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Self-made Prisons: Thoughts on Dostoevsky's The House of the Dead

I just finished reading Dostoevsky’s House of the Dead or Prison Life in Siberia, and as I was reading about the different people he met in prison — the ones he liked, disliked, tried to avoid — I couldn’t help feeling life itself is like a prison. 712 more words


Children Of Prisoners Reunite With Their Fathers Behind Bars

If this doesn’t make you cry, nothing will.  I found this as I was preparing the next issue of the ITFO Newsletter, which is about the children of inmates.  101 more words


Voila! It's Here!

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We’ve all been imprisoned at some point in our lives whether it was physically, mentally or emotionally.

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Melissa Veilleux

What Would People Be Surprised To Know About Prison?

What people would be surprised to know about prison life as it pertains to me is it’s very similar to an everyday life routine.   I’ve heard rumor that prison life reflects a “vacation” from the real world but as for me and a select few of my fellow inmates, we have adopted an everyday routine that involves centering our lives around work and responsibility thereof. 288 more words


Off We Go!


I’m happy to say that earlier today I officially submitted the files for the second book of the From Beyond These Bars trilogy to the publisher! 41 more words

Melissa Veilleux

Author Profile: Charles Silva

I am currently incarcerated. In spite of my current living situation, that is, being away from my family and the entire world I love, I strive to find inspiration in the individuals and situations around me. 108 more words

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The Wicked Go To Hell: Frédéric Dard

“It was an eerie spectacle, for the darkness obstructed the rest of the bodies so that the prisoners looked like the heads of fallen angels nailed to a backdrop of night, with their hands for wings.” 800 more words