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Inked Rubber Stamps For Business

Time Savings for businesses

Pre-inked Stamps save you time. They allow you to do repetitive messaging quickly and legibly. For example, instead of writing “Return to Sender, Address Unknown” on letters that come to you erroneously, you can simply get a red stamp and affix this same message on letters you are returning. 162 more words

Custom Christmas and Holiday Cards in Marketing

In a world of impersonal high speed internet, receiving a physical card in the mail is a real treat. For businesses wanting to build or strengthen personal relationships, they demonstrate a higher level of effort and interest. 364 more words

Printing in G7 & 8

The Last Unit of the Year

Since this unit was taught in the last two weeks of the year, I changed it quite a bit. Firstly, Grade 7 were meant to be printing superheroes and Grade 8 were meant to be printing human right issues connected to their learning in social studies. 403 more words

Grade 7

SO busy!

April is proving to be hard work but I love being busy!

My work is currently showing as part of the Oxford Printmaker’s Co-operative Exhibition, 175 more words