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Printing 3 Page Contracts and Receipts
QTY: 500, 1000, 5000, 10000
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Printing on Hot Corrugated

Jason asks,

Could you explain why it’s not recommended to print on hot corrugate fresh from the corrugator?
I know this isn’t common practice, but there are times when it is necessary when a rush order comes in.

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How Engaging Are Your Sign-up Forms?

Take a moment to think about the forms you ask your visitors to fill out and submit when they visit your website or come to your store. 373 more words


Rush Thermography Printing

Thermography Printing is also known as Raised Letter Printing. In the thermography process, a unique powder is added to the document gluing to the ink printed on the paper. 370 more words


Trunk and disorderly

I love elephants. I just love them. I bathed with one once, she was like a great gentle, playful giant and I was like a rubber duck to her, I suppose. 27 more words


Printing Oranges

I was really excited about trying Printmaking, having only ever done some really basic stuff I was excited to try out the different techniques over the next few weeks. 403 more words

Our new business cards carry our promise

At Idea Spice, we were looking at a business card that clearly defined our USP. We realised our strength was doing creative work that helped our clients grow their business .The strategic aspect of the designs and our involvement in the differentiation and positioning was what we had to communicate. 132 more words