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What defines a National Park City

Over the last twenty years, a number of Governments and individuals have been exploring the concept of national parks and cities.  Generally the discussion and the developments have mostly centred on the purity of the “national park” concept and have only seen limited progress of understanding of a National Park concept within a City. 921 more words

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Who Said that You Can’t Chase Rainbows? You Can!

It was not such a rainy morning, because the sun was up. I already had my morning quiet time with the Lord, but I needed something more. 874 more words

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You Can Have the Spirit of Unity in Your Life

Unity brings everything together. It is a lacking principle of our world; but it is a principle no less. Sometimes we unite, as in the Million Man march; mourners also unite when disaster strikes. 878 more words

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Fill Your Life With Zesty Rhythm

Think about what your days are usually like; that is the rhythm of your life. For some, rhythm is order; for others, it is chaos. Some of us run all day to complete the day’s task. 933 more words

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You Have to Move From Where You Are To Find Your Fortunes

In life, stability is important and necessary, and so is movement. Having to relocate is both an exciting and frustrating undertaking. Movement within the principles of design is not relocation; it applies to the artist’s usage of lines, shapes, color, dance, musical notes, whatever tools necessary to create a traceable path with one’s eyes or ears. 1,010 more words

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Highlight the Story of Your Life with Contrast

Picture a very black box next to a very white bowl, and you’ll see contrast. If that doesn’t make sense, then show up at a  950 more words

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Decorate Your Life with Patterns of Purposeful Living

Patterns give designs their aesthetic properties. In human life and the natural world, we see evidence of patterns, highlighting the creativity of the Master Designer. We have been discussing the principles of design in art: … 975 more words

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