fiber of my being despised the story. I didn’t like the “Princess” and I loathed the queen.   459 more words

The Art of Complaining

One of the joys of helping to look after my little nieces is getting to revisit things from my childhood. Last week it was paperchain people (try them with monkeys – it’s really cute!) but the week before that it was the Princess and the Pea, the Hans Christian Andersen story about a girl who arrives at a castle in a storm, claiming to be a princess, and whose royal pedigree is proved by her feeling a dried pea through 20 mattresses. 592 more words

Observations And Musings

Uncovered (draft)

Why should my  sensitivity

be a sign

of who I am?


should I be measured by

the bruises I bear

from a night of unrest, 85 more words