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Butt in chair

As a writing instructor as well as a writer-wanna-be, I have read and taught more times than I am able to count about the importance of “butt-in-chair” when it comes to writing. 373 more words


Couple time with kids

Why do people say ‘Make sure you make the most of time just the two of you, before baby arrives!’ Errr, we want the baby to arrive. 269 more words


What Really Matters

So I haven’t blogged for a while, things have been a little hectic… But here’s a short one while I get back on track with some more regular posting (hopefully!) 296 more words


The sky looks very interesting today!

Poofy circles and some straight lines too.

I was actually looking up at the sky when I saw two little birds perch upon a power line. 105 more words


Sunday Quote, 2/26/17

Sunday Reflection Quote…This week brought heartfelt conversations, surprising news, and a priority reset. I’m reminded perspective is a choice; I choose red and yellow tulips. 14 more words



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