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The Role of Good Media (On Liberty)

While I didn’t dive too deeply into political philosophy while in school, I do muse on it from time to time.  I grant that my knowledge about political philosophy can be charitably labelled as “naive,” so please forgive some of the silliness I’m about to wade around in. 560 more words


The Replay

Humanity has a long history fraught with wars and disputes of all kinds. We have displayed an inability to coexist with others peacefully for any significant length of time. 855 more words

Maya: Blocking Sheet

Here you can see my Blocking Sheet to prepare myself for animating the obstacle course. What this will help me with is the posing for the majority of the frames for the 3D model I’ll be using in Maya. 217 more words

Unit 52, 3D Animation

Sleepless Nights: How Our Trials Are Sometimes the Way God Answers Our Prayers

Every parent knows the struggle of being sleep-deprived. The struggle is compounded when not only you yourself are sleep-deprived but when you have a sleep-deprived infant as well. 887 more words


Impermanence Nature of Wealth

This “KURAL” comes under Adhikaram 33 (Section) – “Nilayamai”, meaning Impermanence.

Philosophical Meaning: This Kural talks about the impermanence nature of money or wealth. Most of us think that once we accumulate a certain amount of wealth, it will bring about security / happiness in life. 434 more words

Money Principles

My Life Principles Left Me So Damaged

By Changkai, Liaoning Province

The phrase “All lay loads on a willing horse” is one with which I am all too personally familiar. My husband and I were both particularly guileless people in the world. 1,214 more words

Eastern Lightning-Life Experience Article