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Nov 30: Making mugs and jewellery

This week you can get a few Christmas present ticked off – we’re making mugs and bracelets.

For newer members, Angus will be using his special printing equipment to print pictures onto mugs. 70 more words


Well Gell(i).

Wednesday night was an evening of practising old techniques and having a go at new ones.

Angus demonstrated how to do simple prints from feathers. After covering the block with printing ink, he put the feather on top and inked it as well. 107 more words


Nov 23: Tutoring and printing

This is a tutoring week but Angus will provide a short reminder of how to do simple prints using found objects.

Bring your own items – those who have had a go before will remember that feathers are great, as are leaves… But we’re sure you are up to the challenge of finding lots of interesting things to experiment with.

Printing workshop

Busy with leaves


Design & Copy Tips That Get You Noticed

When designing any marketing communication, it’s important to stay on the lookout for tips to help with the design, the list, the offer, and the CTA. 460 more words

Statuum Marocca Norum

#StatuumMaroccaNorum is the title of a map which was created  by #JohannChristianHomann in 1728.  I like to call my version of this map ‘Beware the leviathan’ 248 more words


Pomegranates in Art as Symbol and Metaphor.... Guest Blogger: Deborah Hickey-Tiernan

Summer Exhibition Blog #9 last in a series     Level 3 Studies in Art and Design – Lantana

Color.  Pigment mixed into water, oil, egg yolks, acrylic, wax, alcohol, and dye; pressed into pencils, sticks, crayons, cakes, and markers; brushed, spread, poured, rubbed, scratched, rolled, sprayed, scribed, and drawn fascinates and provides a luscious array of endless possibilities.  373 more words

Art And Design

Art of Maps 3

Maps can be both beautiful and practical. Both maps in today’s chapter are fine examples of both qualities.

We begin with a map by an unaccredited cartographer. 253 more words