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Tech-Savvy Teens Still Prefer Print

Born with technology at their fingertips, today’s teens are truly digital natives, learning to speak the language of social media and digital discovery as easily as learning to talk. 250 more words

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Print Advertising: A Vital Piece of Your Marketing Mix

Print is not dead. In fact, there are many advantages to using print advertising, in addition to online initiatives. According to AS Advertising, campaigns that combine print and internet advertising achieve up to a 25% higher response rate than internet campaigns alone. 411 more words

Advertising Representative

A Tale of Two Ladies

Most often, the best marketing lessons come from those folks that do it all day long. Their paychecks rely on doing the job, so you can usually trust that what you see on the side of the bus is their best effort. 322 more words

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What Your Mum - and Groucho - Didn't Tell You About Advertising

Legendary comedian Groucho Marx once observed that television is called a medium because it’s neither rare, nor well done.

One of the many hats I wear at my multimedia production business – 4th Mesa Productions – is that of Advertising/Marketing Consultant. 413 more words

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Is My Marketing Effective?

You see the marketing expense on your income statement each month. How do you know whether or not it was effective?

First, think back to your original marketing goal. 240 more words


"Who Do You Think You Are" An Open Letter From A Pink Sheet CEO.

After recording a radio interview for “The Price of Business” with Kevin Price; a Nationally syndicated radio show, I started thinking about a few things. 3,541 more words

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Missing the point

Funny how the details matter. First that this archer’s clothes seem very out of date, secondly, and more significantly, that the targets are behind her, apparently she’s aiming the wrong way. 86 more words