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Boost to Luzerne County High School Culinary Program

PRINGLE — Major renovations are taking place at a restaurant, of sorts, in Luzerne County.

Culinary students at West Side Career and Technology had their West Side Cafe completely transformed. 307 more words


Environment Mood-board

Tony asked us to start thinking about creating an environment that was Viking/Nordic but included future technology. I thought to create a mood-board to start creating some ideas and have references for work when I need them. 13 more words



We had to start working on environments and tony was trying to help us. We started by drawing a rock by using the poly lasso tool in Photoshop, after we filled it in and created a clipping mask so we couldn’t go outside the lines, we used the gradient tool to create a shadow. 163 more words


Adventure Time

Drawing this was the first time I was able to properly experiment with layer masks and using them to further my digital art skills. I started with the sketch I did in Tony’s class, then used the selection tool to outline it and filled it in with a grey so I know where it is. 68 more words



We all had to draw a quick storyboard so we could understand how they plan for sequences. I came up with an animation idea which isn’t serious but it would be fun to do. 86 more words



Tony asked us to create silhouettes and try to make basic shapes as a starting points for figures. I selected the lasso tool and once I made rough sketches with it I filled it in with black to give the results above. 43 more words


Phil Pringle once again endorses a damnable 'gospel' on his own blog.

A few years, ago we made our readers aware that Phil Pringle¬†held to the damnable $Health and Wealth$¬†gospel. In his book ‘Dead for Nothing’, Pringle distorted the gospel of salvation by making the following claim: 866 more words

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