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Print On Demand Explained

Most independent artists use a P.O.D site or Print on Demand sites like Redbubble or Socierty6. However, I have had a few questions from some of my followers about what exactly is a P.O.D shop. 401 more words


Why You Should Choose Option For All Over Print T-Shirt

One of the most recent and most imaginative custom apparel choices is the print tee, which can come as long sleeve shirts, short sleeve or sleeveless tops. 588 more words

Print On Demand

Start-up story: Glasstree Academic Publishing

By Jean Roberts

Glasstree Academic Publishing is a non-licence cloud-based content dissemination platform supporting e-book, print and open access (OA) publishing, which was launched in November 2016. 325 more words

Academic Publishing

Indie Author-Publishers: Talent Unbound! (Part 3).

Ten Easy Steps to Creating Book Covers with Slide Presentation Software.

All Work and No Play Dull the Creative Edge.

One fun “finishing touch” for your book that you can do during the creative writing phase is to design your cover. 1,221 more words

Keep Smilin'...Good Vibes Only

Don’t you love inspiring quotes? As you know, I am very into positive quotes and sayings. Now in my latest endeavor to bring positivity to people, I have initiated a few Teespring campaigns with positive apparel! 85 more words


Getting to Know Glasstree: Ambassadors

As Glasstree grows, we’ve begun to engage with a wider array of academics, researchers, students, faculty, and publishers. We’ve reached out to a few of these users to learn more about them, and how they use publishing to compliment their academic endeavors. 10 more words

Academic Publishing

Indie Author-Publishers: Talent Unbound! (Part 2).

A Quick Prep Guide for the Absolute Beginner.

These are basic need-to-know issues for first-time publishers using a print-on-demand (POD) provider who offers free setup services. 778 more words