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How To Train A Dragon

When the beast is unleashed, whose to say what’s going to happen.

Prison is stressful in itself.  Of course, I’ve never been locked up personally, but I can only imagine. 388 more words

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Look And Listen

Sometimes, I try to understand people by the way they analyze poetry.  Here is one that I wrote a while back.

Spent a lifetime wishing, always hoping…never ceasing, never coping…couldn’t swallow, to busy choking…long lost love, forever provoking… 310 more words

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Definitions Of A Good Man

I may be slightly biased, but it’s my blog anyway, so I have the right to be.

When I tell him that I’m the luckiest girl in the world, he always responds the same way. 366 more words

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Here’s a big one that causes a lot of controversy and caused a lot of pain.

We had been dating 6 months when I decided to go to Arkansas to visit for the Summer.   592 more words

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The State Blues

He’s about two hours away from me and I can’t drive.  I was born with a visual impairment enabling me to do a lot of the things that young adults like to do.   528 more words

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Opposites Attract

I know you’ve heard it time and time again.  So have I.  In this case, though, it couldn’t be more true.

Everyone has asked me multiple times “when are you going to grow out of your emo phase?”  Then, they’d talk down on my piercings, my tattoos, my hair, my makeup, and my clothes.   281 more words

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How We Met

You know how you always have that friend or family member trying to hook you up with some random person all the time?  Yeah.  Me too. 455 more words

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