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Print Versus Digital: Comparing the 2 Types of Marketing (Infographic)

Charlotte Print empowers micro businesses and consumers annually with affordable, professional options to make an impression. With a unique business model supported by proprietary technologies, high-volume production facilities, and direct marketing expertise, Charlotte Print offers a wide variety of products and services that micro businesses can use to expand their business. 30 more words

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Traditional or Digital Advertising? Why Not Try Both?

“Eliminating one advertising medium in order to try something different is a lot like giving up your exercise routine so you can start a diet. While exercise or diet may help you achieve your health goals, combining them is a whole lot more effective. 495 more words

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Next Time Someone Says This, Feel Free to Roll Your Eyes

Let’s face it: The next time you hear or read someone saying “print is dead,” you can pretty much peg them immediately as out of date and out of touch. 423 more words

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Print Advertising Design

Everyday your potential customers are saturated with thousands of competing messages and images. VISIONPOINT will design successful and professional promotional materials that combine the images and information thoughtfully organized in a creative layout to make your business message stand out. 27 more words


Opinion: The Montreal Declaration is a little underwhelming

Bloviate. We op-ed writers and editorialists love that word, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as: “to talk at length, esp. using inflated or empty rhetoric; to speechify or ‘sound off.’ ” Maybe bloviate is as bloviate does. 575 more words

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Benefits of Using an Independent Sales Force

According to an interview conducted by Dr. Thomas DeCarlo, Ph.D. and Professor of Marketing and Industrial Distribution at the University of Alabama, there are several benefits to utilizing an independent sales force. 342 more words

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