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ARTICLE: 59 Award-Winning Poster Designs

To view this article and the other 58 Posters, please visit – http://www.printmag.com/posters/

Print Magazine rounded up a few exceptional poster designs that were recognized in the 2014 Regional Design Annual.


Quiting What's On

I started working for What’s On in May 2014 where I met the owner at a book signing, I babbled onto him about how it was my dream to be what I called – and innovative writer. 366 more words


Interview with Art Director & Illustrator Rob Jones for Print Magazine

In 2014 I flew to Chicago to attend artist Rob Jones‘ solo show ‘Grief‘ at Galerie F. At that point I had met Jones a few times during my trips to Austin for events at the… 121 more words

Chris Jalufka

Curium Magazine - Edition Two

Copies of Curium Mag, Edition Two are now finally available to purchase or order online!  If you happen to be in Sydney, you can pick up a copy from Skarfe or Press Books, otherwise you can order online through the Curium… 208 more words

Small Bites: February 9, 2015

It’s another Manic Monday…wish it were Sunday…Okay, readers, let’s kick off the week with some inspiring design news with these creative small bites. Enjoy!

Designer, Mehmet Gozetlik, is creating a new project, Chinatown… 273 more words

Graphic Design

So Many Magazines … So Little Time?

Who wants easy, unlimited access to thousands of publications?

You might not, but millions of other people do, apparently.

And the crowd is getting ready to increase more, most likely. 459 more words


Why Print Design is a Gateway Media

As a graphic designer, I have found that the reports of the death of print media have been greatly exaggerated. Not only is print design alive and well—it’s thriving. 1,015 more words