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How's your soul?

Edited by : Charissa Faith Utasa

To each and every one of you who ever felt like peace will never exist in your heart, a deep hole was inside. 1,373 more words


Charles Krauthammer

His journalism was rooted in facts and principle.

Charles Krauthammer appears on Fox News in Washington, D.C. in an undated photo. PHOTO: FOX NEWS/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS… 476 more words


Hello again! said the boot to the face,
stamping atop in a pretence of grace.

Offering wonderous gift-wrapped lies:
all you want, so long as freedom dies. 75 more words


Can you support Trump and not be a racist?

I’m going to get right into it and answer the title of the article with a resounding yes!  It is true that you can support the president and not be labeled a racist.  503 more words

Thoughtful Exposition

The Power of Pictures

We use a lot of pictures and metaphors when we describe movements or principles in Tai Chi: stroking the mane of the horse, grasping the bird’s tail, the white crane spreads its wings, open and close like a flower, grow roots into the ground,… and I could go on forever. 504 more words

Tai Chi

Scientia Sacra - Writing and tradition

Béla  Hamvas

1. Curiously, the increasing confusion that manifests itself in critical viewpoints is accompanied with increasing clarity. The solution didn’t come from where it had been most expected, assumed or researched. 6,447 more words


What is going on in America!

Someone asked me several days ago what I felt was going on in America. They were expressing a feeling of constant unhappiness. Furthermore, they said it felt as if their mind, body, and soul were enduring assaults on so many levels it was overwhelming. 457 more words

Abiding Love