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To change or not to change?

I am sure that most of you have seen the recent media coverage of the ADC and its Director focusing on the violence and assaults. It would appear from the outside looking in that there is no control, the system is failing, and we only need to fix it by pointing to the one over it. 1,912 more words

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Chapter Twenty Six ~ one prison cell is much like any other

My initial impression of Richard was he seemed to be a pleasant enough guy although he was no Fletcher to look at; but who was. We seemed to be about the same age, his organisation of the cell boded well although I got a small but unsettling feeling of being an intruder in the very concise world he had created for himself. 5,385 more words

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Chapter Twenty Five ~ unpopular at work, but in with the boys

It was a working day and the world turned on its commercial and economic axis as usually. Why I thought about it I didn’t understand, perhaps I hadn’t but I ended up driving to the office. 6,889 more words

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Pitch Crooked

Have you watched the movie Trainwreck with Amy Shumer? If you haven’t, there’s this scene when Lebron James walks into a room to ask his friend (the surgeon) if they’re still on to watch Downton Abbey, telling him “Look man, I don’t want to go to practice tomorrow and everyone’s talking about it and I’m left out.” I laughed so hard when I first saw this scene because it reminded me of someone. 500 more words

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Time is an unforgiving foe for those with lengthy sentences. Relentless, callous, indiscriminate.

It’s subtle. So subtle, you don’t see or feel the effects right away. 153 more words

Prison Life

I Miss

Others things I miss are good razors and a decent haircut.

Prison Life

Falconer (John Cheever)

So here, then, is a John Cheever’s great penal novel. Or should I say, penile novel. Yes, yes, the pun is too obvious to be anything but unfunny. 408 more words