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Know your C.R.A.P.

Ever see an ad or brochure that GRABS you or just like it and not sure why…
C.R.A.P. likely has something to do with it. 26 more words


Draw Better: Symmetry and Composition

Hi Guys! So today I’m talking about drawing. This is the first post of a series, in which I hope to give you tips that will help you control your medium, hone your skills, and produce more effective, convincing, and intentional works of art! 1,389 more words

Visual Language

/back to the roots of design and communication/

Ricardo Eversely’s lesson brought us back to the roots of achieving an idea through core fundamentals and to make conscious decision making behind our designs. 416 more words


Cozy Champagne Corner

Ever wanted to enjoy an adult beverage with a friend or two somewhere special? ¬†Or sip champagne in an exclusively chic space? Have you invested in a darling little bar cart that you can style and stage to your little heart’s desire? 363 more words

Design Thoughts And Observations

Design 4 Usability | Week 2 Reading Responses

Here are my responses for the 2nd-week assignment of Design for Usability in Spring of 2016.

Required readings:

  • Jordan, An Introduction to Usability, Chapter 4: Designing for Usability…
  • 1,286 more words
Project For Review

Texture through Art

Texture. It is so important. In design, it’s the element that brings the POP! and the WOW! factor to your space. Like the humor in a speech or the color in a drawing. 220 more words


Why Art is Actually Science

Growing up, I never knew how to describe my artistic process. I didn’t know that there was anything you could SAY about art. I just kind of…did it. 1,509 more words