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Vanity Of Vanities : Work In Progress

Following the post from a couple of weeks ago, expressing my desire for an enjoyable, yet slow, car I’ve been trying to flesh out what was, when I first suggested it, a rather nebulous idea. 1,234 more words

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Print the Legend: Romanian Edition

December 21, 1989: A clueless dictator gives his final speech, though he did not know then that it would be his final speech. All around Europe, the regimes of his ideological comrades are falling apart, but believing that he still commands the loyalty of his people, he gets in front of several thousands of them to talk about unity, strength, and probably a bunch of other authoritarian communist boilerplate nonsense. 159 more words


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DTW recommends some of its favourite films.

BORDERLESS LIMITS : When feisty Australian ex-lifeguard Lindi Jackson (Nicole Kidman), on holiday in Europe after her marriage break-up, gets mistaken for a British businesswoman and offered the top job at French car maker Citroën, it looks like a recipe for mayhem. 666 more words

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DTW Summer Reissue : Len & Now

Recent talk of 5 cylinders causes our Editor to conflate two of his pieces from DTW’s very early days

Many thanks to Eoin for his kind mention below of my recent little volume on Sir Basil Milford-Vestibule.  1,953 more words

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Making Up is Hard to Do

Britain’s decision to leave the EU has rung alarm bells throughout the European motor industry, but now PSA is striking back, lovebombing Blighty with this – the DS 3 Puretech 110 Givenchy Le Makeup. 422 more words

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Requiem for a 5-Series

Back in 2009, BMW introduced the 5-Series GT – a car few have felt much affection for, the poor thing. As BMW readies a new model for 2017, we pay tribute to BMW’s niche-bender by recounting the dolorous tale of one such car. 732 more words

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Simon A. Kearne Interviews Sir Basil

In a recently transcribed interview  Driventowrite’s senior editor Simon A. Kearne matches wits with engineering legend, Sir Basil Milford-Vestible. 

It has been long assumed that Sir Basil Milford-Vestible never gave interviews, but a moth-eaten copy of… 1,515 more words

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