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When "I can't" means "I don't wanna."

One of the most profound books I’ve read in my adult life, which was later turned into a feature film,  is “He’s not that into you.”  It sounds depressing, but it was actually pretty liberating. 439 more words

About Something.

The Princess Bride Gets An Honest Trailer

Here we go again. Screen Junkies are back to ruin another one of our favorite movies. This time they take aim at The Princess Bride, one of the greatest movies of all time! 136 more words


The Princess Bride & King's Quest: Introduction

Happy new year! We are back in the swing of things with our first pairing of 2017. This month, we are reading The Princess Bride… 86 more words


A Storybook Story

The Princess Bride might just be the first thing approaching a romantic movie that I ever really enjoyed. It came out just after my 17th birthday, and in those latter days of high school and early days of college, “As you wish” was kind of dorkspeak for “I like you, but I have no idea how to ask you out, so I’m just going to quote this movie in the hopes that you know what I’m talking about and maybe quote something equally geeky back at me before this any more awkward than it already is.” Well, it was for me, anyway. 651 more words

Book Review - The Princess Bride

5 stars.  I have a feeling that I’m a rarity, because I read The Princess Bride before seeing the movie. The book is brilliant, with lovable characters, a completely satisfying plot, and plenty of wit and gentle sarcasm. 413 more words


Top 9 Quotes for a pendant on your necklace

Using quotes or anything to do with pop culture is always tricky to me. I have been dinged by a company who shall not be named for even suggesting that I was inspired by Harry Potter in one of my creations. 388 more words

Everybody Move!

When the kids were growing up  Princess Bride was one of those movies we watched again and again.  We still quote lines back and forth  to each other…. 219 more words