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We all get busy at times. Some people are constantly so busy and don’t have time to do many things, myself included. I’ve been so busy recently and I’ve not had time to blog, so I thought I’d create a list of ways for us all to find time when we’re just too busy. 477 more words


Time to prioritise mental health

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It was sad to read that the suicide rate of teenagers last year was twice as high as the year before, and the highest in 15 years (“ 189 more words

Current Affairs

5 Financial Planning Tips For NS Men

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If you are a young Singaporean male who has yet to enter National Service (NS), congratulations! You have just clicked on the right article. 1,008 more words

Money Matters

My top 5 strategies to ease a busy life...with kids

If you read my post ‘A day in the chaotic life’, you’ll know that my days, particularly this month have been anything but straight forward. 1,914 more words


Who Happiness 'Hep'?

Hi there! (loony smile)

A short while back, I saw a movie where an extreme sports lover was going to practically commit suicide. He told his friends about it and before my bewildered eyes, his friends clapped him on the back and unanimously went, “Yea man, if that makes you happy!” and I’m just seated there like, “No dude, by the time you throw yourself off that tall cliff without a parachute  strapped on or a cushion waiting below, you’ll be D.E.A.D, not H.A.P.P.Y.! 1,254 more words


July 7, 2016- Prioritising

Hello July,

do you have someone prioritising for you? Or do you figure things out by yourself? Is it logic or is it your gut feeling? 58 more words

Personal Development

Features Friday: Select and prioritise your desired characteristics

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been telling you about the different features available on our brand new Online Talent Matching Engine.

Today, we’re going to show you how not only can you define in detail the candidate characteristics that are most important to you, but you can also rank the characteristics you specify in order of preference. 326 more words