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Hello my nerdy friends. Today I’m here to do The Princess Bride Book Tag. I saw this movie for the first time when I was pretty young. 513 more words

"The Princess Bride" Book Review


Two countries on the brink of war, pirates, swordsman, rodents of unusual size. It’s a wonder that true love finds a way. 408 more words



Preface: I have been told by some of my new friends that I love to be an exaggerator, saying words like “love” and “best” far too much. 709 more words

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on process: "wove, twue wove"

This episode is brought to you from the air-conditioned cave of my bedroom in Chiang Mai. Today’s weather heading is Death, and even my hyper cat won’t move longer than it takes for her to find an easier spot to breathe in. 1,321 more words

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Covfefe in the morning, Covfefe in the evening!

Covfefe at supper time! When covfefe is on a bagel, you can have covfefe every time!

What a time to be alive, folks. Enjoy a healthy dose of covfefe today. 7 more words


The Princess Bride in 2 Minutes

Matt goes over The Princess Bride in 2 Minutes

Book Review: The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride is a book! No, they didn’t make it into a book because the movie was popular. It became a movie because the book was so great! 168 more words