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Sexual Harassment At Work: Female Corrections Officers

I’ve read articles, about female guards being

sexually harassed by inmates

It seems to be an on-going problem

This issue is ridiculous.

Heterosexual men are locked up… 88 more words

30 Ex-Convicts Recall Their Most Terrifying Prison Experience

Found on AskReddit.

1. When I first got there, I had to watch an instructional video on how not to be raped.

“When I first got there, I had to watch an instructional video on how not to be raped….That was legitimately the scariest memory I had of it.” 5,970 more words

#WeStandWithOurWomen, #WhereAreTheChildren

The Women at Tutwiler Women’s Prison have reached out to Mother’s and F.A.M.ilies and F.A.M. and are requesting assistance. In resoonsr, we are planning to conduct more demonstrations at Tutwiler prison as part of the FREEDOM TOUR 2016. 432 more words

Free Alabama Movement (FAM)

Men are NOT Raped More than Women in the US pt. 2

Men’s rights activists (MRAs) were abound in the comment’s section of my post, “Men are NOT raped more than women.” They ignored all the statistics I posted and made up their own conclusions using incorrect analyses of the data. 766 more words

Social Commentary

Prison Rape and Candy Bars Pt. Two

I’m going to let you in on some insider information about AfterPrisonShow…

For those of you who have been here since the days when I was in prison, and this blog first began.. 394 more words


Rape Culture is a Man's Issue, Too

I recently read the incredible book of essays, Shrill, by Lindy West.  West has been a staple of my gender, sexuality and new media course since she appeared on… 2,114 more words

Orange Is The New Black And The Privatization of Prisons

Spoilers Ahead. 

Orange is The New Black has attracted–not unjustifiedly–some flak for its powerful and painful fourth season: it has been accused of being ‘ 510 more words