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Populating the PCB

The printed circuit board is now being populated. As you can see I am having to pillage previous versions for parts to keep the cost down; there are some very expensive parts to be bought yet. 13 more words


PCB CAD tools

I’ve been using Eagle for designing printed circuit boards for a few years now, and I am reasonably happy with it as a free tool. However, I’m a little annoyed by the low quality of the schematics and by the awkward creation of new footprints for components, and so I am willing to consider other tools, and am looking for recommendations for free PCB tools that are better than Eagle. 150 more words

PCB Prototyping in the USA

Our world has become an ever changing and evolving electronic environment. With each change, are the engineers who are designing the circuit boards that are making all our electronic devices faster and more user-friendly. 294 more words

Cheap PCB

PCB Laminator Is Its Own Project

One of the easiest ways to make PC boards at home is to use the toner transfer method. The idea is simple: print the artwork using a laser printer and then use a clothes iron to transfer the toner from the paper to a clean copper clad board. 229 more words

Tool Hacks

China Printed Circuit Board (PCB): The Assurance of Quality

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) has contributed a lot to the electronic products of modern technology. Sometimes it seems the existence of PCB is inevitable in the modern science & technology. 320 more words


Literacy in Design Technology – Results from using writing frames in Year 8 electronics

Last week I tried out writing frames to help students to organise their work into clearly communicated written instructions for practical activities.

Today, I collected the work back in from my Year 8 students and, although it was not an entire success, the use of frames has certainly helped students to plan and structure their written work.   124 more words


So you're telling me...

I was deep, deep, into this project

Depending on who you ask, this is either a Paper Pieced Pineapple block or a psychedelic TV test pattern… 510 more words