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Struggling for Motivation…A Dear Coach Melanie Letter, Part III

In part 3 of my 4-part miniseries of life and well-being advice/guidance seeking open letters from the community with my responses, Struggling for Motivation seeks support in managing their time and staying motivated while being in school: 357 more words


Prioritization Gridlock: Finding Your Way Out

How do we prioritize when priorities collide? Which comes first, then next? How can we navigate competing priorities?

Prioritizing the strategic initiatives of the business capability roadmap is a key step before we can start 

630 more words

Procrastination and it's not just for people with ADHD

Wow, had not realized 3 months have gone between my last post!!!  I feel like life is screaming by so fast, I barely have time to reflect anymore.   427 more words


3 Rules for Prioritizing Work

Priorities are a pivotal part of being a successful person, much less leaders. Simply put, priorities are what a person identifies as being the most important things in his life. 442 more words


How will you measure your life?

While the title sounds like a fluffy self help book, this book really helped me think in a more structured way about career and family.  Clayton structures the book in the form of 3 questions.   2,103 more words

Productivity- 5 tips that have helped me

Summary: touch things once when you can deal with them, only have six items on your to-do list, allocate time needed for each task, find space in your day to plan your tasks and do the most important thing first! 607 more words


Wow, That Felt Good!

Since I have not been working outside of the home this past year, I have struggled with feelings that I am not contributing enough. I do take care of the household chores. 641 more words

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