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2.11 Genius of Being

The actual principle required for any true wisdom is honesty, and you don’t have to go into a cave to obtain it. Honesty is simply and genuinely intending to uncover whatever is true of anything and everything.

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The 60/40 Principle

You can also build your will-power by restraint in your conduct with others.

Speak less ( use the 60/40 Rule = listen 60% of the time and speak a mere 40%, if that. 61 more words

Life's Secret

We Always Get To Choose

In every interaction with others, we can choose to engage with the words they speak, with the thoughts formed by their ego-mind, or with the Divine within them.

We always get to choose.



Those who know the Divine intimately speak at least two languages very well:

The most common language of the brothers and sisters they live with, and… 13 more words



When I open my eyes, may I still see you everywhere.


Stop Waiting Until You’re the Best Version of Yourself Before You Let Someone Love You

Yesterday I saw a lot of people that weren’t feeling Valentine’s Day. I’m not here to jump inside the minds of these people but I do know a lot of them didn’t seem very happy. 524 more words

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