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More Homemade PCB Tinning

styles himself as a crazy chemist. His video showing a fast tin plating solution for PCBs (YouTube, see below) doesn’t seem so crazy. We will admit, though, it uses some things that you might have to search for. 157 more words


Factors To Consider When Designing Electro Mechanical Assembly

Upgrading your facility’s electro mechanical assembly is a process that should be taken with all seriousness and has several factors that should be taken into consideration. 153 more words

Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Board 2017 Global Market Size, Status, Analysis and Forecast 2021

Global Printed Circuit Board Market


WiseGuyReports.Com adds” Global Printed Circuit Board Market 2017-2021 “Research To Its Database.

Printed circuit board, also known as printed wiring cards or printed wiring boards, is a thin board printed with electrical wires. 594 more words


Tinning Solution From the Hardware Store

Making your own printed circuit board at home often leads to a board which looks homemade. Exposed copper is one of the tell-tale signs. That may be your aesthetic and we won’t cramp your style, but exposed copper is harder to solder than tinned copper and it likes to oxidize over time. 190 more words


Internals Rejuvenated

After submitting the circuit decided to blow, this due to the step-up module.

As the Printed Circuit Board blew several times after several attempts. I went to the School of Engineering and Technology to see if I could require some assistance with the circuit. 78 more words


Electronic assemblies – Methods used in it!

Electronic assembly is significant in the development of a great deal of electronic gadgets in the market. Together with this line, there is a good deal of technology used with respect to the type of procedure needed. 364 more words

Assembly Services

Importance of Stencil for PCB Assembly

The surface mount assembly process uses a stencil as a gateway to an accurate and repeatable solder paste deposition. A stencil is a thin sheet or foil of brass or stainless steel with a circuit pattern cut into it, matching the positional pattern of surface mount devices (SMD) on the printed circuit board (PCB) for which the stencil is to be used. 1,490 more words

Printed Circuit Board