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I feel very very good!

Because I reached how to save my energy!

That’s the way which is focusing on ‘NOW’.

Then we do not need focus on others. Then we can compress on a thing, not waste.

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Exodus 16:22-30 Provision, Pride, and Principles of Leadership

Five days of provision had gone by.  The manna fell faithfully as God’s people continued to rebel.  Moses was mad over their stubbornness, disobedience, and unbelief. 767 more words

Humility: the principle

Today I visited a job consultant someone referred me to. The fact that you’re going into entrepreneurship doesn’t completely obliterate the relevance of the day job in your life. 347 more words



Tears flow naturally when I consider the grandeur of the Divine,

And the impartiality of his Infinite Love.


003: The first Perfect Day

That day, way back then

It was a weekday somewhere in 2008. I wish I could remember the exact date, but I remember the feeling vividly. 632 more words


Effortless Effort

When you look at something quite bright for a while and averting your eye you notice its outline carried over and projected onto the darker surface where you have relocated your attention you can see the after-image of that thing floating there briefly and just as you notice it and attempt to focus and look into it the image slides (upwards or sideways), fleeing as it were the movement of your eyes, and the more you chase it the quicker it fades, but if you relax and replacing your attention you go back to staring again at the surface the silhouette slowly reappears and now—knowing that it’s going to stay visible only so long as you are not trying to focus on it and knowing too that as soon as you try to visually… 78 more words


Peace is seeing through the eyes of the Infinite Ocean of Love,

Knowing only what the Divine Mind knows, and

Having all actions come from the flow of the cosmic breath.