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Death By Turban

If you see a turbaned man in a western country there is a 98% chance that he is a Sikh and not Muslim. A ‘staunch’ Sikh wears his turban because he and a lot of the time she believes that Sikhism demands it.  815 more words



Independence Day… a day when a group of staunch believers in Personal Freedom, fought & bled & died… but won an impossible war & declared their independence from a tyrannical government full of greed & selfishness & oppression. 50 more words

Principle and Profits: A Surprising Connection

Last night I had dinner with some impressive people.  Those at the table included the outgoing, international president of a major service organization, the director of a national leadership institute, an executive in a large corporation, a female entrepreneur, and the co-founder of a local business.  643 more words


Sacrifice and Principle

On July 4th we in the U.S.A celebrate the independence of our country. Although, this is unique to America, the themes of “the fourth,” are universal. 327 more words



a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles or plans.

Life, Knowledge Cubed - Part 8

 Blog Series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 8

Chapter Two – Character (Continued)

Part 7

Yellow Sector: Behavior

The character of this Chaplain was developed by his behavior over time, so this one act alone didn’t develop his character his continual behavior did. 148 more words

Knowledge Cubed

Life, Knowledge Cubed - Part 5

Blog post series “Life, Knowledge Cubed” – Part 5

Chapter 1 – The Situation (continued)

Continuation from Part 4

The Lesson: The Principle of the Situation… 71 more words

Knowledge Cubed