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A Final Party For Print: Funeral Or Retirement?

There is talk about print as a media dying, while social media juggernauts through. Though, it’s not as cut and dry. Print media isn’t dead yet. 358 more words

Golden Ghostbusters Book Covers

At the end of March we wrote about (GBI Blog Post, March 31, 2016) upcoming Ghostbusters Golden Books from publisher Penguin Random House.

As we head towards Ghostbusters 32 anniversary and Ghostbusters (2016) theatrical premiere Penguin Random House has added cover art for the… 193 more words


Ghostbusters Gaming Details From PlayStation UK Official Magazine

In June 2016, (Issue 123) of PlayStation (UK) Official Magazine Ghostbusters (2016) is prominently featured. In an article  Chris Tremmel, project director on Activision’s upcoming Ghostbusters (2016) game… 509 more words


Mattel New Ghostbusters Toys Information

Over at GBI in the Ghost Corps Mattel Display (GBI Blog Post, April 16, 2016) on May 1, 2016 in the comments section I added the new toys with pricing if I knew them. 276 more words


Factory Entertainment Ghostbusters Journals

After writing about Inside Editions’ Ghostbusters journal (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, April 18, 2016) I found two additional Ghostbusters hardcovers are coming this year, from Ghostbusters licensee… 153 more words


Insight Editions Ghostbusters Hardcover Ruled Journal

When GameStop had listed product pages for the upcoming Activision Ghostbusters (2016) video games, (GBI Blog Post, April 16, 2016) we didn’t notice in the Ghostbusters search another new, upcoming product from… 203 more words