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Small Bites: February 9, 2015

It’s another Manic Monday…wish it were Sunday…Okay, readers, let’s kick off the week with some inspiring design news with these creative small bites. Enjoy!

Designer, Mehmet Gozetlik, is creating a new project, Chinatown… 273 more words


So Many Magazines … So Little Time?

Who wants easy, unlimited access to thousands of publications?

You might not, but millions of other people do, apparently.

And the crowd is getting ready to increase more, most likely. 459 more words


Why Print Design is a Gateway Media

As a graphic designer, I have found that the reports of the death of print media have been greatly exaggerated. Not only is print design alive and well—it’s thriving. 1,015 more words


Get to Know Joan: Periodontology Academy President's New Beginnings Come with a Storied Past

Twelve-year-old Joan Ann Otomo needed to make a decision. When her auto-mechanic father, John,asked her to think about her future profession (“You can’t race cars for the rest of your life,” he told her), Joan wondered what she would be when she grew up. 1,403 more words


A Place for Me...

I don’t really know what I’m doing here… I suppose I just want a place where I can write something for myself, about what it is that I do, and keep some kind of a journal of the crazy journey that is my life. 121 more words

Atlas Magazine

Analysing publications and Journalists

In the future I would like to work for a women’s magazine. Cosmopolitan magazine is a place where I aspire to work. I would either like to work for the print magazine or their online website. 338 more words

Introduction To Journalism

Tis the Season...

…for many, many best of lists!  Perhaps it’s because of this blog, but I’m hyper-aware of all the best of book cover lists–as well as all the lovely books I now want to read.  48 more words

By: The Librarienne