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We All Have Good Days & Bad Days

Of course, we all have days that are better than others. Well it’s the same for advertisers.

Anyone running an AdWords campaign knows their conversions are better on certain days, not to mention certain times of the day. 403 more words

Newspaper Readers Don't Use Mobile Phones

Did I get your attention?

Conventional wisdom, at least from not long ago, would say that older Americans are not that ”digital.” In 2014, Pew Research showed that people 65+ were still about 18% less likely to use a mobile phone and they’re only about half as likely to go online and/or have broadband access. 313 more words

Print media will always win.

Why one content expert says “Long Live Print!” amid the growing excess of digital content that butters his bread.

Print media will always win.

Those words might be expected from someone who makes a living selling books or magazines. 306 more words

Print Advertising

Generating Ad Revenue in Print

A recent article in The Guardian points to the challenges newspapers face attracting advertisers and maintaining ad revenue.  And yet millions of people are still picking up print editions.  331 more words


Limit Your Opportunity Costs & Raise Your Short-Term ROI

Even if money did grow on trees, we would still be faced with decisions in business (and life) that cost us revenue or income, all the time. 442 more words

Five Reasons You Should Buy Print Ads Today

  1. Print Ads Have Super High Conversion Rates. Perhaps the biggest stat that we’ve found that we want to shout from the rooftops to marketers everywhere is that PRINT AD CONVERSION RATES ARE SKY HIGH – Specifically from Phone Calls.
  2. 210 more words

Mobile Help Now & Inogen Portable Oxygen Ads

MediaBids is pleased to offer new pay-per-call and CPL ads from two new advertisers. These ads can be run in print editions of newspapers and magazines – custom sizing is available. 63 more words

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