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Establish God Realization 6/6

1956 Chicago Private Class
Joel S. Goldsmith
Establish God Realization
Tape 162A

  JSG 1956 – 162A Establish God Realization

Now there are mystics in this world who never talk. 947 more words


What Is Minimalism?

What Is Minimalism?

Minimalism is an attempt to live with less.

The general principle is that everyday life is filled with clutter and minimalism is a refutation of the clutter. 818 more words

Better Life

Take You Places

If we know who we truly are,

We need not be concerned about where we are going.


Allow who you are to take you places.

Path To Being

Combating fake news by using the principle of herd immunity

The menace of fake news is now a widely accepted phenomenon. The internet, which is a vehicle of progress and holds promise of opportunities to billions of users, is now interspersed with fake news and sub-standard articles. 523 more words


Success needs what? 

Success needs Happiness!

Let me explain how:

If you make your customers happy, you have a successful business;
If you make your bosses happy, you have a successful career; 80 more words

Some Common Questions


If you ever feel like an outsider,

Imagine being outside the reach of the All-encompassing Infinite Ocean of Love.

Path To Being