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Dealing with Disaster

Harvey. Maria. Irma. Nate.
It may seem like just another roll call, but these names are just a few of the
members of a dangerous class: hurricanes and tropical storms tracked during… 1,855 more words

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Post-grad? Get your research skills on point!

Calling all post-grad researchers!

Now’s the perfect time to laze at the beach brush up on your research skills!

Have you taken a look at our… 151 more words

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An organization can maximize the potential of its internal workforce through mentoring programs. By developing its existing staff, a company can save on the cost of hiring from the outside, uncover hidden talent, boost staff retention, and see protégés direct their creative energy toward finding innovative solutions. 427 more words

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Every Breath You Take...

I’ll be watching you…

Skylei is wearing the Ivy Maxi Skirt set in Red. Exclusively at the Designer Circle Event available until January 19th.

Pic taken at: Neverfar


What a Way to Offset the Costs of Mass Surveillance! $500 Facebook Spy Gadgets.

Spying on customers while the customers spy on each other. And making the customers pay for all of it.

Regina E. Dugan used to work for Google and DARPA. 173 more words