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The Purpose Of Being Single

A question proposed to me was this, What’s God’s purpose for me during this season in my life?

Today I seek to answer that question by offering three reasons God might be holding you in this season whether for a short time or extended. 573 more words


Life Update: 2016 Edition

It’s been roughly 15 months since I’ve graced the Internet with a post, and A LOT has happened. For starters, I got a dog named Francis, who I may or may not have a… 336 more words


Concept Art – Viking Islands (Updated)

I finished concept art for Tony which he wanted handed in by the end of the month. He helped me fix the composition of the piece by using the rule of thirds and asking me to put something in the middle-ground of the piece as it started to look strange and didn’t know how to fix it. 251 more words


Concept Art - Viking Islands

This is my concept for Viking Islands, they’re all floating islands and on-top of them is quite primitive building with basic tech like a modern kettle and a fridge inside of the building which I will do next after I have finished this piece. 317 more words


Mudbox - Basic Rock

With Tony we made a sphere by turbo smoothing a cube, which is better for topology and smoothing groups. we then used the grab tool to pull it and make it look more defined. 107 more words


Smailholm Tower

Smailholm Tower rises above the rolling landscape of the Scottish Borders like a silent sentinel.  We’ve glimpsed it on many occasions but just recently, on a lovely day in late October, we drove right up to take a proper look. 664 more words


Boost to Luzerne County High School Culinary Program

PRINGLE — Major renovations are taking place at a restaurant, of sorts, in Luzerne County.

Culinary students at West Side Career and Technology had their West Side Cafe completely transformed. 307 more words