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Revealed: Hidden costs of incarceration burden inmates’ families

Editor’s note: While this blog follows Gideon Walletsky’s time in prison, it’s important to remember that many of his experiences are shared by thousands of inmates across the United States. 952 more words


Chapter Five - home, but not alone

For such a small physical space there was just too much to take in all at once.

“Hi, I’m Dave.”

The guy was stretched out on the lower of the two bunk beds. 7,763 more words

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When in Rome

Most days in here, I feel absolutely alone. Even though there is no way for e to truly escape the company of others, I still feel isolated. 499 more words

Chapter Four – firsts, in many things

Time management, a key element to living my life, meant nothing now. There had been something in the induction process the night before about routines so I doubt that I needed more than a vague idea of the time as there seemed to be enough pointers and precursors to keep the prison day in motion. 8,389 more words

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Love struggles

Now I am not saying this to flatter myself or ‘float my own boat’. But I do honestly get a few guys either randomly really wanting to date me and have sex with me. 262 more words


Hotel monkey washer: Gideon’s stay with a gang leader

Gideon was puzzled when a guard he didn’t know suddenly forced him to move into a new cell without explanation on April 7, a Friday. It was true that he had filled out paperwork to move in with a friend, but he was assigned to a completely different cell with a completely different celly. 1,254 more words


Ky's Hearing Update

On February 21st, Ky was pulled out of his dorm and told to pack up his property.  Prison Security removed Ky from his dorm and placed him in solitary confinement. 546 more words

Ky Peterson