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A quick post to give an update on the Princeton Companion to Mathematics. It’s been off my hands for a few weeks now. If all goes well it will be printed by the middle of September and should appear in bookshops about a month later. 311 more words

Princeton Companion To Mathematics

Punctuation question

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics is even more nearly nearly finished than it was last time I said it was nearly finished. In fact, this time I can give a date — July 13th — past which it will be too late for me to do any work on it. 331 more words

Princeton Companion To Mathematics

Princeton Companion to Mathematics

From Terence Tao’s excellent blog, I learned about the upcoming Princeton Companion to Mathematics (PCM), a roughly 1000-page survey of and introduction to mathematics at the undergraduate level. 104 more words


What is arithmetic geometry?

My colleague Timothy Gowers is very close to finishing a project of really immense ambition: the Princeton Companion to Mathematics, a gigantic book which aims to be a panorama of all of contemporary mathematics, presented at an undergraduate or even interested-amateur level. 208 more words