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Pass of the class(es)

The Light Centre, Moorgate – Restorative yoga

This class was led by Inkeri Medley, who has practiced many forms of yoga for over the last 15 years. 522 more words


Just do the next thing

Sometimes everything just seems too much; there’s an endless list of things to do and you have to keep everything going or else it will all come crashing down. 102 more words

Prioritising Projects for 2016

This morning checked out a facebook posting on “How to Prioritise your Projects” by Jonathan Fields. I loved it!  It was so practical, realistic and intuitive. 831 more words

The Netflix of Fitness

January was my month of setting up routines, and being more intentional about habits that could ignite my year of living a purposeful life. February seems to be about waking up earlier to make time to step up my spiritual, relational and physical game. 940 more words


Busted those January blues.

Goal: Routine and daily rhythms.

‘Bye bye’ habit: No chocolate for 31 days.

‘Hello’ habit: Green smoothies for breakfast.

Strengths worth celebrating: 


Dejected - Rejected.

The past few weeks I have felt within and without… An opportunity came up to audition for a musical close to my heart. The lead up to the date was filled with anxiety and distractions, as I was tense with feeling underprepared, stressed with the responsibilities at work and heavy with the loss of a close family friend. 329 more words


Autumnal changes

Welcome to the 1st November 2015 – the crisp Autumn air is filled with a sharpness that provokes a sense of awareness. Breathe in. Breathe out. 606 more words