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Her Story

(Prose by Raja Ghoshal)

She is not beautiful. In fact, she is ugly. With pock marks in her face and neck, even obnoxious looking some would say. 325 more words


Book Haul!

Awhile ago, I went to the library book sale. This year’s selection of speculative fiction was not as good as last year’s and, again, I ended up getting proportionally more fantasy and horror than I’d ideally aim for (though it is hard to find science fiction I do want and don’t have—in several cases, in both SF/F/H and other categories, I got replacement copies rather than outright new books). 320 more words

Science Fiction

Birds in my backyard.

(By Raja Ghoshal)

Did I tell ya ’bout the birds in my backyard? They are uninvited but cherished. Early in the morning, they make their conspicuous chattering presence and how! 293 more words


Mr Doodle


Last month, Exchange Square in London held a beautiful exhibition allowing us to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. “A Sense of Space” was a collection of 3 rooms each with different sensory experience and there was one in particular, being a room full of motifs, that I fell in love with. 117 more words


Digital or Paper?

It’s no secret that any true book nerd prefers the physical, paper copies of books. The smell of a book straight from the press or the feeling of an aged and well-loved book is unforgettable and holds a special place in our hearts. 601 more words

Ethics of Journalism... and Digital Journalism

Communication in Society Final Project

In journalism, reporting is what makes the stories. Without the reporting there would be no way to tell stories, or write articles to keep us, the public informed on what’s going on. 1,220 more words