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Ernest Goes to Jail is the BEST Ernest Movie

If you don’t agree with the title of this article, you’re wrong. Sorry, that’s just how it is.

Don’t be upset with me though, I’m the first person in your life to be really honest with you. 683 more words

WILL YOU SURVIVE OR THRIVE? by Prison Inmate Blogger & Published Author, Cedric Pierce

Prison is an unfortunate and depressing place to be, especially for an extended amount of time.  I have been in prison for over 22 of the 41 years I’ve been alive.  1,425 more words


OITNB bringing up fundamental problems in prison system

The long wait is over. Fourth season is here. Praise Piper Kerman. The third season ended with such a cliff-hanger, that the counter in Netflix going down so slowly was driving everyone around me crazy. 734 more words


LEARNING TO COPE by Prison Inmate Blogger, Nathan Henderson

There’s a silent fear you face when you’re separated from the people you love the most. The separation tugs at your heart. You begin to wonder how you’re going to be able to carry on relationships with your kids, your spouse, and even your family. 392 more words


In Order to Look Right, Your Face Needs Teeth.

Some things I’ve learned in this place are just nifty little tricks, like how to make fire from a battery and a staple (not only can you really, actually do that, but I know how! 832 more words

Prison Life

Sending Books to Inmates

Sending books to inmates isn’t as easy as you think.  There are rules in place from everything from distribution to content. Prisons are big on security, so it’s pretty obvious they won’t let just anyone send packages directly. 336 more words


A better me.

Dear Friends:

I thought it was time that I gave a peek into my world here in prison, beginning with growth through classes and programs I’ve taken. 2,845 more words

Prison Life