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Rā 259 Rāhina 18 o Mahuru

Love snapping Gus! Prisma makes poor photos fun!



Pada Tugas 2 ini, kami mendapat tugas membuat aplikasi penghitungan Volume dan Luas Bangun Ruang dengan Codeigniter, Bangun Ruang nya yaitu Balok, Tabung, Prisma, dan Limas, berikut hasil pengerjaan kami, klik… 110 more words


Rocky Point, Mexico

For the last several days I’ve been relaxing in Rocky Point, Mexico with family and friends. We have enjoyed sand, sun, surf, shopping and good eating. 24 more words

Photos That Flash

Keep your business designs current while saving time and money. Thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, a variety of apps are available to help you with any graphic needs. 437 more words

Prisma Limingantulli on September 11, 2017

“Mini watermelons” – including, once again, several soft ones (see https://academism.wordpress.com/2017/09/04/prisma-limingantulli-on-september-4-2017/) – at Prisma Limingantulli in Oulu, Finland on September 11, 2017.

Might Prisma Limingantulli – and the alleged or self-declared “authorities” in Finland – simply be critically short of staff which might prevent them from fulfilling even some of their most basic responsibilities or functions – such as removing blatantly and deliberately defective products, if not deliberate baits to harass the remaining non-nihilists, non-criminals, non-totalitarians, non-authoritarians, non-fascists, non-terrorists, non-conspirators, non-cartelists and/or non-cultists, and getting the perpetrators out of their jobs and businesses and bringing them to justice? 706 more words


Prisma Limingantulli on September 4, 2017

There were several soft “mini watermelons” at Prisma Limingantulli in Oulu, Finland on September 4, 2017. See a video of one (the same statement of copyright as for this blog) at… 323 more words