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Prioritising - Blog No. 8

Should you find yourself unable to prioritise one objective over another at this moment it is not the end of the world. Figuratively it could be a train-smash, but that is another story entirely.  331 more words


Writing Our Legacy

Every day, we’re writing our legacy. Many of us may not see life that way, because it’s easy to take life for granted. We expect life to be long and death to be far away. 99 more words

FOCUS! Key to Achieving Results

The world we live in today is full of so many distractions; everything everywhere clamouring for urgent attention. In addition to the overpowering responsibility of being a parent, carer, student or employee, we also have our fragile minds constantly barraged with loads of information from the Internet, Social Media, TV Programs, Radio Jingles, Billboard Adverts, Newspapers, Mobile Phones, Tablets and so on. 368 more words
Successful Living

The benefits of suffering

1. You simplify your life

Suffering takes a huge mental, emotional and physical toll on a person. It becomes so unbearable that sooner or later, we pick our struggles. 349 more words

Remove the noise and find yourself

A close friend recently reminded me to listen to myself instead of listening to others. I needed to hear that. 804 more words


Increasing Productivity During Ramazan

According to a survey published by the BBC, as well as a study conducted by the Cairo Institute of Social Sciences, employee productivity during Ramazan decreases by 50%, thereby affecting organisational performance negatively. 287 more words


12 June 2015

Nothing is worth it
if you aren’t happy.

– Unknown

I came across this quote yesterday and it really resonated with me. How often do we do things because we should or to keep other people happy? 89 more words