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Prison for Kids - Revived Divine

Cinematic soundscapes, experimental dream pop, and beautiful dissonance melt together in this exciting new album by Prison for Kids. The hypnotic cover art on Youtube that explodes into pieces and finds its way back together is the perfect backdrop for your journey through these tracks. 51 more words


Prison for Kids // Lost Your Out // Al Caer

These kids right here always hit the spot for me big time with their musical odysseys. They have a new album coming out called “Swill Purl” which I can’t wait to hit like Methadone Day. 82 more words


Prison for Kids: An Interview (I Vacation in Los Angeles)

My obsession with dreamy noise-pop goes back long before I started musing this journal. I grew up on this shit. It is the ultimate mind escape. 1,529 more words


Prison for Kids - Ekduo

I have been taking super-colossal bong hits full of NASA grade space hash all weekend long listening to these new tracks from Prison for Kids… 103 more words


Prison for Kids - Suggestion

Another beautiful track from Prison for Kids. Spacey, dreamy guitars and vocals. Cryptic, haunting lyrics.

You can download this track (and others) for free on their soundcloud: