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eBook: Strawberry and Cracker, Twins with FAS

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In a few weeks, I will be celebrating my 70th birthday. Wow, I never expected to make it this far, but now I have, I am finding it fun. 373 more words

Author Barbara Studham

Digital Vs. Print: A Self-Publisher's Debate

Being my own publisher means I work as writer, editor, marketer and more to get the job done. I get to make all my own decisions and I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself. 583 more words


Advantages of an old fashioned book

If you’re an avid reader like me, that can consume multiple books in a week or even a book a day when you have some free time, then you will probably have an appreciation for the good old paper book.  1,031 more words

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Asexual Perspectives Print Edition - More Book for Your Buck!

After having problems with the typesetting of my Asexual Perspectives book, and not being able to edit the work of the original typesetter because he had used a programme called Latex, which you need to know how to code to use it; and being left with a PDF that was unpublishable due to the incorrect Prologue being in the book (it was omitted when it shouldn’t have been; and the wrong one added back in), and the TOC numbered incorrectly in two places and faulty source files with incorrect gaps throughout – after a few tearing out my hair sessions, I finally found a free PDF to word converter, here it is if you should need to use it… 412 more words