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Scheduled Family Time

Earlier this week I was at a family dinner. The strange thing about it is that while this dinner was at my house and my family was there, so was my mom’s best friend, her two sons + one of their wives, and my boyfriend. 590 more words


The Masters Feet

Where do you get the best view of the Master’s feet ? Certainly not from the top, rather the best view is when you put yourself at feet-level. 560 more words


School’s Out – now what?

For those with children it seems this is a time of year where keeping the little ones entertained for 6 weeks is dreaded, and planned for, during the other 46 weeks of the year. 894 more words

Happy Holidays! Now What?

Happy Holidays!But, after all the cheer, hustle, and bustle is over you may find yourself pausing, sinking into your favorite chair, and asking yourself “Now what?”Business pretty much comes to a screeching halt the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. 975 more words

If It Doesn't Matter...Get Rid Of It

“If it doesn’t matter…get rid of it.” This resonates with me so much right now. You?

As a teacher, I’ve asked myself this. In the past, I’ve asked my students to do some things that (yikes!) just don’t matter. 522 more words

Do I see?

“Lord, I want to see”
(Luke 18:41)

A blind beggar was sitting at the roadside begging when Jesus passed by. He called out to Him and when asked what he wanted said “Lord, I want to see.” 240 more words


My Very Own Top Ten Wonders

I did some research but could not locate the origin of the top ten list. Many point to the early top ten lists by David Letterman.  483 more words

Dealing With Changes In God's World