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How to Get out of Jail or Prison--alive and un-raped

Incarceration Etiquette: How to Get out of Jail or Prison—alive and un-raped.

In a perfect world, gentlemen are never incarcerated. But the world is an imperfect place, where bad things happen to good people each and every day. 4,788 more words

PM, radio jokers, petitioners "all need to reflect"

I didn’t see this commentary by Claire Trevett until after writing Political pressure petitions.

She says there are Lessons in John Key stunt wash-up.

PM and his advisers, radio jokers and petitioners all need to reflect on their roles.

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Nation's Prison Rape Joke Reserves Nearly Exhausted as Jared Trial Wraps

INDIANAPOLIS – Subway pitchman and criminal pervert, Jared Fogle has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for his various crimes ranging from sex with a minor to trafficking child pornography. 244 more words


A Greater Community – The National Sexual Assault Conference from One Advocate’s Perspective

All over the United States, there are people hard at work to end sexual assault and rape. We work full-time or part-time. Sometimes we volunteer. We go to hospitals to be with survivors at midnight after an assault. 1,298 more words

Stabler in jail

Sence eliot stabler left new york s.v.u,every one had lost touch with him. While he had a celebrated carer, he also had some blemises on his carer. 312 more words


The Cinema Penitentiary diaries July 22- 30 2015

  1.  Hitchcock famously said one of the few things he regretted was killing the boy who carried the terrorist bomb in”Sabotage,” yet that scene gives this 1936 political thriller a contemporary realism that was far ahead of its time.
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Ex-prison guard accused of forcing female inmates to have sex with him

ATLANTA (AP) — A former high-ranking corrections officer at a southeast Georgia women’s prison used his position of power to prey on inmates, targeting their vulnerabilities and forcing them to have sex with him, according to investigators. 1,219 more words