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Nora: The Princess Bride

What it is: Boy meets most beautiful girl in the world, girl bullies boy until they fall in love, boy goes off to sea and presumably dies. 563 more words


The Princess Bride Pack

“Grampa, is this a kissing story?” Add the characters of the Princess Bride to your collection! Miracle Max, Prince Humperdinck, Viszzini and the ROUS are the Minors. 14 more words

Princess Bride


So as most of you people know Writefury from Writefury.wordpress.com (that’s her blog)

is my older sister. And surprise surprise she has written 3 books and (self) published them. 347 more words



Recently, I was making myself crazy – er broadening my perspective – by reading some posts and comments on my friend Facebook. There was a particularly “interesting” discussion being had by some under-30-year-olds about women’s roles and how they feel about who’s defining them. 306 more words

Patriarch for a Day

When my father passed away eighteen months ago, that made me the family patriarch, at least according to the social rules in some cultures, and at least according to some definitions of the word patriarch, and at least for just this tiny branch of the family (that would be the branch currently holed up in their air conditioned homes trying to survive the Kansas summer).  509 more words


I’m on a Neil Gaiman kick, I suppose. He wrote the novel this movie is based on, and because of that, it’s been on my radar for years. 370 more words