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What is, is (a prison love story)

“What is, is,” said the handsome, young black man as we walked side-by-side up the endless, winding hall; a hall that led from the freezing, windowless dungeon-level visiting cubicles to the warm, bright, spacious upstairs lobby. 731 more words


The bearer of bad news

A couple of days ago a guy in here asked me for my help. He said he wanted me to try and help try and find his girlfriend on Facebook because he hasn’t heard from her in about 2 weeks. 767 more words


(Bonus Content) Valentine’s Day for a serial killer

So… What did you think of that story…

Valentine’s Day for a serial killer?

Pretty crazy right?

Well, how about a little more to add to the intrigue of all that… 116 more words


A Valentine’s Day for a serial killer

Valentine’s Day in prison is probably one of the hardest holidays to deal with while incarcerated.

You really wouldn’t think so…

But it is.

I mean it really shows you who cares about you outside of these walls. 1,306 more words


The lies these prisoners told me...

One thing you realize pretty quickly when you get to prison is that the guys in here tend to lie. And not just a little either. 962 more words


A follow up of mural painter versus floor guy

It might seem like I was a real asshole for what I did and the way I handled the situation with the floor guy. But the fact of the matter is this… 204 more words


A mural painter versus a floor guy

I just wrapped up the latest mural project I have been working on here at the prison. For those of you who might be new or may have forgotten, I’m a mural painter here at the prison. 1,403 more words