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Compelling Procrastination

Perverse procrastination, perpetual propensity peels the propriety of passions

Contorted phantasms past their prime and prejudiced existence prelude a downfall

Of extreme stretches of laid down principles of unprincipled ideologies… 35 more words


A Godless View Of The Ten Commandments

First off, let me say that I’m probably more agnostic than atheist. Or I ping-pong between the two. Point is, I don’t subscribe to the Christian tradition I was brought up in, but I find that many Christian teachings (when taken figuratively) can give poignant lessons. 416 more words


Let’s Go Flying

No, I am not talking about levitation. Let your imagination soar and go fly!

Kung Fu, Karate, other martial arts and yes, also Tai Chi Ch’uan have origins showing the spirit of different animals. 242 more words

Tai Chi

An Observation on Political Correctness

I recently spent time with family where instead of forwarding me an email chain family members were able to directly read from the website something they found interesting on the internet.   523 more words


The bed

John William Waterhouse

Excerpt from Bela Hamvas’ Patmos I (1954-1964)

Aldous Huxley made a calculation: the circle of silence is decreasing by thirteen and a half kilometers annually. 751 more words


CLO 15 Describe the change in the half-value layer (HVL) when filtration is added or removed.

  • Half-value layer (HVL) is the amount filtration that will the x-ray intensity beam to one-half of its original value
  • It is considered the best method for describing x-ray quality…
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CLO 14 Explain how beam filtration affects x-ray beam intensity, beam quality and patient exposure.

  • The x-rays that exit the tube are polyenergetic, consisting of low-, medium-, and high-energy photons
  • The low-energy photons cannot penetrate parts of the anatomy and thus, only contribute to patient dose, and do not contribute to image formation…
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