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Meet Jack Kearney, Author of “Inside Out.”

One of the most satisfying things about reviewing books is that you meet some interesting authors. Jack falls into that category. I asked him to stop by my blog to tell us a bit about his life and the inspiration for his book, … 659 more words

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Chapter Twelve ~ We’re all animals underneath

Despite feeling isolated most of the time, I don’t think I actually appreciate the condition. Quite a lot of the time I excluded myself which didn’t count but I can recall clearly several everyday events, like Birthday parties I went to despite always feeing like an outsider. 2,255 more words

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Chapter Eleven ~ Ride a cock horse

Although I considered myself ‘normal’, for want of a better word, I had realised quite early on that I never be a full or complete member of any sort of ‘normal’ society. 5,170 more words

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An Inside Out Oreo Cookie

“Mail call,” the female voice yelled as she came on the floor. Jamie had been asleep. Any time a woman came into the area they had to announce themselves. 1,425 more words

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Chapter Ten ~ is it Fame or Infamy?

Having been inside for a week or so, I think I was right to keep most of my personal details and issues to myself while I continued to work out the politics of prison life more precisely. 3,838 more words

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Chapter Nine ~ how things work, or sometimes not

A manly shout echoing down the wing broke noisily into my musings.

“Workers back on the wing,”

“What goes on now?”

I deliberately hoped to deflect some of the inevitable rhetoric with a meaningful question. 4,457 more words

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Core Civic - CCA - Their truth, My Truth

This is one of the major players in in the prison business. It doesn’t matter what they try to make the public believe, I know, and anyone who has been in one of their prisons or has a loved one inside knows the truth.  1,876 more words

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