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May 22

“For we spent enough of our past lifetime
in doing the will of the Gentiles,
when we walked in lewdness, lusts, drunkenness,
revelries, drinking parties, and abominable idolatries. 227 more words


Sunday Quote, 5/20/18

Sunday Reflection Quote (Yes, on Monday cuz reasons)…The past week revealed patience is key. The patience to wait for unknown answers, to ride the waves of anxiety, and to sit with repeated annoyance. 91 more words


Finite games

All human activity is such an exercise (can one resist the word “ritual”?) in squaring the circle. We first produce the world by symbolic work and then take up residence in the world we have produced. 816 more words


ANALYSIS: the call of the bowels vs the demands of Mammon vs our citizen liberties

The liberty of 94% of the UK population is being suppressed for the sake of US foreign policy, insane religious belief, the control freakery of the Intelligence Community, politically correct fantasies, and braindead security processes. 1,668 more words


It's Okay !!!

Yeah, it’s okay to have a breakdown. In fact, you’re bound to break down every now and then because it teach you certain valuable things & you need it badly. 410 more words


All that matters

Enlightenment is the only true freedom. It’s all that matters.

To free your soul from the restrictions of your body, to cleanse your eyes of the words overlaying reality, to hear birdsong for the first time again, to have no words to describe the simple movement of the trees in the wind, to witness dust flakes glimmering in sunbeams and see the patterns and swirls of the stars and planets reflected in it, to understand everything, to see all and know all, to be separated from all of humanity yet see yourself wherever you go, to comprehend the significance of your own existence, to be aware in every moment, to feel the pain of the earth and to feel its joy, to see the intelligence of animals, to see the folly of adults and the wisdom of children – this is enlightenment, this is the only freedom. 93 more words



That is a rather grand title for such an ordinary post. But for me: Triage means dealing with the task that has a better chance of getting finished and priorities means putting the most important to the top of the list. 229 more words