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Manly Man

Manly Man

Because I play the piano and sing and do theatre and care about shoes and take care of my skin and hair, and for tons of other reasons, people have thought I was gay pretty much since puberty.  218 more words

Prison Life

locked up the prison life by Devaughn McQueen

I want to say some things about this life we are in when we come to prison OK I have been down for 15years and when I say it has not been beautiful believe me it has not I no we all have did what we did to get locked up but at the end of the day we are still people that should be looked at as people not looked at as just a number or like we are dogs I have been to s.o.c.f ( lucasville) and now I am at Lebanon and they are both prison that are down south of Ohio and I have to say been a black man in them two prison is hell the things we have to just let go so they do not jump on you is crazy I have my self been called ever thing from a black boy to a nigger and more.so what I am say is to not look at it that we are locked up that we are just OK because we are not at all times we no how it feel when we see that a white cop have killed a black man or woman and they do not do a thing about it because the same things go on in here for sure.it is a lot I want to say but I do not want them to stop my mail from going out or come to me with a lot of the b.s. 88 more words


The very beginning

To the average person my storey would be considered unique, taboo and straight up crazy. Let me start by saying I am a prison wife my journey started in February 2013 when my boyfriend was sentenced to 11 years in prison. 613 more words

Help I Am Being Held Prisoner: Donald Westlake (1974)

‘That’s Künt with an umlaut’ explains Harold Künt, the main character of Donald Westlake’s lively, entertaining novel Help I Am Being Held Prisoner, but no matter how many times Harold protests the pronunciation of his name, he’s doomed to be called … well you can figure it out. 357 more words


Prison Art - Hand Drawn Cards

Prison Art is special. Anytime someone can create any kind of beauty in a world inside a prison it brings hope that that person will make it through okay. 200 more words


Survivor's Guide to Prison (2018)

You think you know all about prison life through TV and movies? Then this documentary will bring you a sense of how to really survive it. 539 more words

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Blog Tour: Veronica's Bird [review + guest post]

Today I am really excited to be on the blog tour for Veronica Bird and Richard Newman’s new novel, Veronica’s Bird, with my thoughts and a guest post from Veronica about what life was like growing up as one of NINE children! 1,536 more words

Book Review