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Please, Don't Leave, I've Got So Much to Reveal (Cryptocrystalline)

Wikipedia Poem, No. 515
by election   amphor ice   multiplicity
polaris   jail amphora   whit north star
scorcher bailiff   nibble horse   race willemite slab
sonneteer   imbroglio   house
coal black truss   nymph   triviality
seed pearl   suspicion   youthful lot
alabar alabar   nibble   horror scale 
sizzle   amendment   charlatan chord cost
d scruple nuisance   c minor coğazköy   council of chalcedon
skyscraper   felony    grumbleful megalopolis
scorcher   sword   extremote in a snit

Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 13 "Storm-y Weather"

Ultimately, it is incredibly frustrating that by the end of this reasonably tense and well-directed finale, the show’s biggest answer is not answered: What will be the impact of the riot. 140 more words


Review: Orange Is The New Black Season 5 Episode 12 "Tattoo You"

Motherhood, relationships and the choice between personal and social responsibility have been frequently visited throughout this season. In some cases they have provided proper, impactful character arcs, while others are overshadowed by the chaos. 87 more words


Saying Unabomber 'has less restrictive confinement than the youth at Lincoln Hills', judge orders changes

A federal judge ruled Friday that the state must dramatically reduce the use of pepper spray, restraints and solitary confinement for its teen inmates, saying: “This is the most severe and damaging type of solitary confinement that’s used in the American penal system.” > Wisconsin State Journal

Life Is Good

It’s easy to focus on the bad things happening in the world. This week, Otto Warmbier died, having been in a coma for over a year at the hands of North Korean prison guards.   643 more words


Revolutionary Black Activist Kevin Rashid Johnson Taken from Texas Prison

The following email was sent by Noelle Hanrahan of PrisonRadio.org regarding the whereabouts of Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, the Black Revolutionary prison activist who is being… 524 more words


The Interrogations

Dear Reader,

I left off here with the interrogations. If you remember, they brought her to a heavily reinforced prison intended for gifted criminals. After their tests revealed nothing, at least nothing their scientists could understand, they had no choice but to bring in their best interrogators- gifted persons with the ability to tell immediately if someone was speaking the truth (or not)- better than any lie detector. 408 more words