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Meissen Porcelain

This week, I came across a piece of what I believe to be #Meissen porcelain. It is a #tabatiere or #snuffbox. It measures out at 5″ by 3″ by 2″. 359 more words


Glad to be here.....

……apart from the weather this week! Snow providing a white blanket and birds very active in search of food. But this greyness does make you think carefully about colour…the return of the clear coastal light. 99 more words

I'm moving!

I’m off to Winchelsea in East Sussex…it’s the smallest town in Britain and near Rye. Also one of the Cinque Ports and it has a great website showing history and lots of other information… 26 more words


Oceans: Dead and Alive... Guest Blogger: Leslie Christian

Level 4 Experimental Research for Art and Advanced Design – Open House / Exhibition Nov. 18, 2017 Class name: Coral

I chose a theme for this course – Oceans: Dead and Alive–based on my desire to recognize and artistically express duality while honoring the elements of art and design. 226 more words


The Genius of Paper

I thought I would begin this year with a short chapter on something which must be one of man’s greatest inventions. #Paper is something which we take for granted nowadays and are now limiting or trying to eradicate some of its’ uses. 126 more words


G7 Reduction Printmaking- Heroes

GOAL: To learn about reduction printmaking techniques, and understand the Triadic colour scheme.


Review and teach the colour wheel to each other. 831 more words

Grade 7