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Similarity in Ad Campaigns

It is not uncommon for companies to release a set of advertisements to promote a new product, service, or brand the company wants to promote. The set of advertisements is known as a campaign. 868 more words


Sliding Into Advertising

Analyzing Success

Have you ever wondered what makes a good ad so good? The details are the key to a successful advertisement. In this advertisement breakdown, I compared an existing Lululemon brand advertisement to an ad I created to showcase how their design elements came together to create a successful marketing campaign. 477 more words


Advertisement close up!

For this projects I am asked by a employer (My instructor) to analyze one existing ad, use this finding to create an additional ad that would fit the same campaign, and make a slide presentation that would assist me in explaining my findings. 451 more words


Consistency is Key


Can this really be our last project?! Time has flown! For this project we needed to pick an advertisement for a company, analyze it,  and then make a new ad to fit in an ad campaign with this other ad we chose (using either Photoshop or Illustrator). 2,201 more words



colors, colors, colors

line ’em up

tessellations and patterns


principles of design

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Ceramic Modeled Form

In this project, we made a modeled form out of clay.  After watching the artist sculpt a portrait of a human, we made a modeled form.   98 more words

Product Advertisement

Nowadays, we are constantly being bombarded with advertisements of various products and services via social media, billboards, magazines, etc. Each ad serves a purpose: sell a product/service to a particular target audience. 803 more words