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IMPACTING OTHERS by Prison Inmate Blogger, Eric Burnham

I’m serving a 25-to-life sentence because I took a man’s life when a confrontation turned violent. Violence happens so fast, but that’s no excuse. I am responsible for my own actions, and I’m also responsible for the lifestyle I was living that made violence acceptable to me. 528 more words


The Rise in Juvenile Delinquency

A juvenile delinquent is a stunted little man. He knows a lot about life, can take care of himself and trusts nobody around him. A delinquent has nothing or nobody controlling him and asks for no protection. 503 more words

19th Century

The Secret River and its Contact Zones

The Secret River by Kate Grenville is a novel which depicts the life of a man and his family before, during and after his transportation. Thornhill, the protagonist of the novel, represents one of the thousands of convicts transported to places such as Australia and Tasmania. 578 more words

19th Century

Women's work, at Brixton Prison.

The practise of transporting convicts to the penal colonies served a number of purposes. It relieved the financial burden of housing prisoners and also removed the need of reintroducing prisoners back into society upon release. 512 more words