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Guard your heart, keep what’s right
Of what you believe, you must hold tight
For a man will always challenge thee
And he doesn’t want you to be free


Changing Moralities: Did I Lose My Morals When I Lost My Religion?

I’ve been wrestling with my conscience lately and I’ve decided its time to hash out my feelings and thoughts in writing. Throughout this whole journey of losing my faith and coming to terms with life outside of Mormonism writing has been my therapy. 1,899 more words

Principles of FUK'd

The FUK’d Movement is a literary style unclearly defined. Amidst the alcohol and pizza I have attempted to define it for all:


I cannot stress this enough- make it fucking relevant! 346 more words

FUK'd Movement

Today's Thought: He Isn't, We Are

The Prayer of the LORD: God’s existence is not dependent on our praises. He can get along without them. But we can’t.

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