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How to Prioritize Project Ideas

You can do many things, and if you can do many things, you can think of many things you need to do, want to do or should do. 481 more words


3 Lessons on A Writing Life

Today I celebrate two accomplishments: the seven year anniversary of my blog and 30 continual days of writing! Woo-hoo! I am beyond thrilled, especially at the 30 days. 509 more words

Daily Writing

Abandon "sorta high"/"P1" priority.

It’s fairly common, in technology organizations, for there to be an elaborate hierarchy for prioritizing bugs and features, ranging from “P0″ (severely important) to “P4″ (not at all important) and for work items to be labelled as such. 2,175 more words


5 Whys

This is a concept that came up at work recently, and the more we discussed it, the more it piqued my interest. Our team actually agreed to make a conscious effort throughout the course of the week to be able to answer our own questions by introspecting and asking ourselves “why?” 290 more words


Commandment 1: I Am Organized; Priorities

Organizing my time and activities will allow me to achieve disproportionate results. My current practice is to show up at work, read some emails, and either follow a path set by some email just received or work on any ongoing project that seems most interesting or is most urgent at that moment. 84 more words


Urgency, importance and futility

I’ve been using Trello as my task organizer for a while now, and I’ve taken quite a liking to it. I have a single board that captures most of my active to-do list, sorted into four levels of urgency and tagged with five levels of importance. 600 more words