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Day Two: Single as a pringle

The devotion for today is about pringles. Really, pringles. I have always heard the phrase “single as a pringle”, but this devotion really made me think about it. 330 more words

Paint Study 2

I did this in a similar process to the last one I did except use a different picture.

I got this reference picture from the show Shameless, I started by outlining him and circled significant areas where they are dark and light. 309 more words


Paint Study 1

I did this earlier to try and develop my art skills further. I plan on doing a drawing everyday to help be better at art and work on my line art as it’s not as good as it could be. 347 more words


Character Concept Art

I thought I would try to create a close up of a person and this is kinda the design I went with. I think I’m going to change the colours and the eye shape to make it look more appealing with a faded background. 104 more words


Viking Storyboard 1

This is one of the few moodboards I made for the viking islands project. I’m doing this for my creative and technical modelling piece to create a small house on a floating island. 100 more words