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Q&A: On Loneliness

A reader asked:

“does loneliness ever strike devi lockwood?”

Let’s talk for a second about boundaries.

There are things I love to do that I can’t do when there are other people around.

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Newly Released Wikileaks Documents Reveal Snowden Still Recieving Monthly Income From NSA

MOSCOW, Ru. – Documents released this week by whistle-blower website Wikileaks.org include a startling revelation about Edward Snowden that could threaten already shaky relations between the United States and Russia. 353 more words

Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here in Blog Land?

Getting Re-focused on the Who and the What of Blogging!

All human beings have a unique prism through which their life is viewed and experienced and expressed. 123 more words


Taylor Swift Is Not Going to Talk About Katy Perry

In a new interview, Taylor Swift has announced she is “never going to talk about” Katy Perry — despite the fact that Swift is the one who first made headlines by mentioning her falling out with a fellow pop singer in the first place. 536 more words