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In a sky of three suns

I’m sure it’s the dad more than the son that he blames. Especially If you asked him in private. After all, the head of Canada’s current government has a boy of his own. 833 more words


A Little Prison Life History . . . Why it Matters

I recently found letters from Jamie going back to early 2009. There are older ones, but I haven’t unpacked them yet from when I moved to Pa almost 5 years ago. 1,202 more words

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Prison Holidays

Most people don’t get too excited over holidays in prison, they are just another day.  However, in prison holidays do provide some niceties such as extra visiting days, special meals, and perhaps extra time off from work.   307 more words


Looking for Testimonials of people who have been through the Justice System

I want to start a new section that is about the stories of other people who have been through this. Justified, Not justified. Guilty or not guilty. 87 more words

Prison Life

Namaste, Saint James

I was recently mesmerized by the charming voice of prison inmate, Saint James Harris Wood in a series of letters he wrote, over a 10-year period, to The Sun Manuscript Editor, Colleen Donfield. 685 more words


Guest Post: Joe Writes His Wrongs

It is my pleasure to host Joe Writes his Wrongs as my first guest post,  Joe is working hard to get his life on track after a tumultuous period.  289 more words

Guest Post

Prison Memoirs: My Prison Life by Jabez Spencer Balfour

I have decided to investigate the Prison Memoir of Jabez Spencer Balfour, and how he has described his ordeal inside the penal system. Prison Memoirs were a fascinating insight into a first hand prison lived experience during a time in British history that was undergoing mounted pressure to reform its prisons. 191 more words