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Walking in on a rape...continued

When Tyler was drunk at a party and he walked in the room to see his best friend; a girl he had grown up with passed out on a bed with some guy all over her trying to take her pants off- he snapped. 824 more words


Walking in on a rape

Tyler is a young guy here at the prison with me. He is 21 years old. He has been locked up since he was 18. He is what this program considers a youth offender. 398 more words


Dumbing down the Conversation

Originally posted Feb 27, 2014

As I normally do in prison, I was doing something I wasn’t normally supposed to be doing in prison. No, you sick-minded individuals, nothing like THAT. 508 more words


Spice… makes a guy cluck like a chicken in prison

With all that I have been talking about lately…

Guys getting out of prison and not making it…

How scared to death I am of falling into that category myself… 497 more words


Some jobs you just have to quit…The follow up

So what if I said I was wrong in my justifications for quitting the floor job in the gym…

I mean, is it okay to post something and then come back a couple of days later, and say I was wrong about all that. 375 more words


Serial Killer gets fooled again-twice

So you remember the serial killer right? From the story “Valentine’s Day for a Serial Killer”.

Well, I never thought someone could be so dumb to fall for the same prank not once but two more times after that. 1,068 more words


Some jobs you just have to quit

As I write this I’m knee deep in a disaster project in the making.

I’m sitting in the gym with goggles on and a dust mask on.. 815 more words