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Exercise 1

This was the first exercise I was introduced to in COM 337. We created a “Photo Essay” where we had to take pictures that emphasized the main principles of design. 33 more words


What makes a room ‘work’?  It’s so much more than good furniture and art.  While it helps to have great pieces, returning to the basic principles of design creates a space that really feels complete (no matter the style). 379 more words

Interior Design

Podcast: 5 Principles of Design

If you’re just getting your feet wet with design, here’s a podcast I created that goes over five basic principles and tips for design. Hope this helps!

Principles Of Design

Type and The Grid

In this project I create a couple of grids that can be work for a magazine layout. This is hard task, I must said, because one need to understand how type and image work as unity and not only as single pieces that are stick it together. 171 more words

Principles Of Design


OMEGA was the first work that I did within relation to Typography and Image at Seneca. At first, this work seems easy, but it was not; the work requires to be really sensible with type in a specific place, and this has to kept its unity relative to the image. 159 more words

Principles Of Design

Great Designers of the Last Century

There are some designers who worked in harmony the core principles of corporate identity design intuitively and whose work has stood the test of time. They can teach us much. 754 more words

Branding Design