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Cinema Thread in Print!

Get a first look at Cinema Thread in print (featuring a Doctor Strange article by yours truly). Don’t forget to pick up an IRL copy, available shortly!


Graphic Design Geelong

Graphic designing is an art of delivering message to a chosen audience through a stream of visual images. It has a wide commercial use in advertising and publicity as well as the educational field. 417 more words

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Esoterics of Doctor Strange

Greetings friends. I’m excited to announce that the good people at Cinema Thread are putting my article (about the weird magical world of Doctor Strange) into print. 60 more words


10/21 Column: Tiger daughter?

It infuriates the sensible me, the alter ego who holds chopsticks properly (“I beseech you,” my mother will say, “stop fingering it like a pencil!”), to overhear a fellow student wail, “Dood, I didn’t even study for this test,” and gush days later, in all of a flutter, “Dood, I got an A on that test!” 809 more words

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10/21 Opinion: I pledge...

PERHAPS, IN AGES PAST, you actually enunciated the “A” in “America” as a kindergartner, rapt in attention and absorbed by the haze of red, white and blue, repeating “I pledge allegiance…” Yet as years pass and your patriotism subsides, allegiance to America becomes a monotonous routine that has almost no  meaning. 713 more words



Two days ago, I received an email from NY Literary Magazine about a poem I submitted way back. Though I wasn’t able to bag any place, my poem was still chosen to be published in their… 166 more words


9/21 Column: Kpop, My Ultimate Downfall?

Illustration by Sara Entezar, Featured Image from Big Hit Entertainment

I have got to say, I used to be proud of my individuality.

Emotionless toward boybands, whose skinny-jean tightness and adolescence are dictated by record companies. 803 more words

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