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The Race: A Bird in the Hand...Part I

Principe Island looking south toward Rio Porco, site of the new discovery.  A. Stanbridge phot.

The birds of São Tomé and Príncipe are truly spectacular and by rights should be a major birdwatchers tourist destination.   1,090 more words


Eddington and the first test of General Relativity

Thanks to Steven Mosher on Twitter, I came across an article that discusses Arthur Eddington’s attempt to test Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. The basic story is that Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitation assumed that gravity was a force that acted between two masses and that this force acted instantaneously. 1,150 more words


Niagara-Sao Joao Baptista EP (Principe)

Thirty percent jazz twenty percent skrog and 50 percent steady sisyphus beats makes this a perfect 12.

Principe Discos (with DJ Firmeza + more) @ London Nov 2016

For those unfamiliar, Principe Discos are record label from Lisbon, who in their own rightful words are dedicated to releasing real contemporary dance music from the city of Lisbon, Portugal, their suburbs and slums. 262 more words

Il viaggio

Un giorno di novembre a Roma iniziò un viaggio.

Il deserto del cuore aveva reso la vita difficile, vuota. L’arrivo nella capitale, la città eterna, là dove gli imperatori diventavano divini, cambiò il mio destino. 1,744 more words

Massimiliano Turci

Congratulations to Sao Tome and Principe's New President Evaristo Carvalho

Washington – The United States offers congratulations to the people of Sao Tome and Principe on successfully holding free, fair, and transparent elections on July 17 and August 7, and to new President Evaristo Carvalho on his September 3 inauguration. 69 more words


Album of the Day: Various Artists, “Mambos Levis D’Outro Mundo”

For the past five years, Lisbon’s Principe label has been documenting the otherwise-neglected dance music being made in Portugal’s African immigrant communities. Primarily hailing from Angola, Cape Verde, and Guinea-Bissau, the rhythms that these new producers create draw on kuduro, zouk, batucada, kizomba, and tarraxinha, as well as footwork and hip-hop. 216 more words

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