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Hackaday Prize Entry: Printem Is Polaroid For PCBs

We are going to great lengths to turn a quick idea into an electronic prototype, be it PCB milling, home etching or manufacturing services that ship PCBs around the world. 312 more words

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Test Audio PreAmplifier PCB

Keith C. | San Diego, CA – USA  

BasicPCB.com Customer Project | The design is for a simple battery operated audio preamplifier capable of +/-10V output swing, with tone and gain controls, to be used for driving vacuum tube amplifiers that I build. 33 more words

BasicPCB Customer Projects

Rigid PCB Philadelphia

Are you in search of a company who can get provide you with rigid PCB fabrication? APCT is one of the fastest rigid printed circuit board manufacturers in the industry and can get you the complex technology printed circuit boards you desire.

Untitled Customer Project

Dan P. | Ridgecrest, CA – USA  

BasicPCB.com Customer Project

Visit BasicPCB.com for your low cost PCB prototype needs

BasicPCB Customer Projects

Microcontroller Board

Alex B. | Kennesaw, GA – USA  

BasicPCB.com Customer Project  |  Provide maximum flexibility for custom applications.
You can reprogram the microcontroller according to the application.   26 more words

BasicPCB Customer Projects

DIY printed circuit boards - printing and milling. Part 1: photo-etching.

There are several ways that an amateur can go about making their own printed circuit boards. They include: the toner transfer method, photo-etching and isolation milling. 1,676 more words

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