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Content Marketing Via Newspapers

At Mediabids we recently became aware of a somewhat unique insert program at the San Francisco Chronicle. They call it the ”slim jim.” It’s essentially a multi-page, double-sided pamphlet (full-color, 6 wide x 10.5 tall.) In fact, you may have seen a similar ”insert” from American Express or another lux brand in the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal. 446 more words

Programmatic Print, Part 1 - An Overview

Today we bring you Part 1 in a series on Programmatic Print advertising.

For some time now, everyone in the industry has been talking about… 291 more words

The Parallels of "Print" Advertising and Direct Mail

Here at MediaBids, when we talk about “print advertising” we talk primarily about print ads in newspapers and magazines, since that’s what buy and sell all day long. 525 more words

Print Advertising

Magazines (like Newspapers) Are Not Going The Way Of The Dinosaurs.

Mediabids is the ”newspaper and magazine advertising marketplace” but you can be forgiven for thinking we only work with newspapers. Admittedly, here and in other forums, we do talk about newsprint a lot. 218 more words

Yes, Magazines Rock as Ad Platforms

Optimistic thinking from a print geek? Nope, it’s scientific fact from consumer research.

It’s not idle speculation, but a scientific fact:  Magazines are scientifically proven to be really effective as advertising platforms. 260 more words

Print Advertising

Benefits of Print Advertising

Television advertising is usually very costly but is the most preferred advertising media today. Advertisement on local stations and on cable television makes it quiet affordable. 144 more words

Billboard Advertising

Players in the Perfomance Advertising Space

Who pays a CPM for ad space anymore? A decreasing number of advertisers.

With the advent of Google AdWords, which allows businesses to pay for online advertising only when a consumer clicks an ad, a new era was ushered in where businesses no longer were restricted to purchasing ad space on solely a CPM Basis. 313 more words

Print Advertising