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Using Principles of Design to Drive Interest

Look at the world around. Can you pick out any instances of a grid? Chances are you can. Just sitting in my office, I can see the grid on which my keyboard is based, the grid that the ceiling tiles are placed in, or the grid that makes up the pillars providing support to the building. 363 more words

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Reflecting on Don Norman's "The Design of Everyday Things"

If you were to ask someone, “How many things do you use each day?” chances are the number they’d respond with would be significantly lower than than the actual number. 677 more words

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Pattern and Repetition

In class, we started learning about the principles of design. Currently, we are working on pattern and repetition, which is exactly what it sounds like: when a picture contains a pattern or repetition of a certain object. 11 more words


Principle of Design: Opposition

Expressionism is great, but let’s take a break!

This semester I am (finally!) in more art classes. One of my classes is about design and color, and our first assignment is to come up with thumbnails showing the principle of design called… 438 more words



PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN: The rules by which the visual elements are organized to create a cohesive composition.   If you were to compare the principles of design to the English language, the principles of design would be like the rules of grammar. 911 more words

Art Terms & Definitions

Repetition | Using Odd Numbers | More About Composition

As far as principles of design go, I have to say I am a big fan of repetition. Defined as repeating visual elements, exactly or with a slight variation… 159 more words

Rustic Yellow Art book

The binding style I used was Japanese binding hard cover. As I worked on the art-book, I wanted to keep it simple. I used an old yellow shirt that I never wear anymore for the front and back covers of the book. 20 more words

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