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Hearers and Doers

We communicate in many ways, often without words.  People can easily pick up on our mood just by watching our facial expressions.  The things that matter most in our lives are revealed by the priorities we use to allocate what we do with the free time we have.   264 more words

Serious pizza cravings

I am craving pizza so badly !

Current status :

Think I am going to try this :

A big plate of beans… Wish me luck ! 6 more words


Thoughts on school and priorities.

Some people are so caught up in school, studying, school activities that they forget about what is truly important. School has become THE priority and not a singular priority. 558 more words


Priorities – why are some people’s priorities so messed up?

Once again my life experiences have woken me up in this force from within me that could probably be seen from many angles: 1) Passion, 2) Anger, 3) Hate, 4) Fear, 5) Conviction, 6) Insult, 7) Holy Spirit… and whatever other emotion / force that people assign to the burning ache that happens in one’s chest that shouts: “You just have to stand up for this”… it seems most of my blogs are “sourced” from “that” place. 1,214 more words


Life Love is what happens to you when you’re making busy making other plans.

This is so so true especially in romantic relationships!

I don’t know too many people who fell in love after a calculated, methodical sequence of events.

831 more words

The 'to do' list can wait

‘What are we going to do today?’

This summer rather than my teens and tween asking me this question, on my days off I am asking them. 498 more words


Top 3 things to do before you reach 30

Life starts at 30. ~ for me.
People say that reaching the age of thrty will lead you to the real situation and meaning of life. 298 more words