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Principles Of Insurance


Any contract is entered between at least two persons/parties to do or abstain from doing an act.

Contract of Insurance is between the Insurer & owner of the subject matter of insurance/proposer, which concludes when the premium is paid and insurer accepts the risk. 2,969 more words


Quotes on Courage

compiled by Bill Rudge Ministries

“There is a certain blend of courage, integrity, character and principle which has no satisfactory dictionary name but has been called different things at different times in different countries. 413 more words

Christian Life

The Way Home

Find the brightest star within your Self.

And it will show you the way home.


Banjos and glass-blowing

“What do you do?”

It’s a question asked to find out one’s occupation. But if it was answered accurately it would walk the one asking through the litany of details of activity making up a day and a life. 985 more words


Personality And Identity

We get our personality from the mind.

We get our identity from the Divine.


Born to do Math 58 – Hows, then Whys (Part 2)

In-Sight Publishing

Born to do Math 58 – Hows, then Whys (Part 2)

Scott Douglas Jacobsen & Rick Rosner

May 18, 2017

Rick Rosner: We have the principle that you can only be in one world at a time, or that at least macro objects that you interact with are unitary and not shapeshifting. 1,513 more words