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Urgency, importance and futility

I’ve been using Trello as my task organizer for a while now, and I’ve taken quite a liking to it. I have a single board that captures most of my active to-do list, sorted into four levels of urgency and tagged with five levels of importance. 600 more words

First thing to do every morning? remove the heavy weight...

Every morning is the same- you get to the office, determined to tackle the most critical issue of your day.

But by the time it takes for your laptop to fire up, you have been disturbed by a phone call from your spouse, a colleague asks if you want to join him for coffee, several text messages from friends make your phone vibrate and your office neighbor is talking to some sales rep about his car insurance. 334 more words

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Reflections on a year in DevOps

I’ve been working in DevOps for just about exactly one year now. Different companies call their teams different things, but at TripAdvisor we divide Operations into the following buckets: 931 more words


There just isn't enough time

I must admit, I raise an eyebrow when people say this to me, because I generally find it’s not a question of not having enough time, it’s about what people’s priorities are. 704 more words

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More Action Planning for Your Goals

How’s your week been? Did you get a chance to try out Wunderlist? What’d you think?

Maybe you wished the app was similar to a weekly planner – if so, we’ve got just what you need! 205 more words


Corporate Time Management Tools

Time Management Tips – Smart Ways to Solve Your Unsystematic Problems

Time management is a very hot topic nowadays. With more tension on the majority of us to do more with much less, we are constantly resorting to gurus around to try and also improve our time management skills. 569 more words

Clutter Personal Productivity Tool

The Art of Prioritization: One Small Choice At A Time

On the quest to find time for brain space at work, I have been ridiculously focused on prioritization. And, practice makes perfect….or at least makes things better. 312 more words