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I Aten't Dead. I'm Mostly Dead. Mostly Dead is Still Alive. And I Will Survive!

Granny Weatherwax isn’t known as a spelling bee champion. Not at all. But her spelling abilities were enough to keep herself from being buried alive while she traveled outside her body.  136 more words


The Princess Bride MBTI

I just watched this movie and remembered how much I love, and thus started thinking of the characters and- well, you know how that goes. Enjoy :) 278 more words


The Princess Bride by William Goldman

So, I actually read this one a couple of years ago, but I decided to throw in some of my favorite books as I go.. 391 more words

Book Review

Single Sense

I’m blessed with an amazing group of strong, intelligent women friends. Any time of day or night I can send out a distress signal and these women will be there with open minds, hugs and if needed, a shovel to bury the body. 575 more words

It doesn't really mean that

My subconscious self (and sometimes the conscious one) frequently recalls words of the Spanish character Inigo Montoya in The Princess Bride.  Many of Inigo’s words are memorable, if not quotable.  239 more words

Diatribes And Delights

Galavant: Season 2 Episodes 7 & 8 Review

This weeks Galavant moves the pieces into place for the grand finale. We have our three armies, all marching towards war. And it’s all for love! 667 more words

TV Reviews

An Epic Duel!

For Chrismukkah I decided to milk my status as artist-girlfriend and make a gift that was a combination of my boyfriend’s two favorite things, Star Wars and The Princess Bride.