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Message from Ky 2

What is your motivation?  What pushes and draws you forward when you are not sure of what lies ahead of you?  Is it your spouse, kids, friends, church, or is it something inside of you?

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Ky Peterson

Messages from Ky 1

As a kid, I was taught to believe that I have the freedom of speech, but I have learned quickly that  “Freedom of Speech” does not apply to people like me me.  

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Ky Peterson

Trouble at Tucker

I know that everyone has been concerned with the events that have gone on at the Max, but please let me assure you all that I am fine and safe. 3,261 more words

Messages From Heath

Going Down the Road

Apparently, when you’re convicted of a crime, you make a pit stop at the county jail on your way to state prison. As a 23 year old newly convicted felon, this was news to me as was pretty much everything that would transpire going forward.   319 more words


Chapter Eighteen ~ first times are always the hardest

My conviction and imprisonment was for downloading and possessing images from the internet, but my need, being part of the unattainable, had started some thirty years before; as we have already explored. 3,613 more words

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Chapter Seventeen ~ prison visitors, not always so easy

The lunch trays were cleared away and the wing went into its half hour quiet respite before the workers went back to whatever work they had to do. 8,155 more words

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Chapter Sixteen ~ out doors for the first time

Day to day routine behind the walls was all very straightforward now, although I was still amazed at how easily I had fitted into it all. 2,348 more words

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