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How to spot an ideologue

Source: How to spot an ideologue

So how do we recognize the language of “ideology” and distinguish it from a “principled position”? One common clue is that those who hold a principled position welcome arguments; they welcome having their position tested and possibly corrected.

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What Is Dharma?

What is right and what is wrong? What are the key principles & morals we should live by? Is there an underlying order to our lives which can serve as a common guide to all of us? 491 more words



I have seen a lot of Christians who do a lot of funny things today in the name of faith. I have seen faith without work; faith without wisdom; faith outside the word of God; faith in sin; faith without knowledge etc. 496 more words

Aikido: Advice for the Kyu Grades

In our dojo, we have four levels between white and black belts: yonkyu (green belt), sankyu (brown belt), nikyu (brown belt), and ikkyu (brown belt with black stripe). 909 more words


See the ocean and


see the sky then


But when you sit

you do nothing but quit,

so then what do you do when

you stand.

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For My Republican Friends

My Republican friends and family members are good and wise people, and I respect their choices in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. They know I am politically left-leaning, and they love me anyway. 551 more words

Living And Learning

Love is... #1

...when he holds the fort and serves me when I'm sick.

Inspired by a post that a fellow blogger, Pete, wrote, I have decided to do a series on ‘Love is…’ I don’t know how often I will post a ‘Love is…’ post, but today marks the first one. 151 more words