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Lights, Camera, before Action!

Coming from a background of Diploma in Computer Graphics, today’s lesson in floristry class was a flash back to year 1998.

While recently catching up with a dear friend, my past lecturer in advertising and design, she made a passing comment that Principles of Design would be relevant in floral arrangement. 771 more words


Change Color, Change Meaning

In this artwork, we cut out paper and glued it to a selected work and changed the meaning of it.  We found a piece of artwork that interested us and decided to change the color to change the way viewers will look at it.   62 more words


Focused Photography


In this article we’ll discuss three common photography techniques to give your photo a focus, deeper meaning, and interest. None of these are particularly hard, they just take some practice. 412 more words


Use of Photography Rules

When learning about photography and how to take quality photos there are three basic rules/techniques to remember: 1) Rule of Thirds, 2) Leading Lines, and 3) Depth of Field. 871 more words


Typography in Fashion Advertisements

A recent advertisement by Tchica (shown above), a Brazilian teenage fashion store, has demonstrated their recent shift to gear their products to focus more towards “a grown woman, filled with attitude and confidence.” To address their more mature population, they’re advertisement includes two separate kinds of typefaces that appears to be sophisticated. 244 more words


Typography – Not A Wimp

Typography in the Mix

This design appears to be from Punct Graphics and is an party/mixer invitation. I will be reverse engineering this design to examine it’s use of typography. 327 more words

Design (Comm 130)

Design analysis: "Burts Bees"

Designed by: Baldwin&, United States for Burt’s Bees

This advertisement was created specifically by David Baldwin, Bob Ranew for the brand Burt Beed. The purpose of the campaign was to introduce to the public their new fruit flavored lips balms. 361 more words