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September 2015

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Stop, Look and Listen


How do I know God is working in my life? Can I know with certainty when I turn things over to Him, that all will work out for the best? 700 more words


Extreme Programming

The next chapter is about Extreme Programming in the Agile Project Management book. This chapter covers Background, Concept, Values, Rules, Principles, Scalability, Practices and issues.

Agile Project Management

Vacant Predictions

Lots of people want to make claims about how good or bad some event, statement, person, or action is and the impact they think it or they will have on the movement for justice and achieving freedom from oppression, but I am not so sure that anyone truly knows the impact of any one particular thing. 61 more words



Encouragement wordgift; 5×7 matted, hand painted element


The Free Will Paradox

Free will is, at best, an impossibility. Regardless of whether we’re talking in terms of science or religion, the concept that humans typically define as free will (the “power” to make choices that are indigenous of oneself) can not exist. 377 more words


The Dynamic System Development Method (DSDM)

The next chapter is about Dynamic System Development Method in the Agile Project Management book. This chapter covers DSDM Atern, Principles, Project Lifecycle, Roles & Responsibilities, Facilitated Workshops, Prioritization, Iterative Development, Modelling & Prototyping, Timeboxing, Estimating, Quality and Risk Management.

Agile Project Management