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Theme Of Themes : Evolution - When Genes Mutate

We go back to a time before fun was a 24/7 obligation

Originally published by Sean Patrick on 19th June 2015.

It’s near midnight early in 1955 in a nondescript French suburb. 1,046 more words


Fiat Multipla: Time to Belt Up

Richard’s recent examination of a brochure for a 1998 Fiat Multipla inevitably drew diverging opinions in the comments about the vehicle’s styling.

My own position has always been that, with their first attempt, Fiat’s chefs mixed together too many challenging ingredients to make the resultant dish palatable. 124 more words


C what I did

Further to Sean Patrick´s excellent idea about decals to give your boring car a more contemporary, fun and sporting look, I have shown three products in the upcoming range. 47 more words


Print the Legend: Romanian Edition

December 21, 1989: A clueless dictator gives his final speech, though he did not know then that it would be his final speech. All around Europe, the regimes of his ideological comrades are falling apart, but believing that he still commands the loyalty of his people, he gets in front of several thousands of them to talk about unity, strength, and probably a bunch of other authoritarian communist boilerplate nonsense. 159 more words


Theme : Film - DTW Recommends

DTW recommends some of its favourite films.

BORDERLESS LIMITS : When feisty Australian ex-lifeguard Lindi Jackson (Nicole Kidman), on holiday in Europe after her marriage break-up, gets mistaken for a British businesswoman and offered the top job at French car maker Citroën, it looks like a recipe for mayhem. 666 more words

Monthly Themes

Opening Up the TR7 Envelope

Spot a Triumph TR7 in a car park and you may well experience something rather strange. 

Unenlightened passers-by won’t give it a second look, whereas examples of most of its boxy contemporaries would attract their immediate attention. 907 more words