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Approaches to Feature Prioritization

One of the most important production tasks is that of prioritizing work. Prioritization takes place throughout a project’s life cycle, from determining the importance of items in the ever-growing backlog to determining which elements of a given sprint should take precedence, all things being equal. 1,827 more words


The Myth of Time Management

So many of us talk about time management. Countless articles have been written and tools have been created to help us manage our time. There are time management gurus, tutorials and classes. 425 more words

Productivity Tips

How to Take Back Your Time So You Can Follow Your Dreams


Have you ever tried it?

Life is so busy that the ability to multitask, it seems, is essential to survival in the fast-paced world we live in. 1,495 more words


Life Organization for the Overwhelmed.

I was planning out my May and June and it got me thinking. I know everyone is not a planner like me. Some people thrive in craziness and keep their sanity through disorganization. 665 more words

There can be things more important than art, I guess...

I’m…not being sarcastic.  I’ve spent the majority of today working on academic projects and trying to catch up on my reading.  At the advice of M, I abandoned the latter effort, in order to work on what is due later today. 659 more words


A man died yesterday

A vendor wasn’t moving quickly enough and my customer was getting upset.  Manufacturing was having an issue and is was taking a frustratingly long time to fix.   110 more words


Priorities, Priorities

It is essential to ensure that you invest money, time and effort first to that which ensures a return. After that, once a return on investment is in play,  you can spend money on things you need or want. 92 more words

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