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Elements of Art & Principles of Design

Our district finally handed down the set of Elements and Principles they want us to use across the district.  Of course, this is different everywhere so I know you may see some as missing and of course, I teach beyond this – but I did take the time to create word cards for my word wall regarding each Element and Principle. 59 more words

Instructional Tools

Web Designs That Need...Help.

In my treks through the vastness of the internets, occasionally I accidentally take a flying leap from the Realm of Good Design hurtling down to jarring crash at the Pits of Awfulness.   628 more words


9 Basic Principles of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a great solution to our multi-screen problem, but getting into it from the print perspective is difficult. No fixed page size, no millimetres or inches, no physical constraints to fight against. 732 more words

10 Top Principal Of Effective Web Deign

Elements & Principles Of Design, Know-It-All In The Most Easiest Language

We all know the basics of designing; it all begins with a point slowly to a line and later to a shape, form, space, texture, pattern… 511 more words

What's the deal with Contrast?

Contrast! Contrast! Contrast!

What is it? Why is it important in Art?

The cool thing about contrast is that is fairly easy for students to understand.   314 more words

Modern Design Legacy Part 2

This is the second posting of Modern Design legacy thinking around Urban Parks.

System thinking Revolution – the Greater London Urban National Park Concept

Thinking differently can lead to interesting and surprising outcomes. 434 more words

Design Legacy