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How Reliable your PCBs are – Laminates Using High Tg Material

Construction methods of Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are essentially similar, although their constituent materials and the intrinsic quality of their surfaces may differ. These differences affect the durability and functionality of the PCB throughout its life and this may be critical to the application. 953 more words

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Trends in Surface Mount Technology and Its Relevance with PCB Surface Finish

It is necessary to mass-produce electronic circuit boards in a highly mechanical manner for ensuring the lowest cost of manufacturing. Traditional through-hole electronic components with leads did not lend themselves to this approach. 1,389 more words

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An Hour to Surface Mount

Most of us have made the transition from through hole parts to surface mount. There are lots of scattered tutorials, but if you want to learn some techniques or compare your technique to someone else’s, you might enjoy hour-long video on how he does surface mount with reflow soldering. 179 more words

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RF Design and High Frequency Board Manufacturing

The performance of a product operating at high frequencies depends largely on the electrical characteristics of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) used for mounting and connecting its circuit components. 1,781 more words

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540 PCBs Make a Giant LED Cube

Just about anyone can make a simple LED cube. But what if you want to make a 1-meter cube using 512 LEDs? wanted to do it, so he… 159 more words

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NO to Tobacco - PCB POWER

“Don’t Hand over the keys of your Life to Tobacco”

We Urge All, those who are connected with us on this Social Media to Say – “NO to Tobacco” 24 more words

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