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Some jobs you just have to quit…The follow up

So what if I said I was wrong in my justifications for quitting the floor job in the gym…

I mean, is it okay to post something and then come back a couple of days later, and say I was wrong about all that. 375 more words


Serial Killer gets fooled again-twice

So you remember the serial killer right? From the story “Valentine’s Day for a Serial Killer”.

Well, I never thought someone could be so dumb to fall for the same prank not once but two more times after that. 1,068 more words


Some jobs you just have to quit

As I write this I’m knee deep in a disaster project in the making.

I’m sitting in the gym with goggles on and a dust mask on.. 815 more words


The Bitch Master…

Guys who are wrapped up on the wrong side of the judicial system love to watch Law and Order for some reason.

I won’t lie neither… 506 more words


Crashing a car because of the tattoo

After guys have been locked up for a bunch of years, they tend to lose their ability to handle relationships with people, especially those out there in the free world. 613 more words


The bearer of bad news

A couple of days ago a guy in here asked me for my help. He said he wanted me to try and help try and find his girlfriend on Facebook because he hasn’t heard from her in about 2 weeks. 767 more words


(Bonus Content) Valentine’s Day for a serial killer

So… What did you think of that story…

Valentine’s Day for a serial killer?

Pretty crazy right?

Well, how about a little more to add to the intrigue of all that… 116 more words