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Getting to Know the IPC and PCB Training Certification Courses

Let’s face it. The electronics world revolves around the Printed Wiring Board (PWB). No electronic product, no matter how simple or cheap would work without it. 278 more words

PCB Boston MA

Are you in the market for PCB designs in Boston? If so you should contact APCT. They are an advanced technology printed circuit board manufacturer that can get you the printed circuit boards you need.

Free Routing for gEDA

If you lay out PC boards using software, it is a good bet you have an opinion about autorouters. Some people won’t use a package that can’t automatically route traces. 173 more words

Tool Hacks

HDI Palo Alto

Are you looking for HDI PCB designs in Palo Alto? APCT  can help you. They can provide you with the fast rigid printed circuit boards you need today.

Printed Circuit Boards Santa Clara

If you’re looking for printed circuit boards in Santa Clara, check out this company for unrivaled quality and speed! They can provide you with the relieable PCB fabrication or any other PCB design you might need.

Side topic ... chip labels

Something I had also used to facilitate working with the 8052 SBC project was creating and applying “chip labels” to the DIP packages.  This is not an original thought of mine as I first saw… 1,017 more words


Software development for the 805x series

While working with my now working 8052 SBC, I spent some time testing with the BASIC-52 (v1.31) program.  One of the things I noticed is that the default value for the XTAL variable is set for 11.0592 MHz.   413 more words