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More On Nicknames. Because Why Not?

I got to thinking about the whole nickname thing I wrote about recently, and while they still call me Mr. Man around here, I have noticed that I do have several identities, which I have learned by listening to what goes on around me, which largely includes people talking about various things while I sit by myself and read and/or write and/or surreptitiously listen to people talking while I pretend to read and/or write and/or trying to think of words like “surreptitiously,” “endemic,” “ascertaining,” “panoply,” and the like to use in everyday conversation. 592 more words


How I Got the "Birdman" Nickname

(The first two blog entries were written in jail, before I pulled chains and went to prison)

Well, kids, after a month or so, I seem to have settled in here. 495 more words


Hospital in a Nutshell

As you may have noticed, I was completely miserable during my stay in the hospital. It wasn’t because the nurses weren’t nice or anything, but mostly because I was uncomfortable and didn’t like being strapped to a bed (AKA I was being a big baby). 308 more words

Korean Life


This evening I went for a walk away from the setting sun. Thinking. The wind tossed my hair as my scarf brushed my cheek in comfort.  507 more words


Understanding Her

A few years ago, before my great-grandma passed away, I was given the responsibility out of all my cousins to sleep at the hospital or stay in the nursing home with my great-grandma in case she needed anything. 466 more words

Korean Life

Season One, Episode Four: Imaginary Enemies

As this episode begins, Piper is cleaning Suzanne’s urine off of her floor with pads. Oh, what a perfect example of maintaining clean and sterile floors in order to prevent infection from spreading, (read my article on this… 669 more words