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Time is the one thing we can’t make more of, we can only spend it.  Are you spending it on purpose?


Our Top 5 Day-Timer Tips

Here are our top 5 Day-Timer tips that Day-Timer users love! Implement them into your schedule and in your Day-Timer for a simpler look at your to-dos, schedule, and goals! 105 more words

Time Management

Value-based prioritization

A challenge for many Product Owners is the prioritization of Backlog Items. Although not ideal, this prioritization may not be left up to the Product Owner, but to an Executive Team, or worse, someone in Sales. 514 more words

Project Management

Geeking Out On Prioritization

The product backlog – or the wretched hive of scum and villainy, as one of my old teams had officially named it – often gets a bad rap. 516 more words

Self-organizing Team

The power of negative...

No, I don’t mean a negative attitude because although that feels great sometimes, I don’t think it is a particularly powerful way of accomplishing anything :). 197 more words


Take Time to Save Time

A schedule change in the morning can throw off your whole day. That’s why prioritizing what’s important is a vital part of our “winding down” time at the office. 256 more words


What drives your actions: interruptions or initiative?

The more Capitalist Hero biographies we read, the more we start to believe that initiative, drive, spark–whatever you call that motive force inside a leader that turns ideas into reality–is the essential quality that we should bring to work every day. 434 more words

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