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A Glance at METT-T

I was writing an entry detailing my “Fighting Load” within the the guidelines of Army regulation and my own needs. The post was growing excessively lengthy because of my description of the decision making process I’m using to prioritize the load. 915 more words


The Connection - Clock Watching and Procrastination

8:00 a.m., my office phone sprang to life. It was the CPA. The pressure was on. Not only was I required to reconcile the bank account, which should have been finished weeks ago, he asked me to “snug up the cash” and balance the statement that I had just received. 562 more words


Perspective, Prioritization and Patience

Without exception, all of us at times have succumbed to the weight of the day to day needs to the extent that we lose sight of the big picture. 666 more words

A Problem Half Solved May Not Be Worth Solving

One of my favorite all time quotes is by Charles Kettering.

“A problem well stated is a problem half-solved”

I believe it is even more valuable today than it was when he said it in the early 1900’s.  

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Todo lists are great. You put all your undone stuff on them and have these things out of your head. Seriously – having a clear mind is a perfect precondition to achieve killer productivity. 363 more words


PMDD management: A Prioritization Dilemma!

Prioritizing your tasks while living alongside with PMDD happens so very often! You might need to constantly “be on call” for a slight shift in your daily tasks. 275 more words


The Prioritization Paradox

Prioritization is pretty simple in theory but can be incredibly complex. Whenever I talk to someone about what they’re capable of doing with the time they have I always try to make it clear that the time is limited. 483 more words