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Alternative to Violence Project - First meeting at Maryland Correctional Institution

On June 1st I wrote about an organization called AVP  Alternative to Violence Project. This organization began in New York and has since spread to 36 other states. 1,942 more words

Prison Life

Hotel K, Kathryn Bonella: Another review from Bali!

I drove passed the Kerobokan Prison whilst travelling around Bali, and I was instantly intrigued. Its imposing and decrepit looking walls just seem so out of place – a stone’s throw from the beach and surrounded by ambling tourists and surfers in board shorts. 356 more words


Jeff Ross: A Comedian's Visit to Prison

I Went to a Texas Jail to Roast the Inmates; Here’s What I Learned About Incarceration in America

I recently roasted the inmates at a maximum-security jail in Texas. 1,363 more words


Roadside Prison

There are so many things I have done here, am guilty of here, I don’t know where to end. For sure, the dozens of times I have passed this edifice at the slumped mountains’ feet, I have wondered about who would be watching me if I pulled over to the shoulder of the highway, and walked onto the grass, having climbed over the rolled razor-wire fence. 260 more words

Human World

Prison Medical - We're Lucky They Don't Kill Us

May 2013

I think my head is screwed on better these days, but it doesn’t take much to send it in another direction. It’s easy to get a thought in my head that I can’t get out and it just goes round and round. 1,097 more words

Jamie Cummings

Lockdown. Voice From Inside

July 23, 2013 – nearly two years ago

I try my best to stay away from trouble. But I guess it’s my karma. I’m here in lockdown again and I don’t know why. 678 more words

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Some Dude Asked Me If I Wanted To Beat Up A Prison Guard

(Sonni’s note: This letter was written almost exactly 2 years ago on July 7, 2013. Jamie was going to have a chance to see his son.  1,122 more words

Jamie Cummings