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Time For A Crackdown On Crime

Crime in the U.K. has gotten totally out of hand, and its time for the government to do something about it. Our Police Force has reached its lowest level since 1985 and they are so stretched they do not have the time to investigate crime as they should. 399 more words


Mid-July repression round-up

There’s an enormous amount of stuff going on. In particular, it seems like there’s a surge of stuff connected to prisons, repression and the legal system right now, so here’s a quick round-up of stuff focused on that: 1,101 more words


Themes in Middle Grade Fiction

I had the funniest realization while I was reading over the past week, each book I read fed into the next in with its theme. I’ll show you what I mean: 285 more words


😢😢😢 Haiku

Feathered friend singing

Dancin’ to the Jailhouse Rock

Who’s a pretty boy?

(photo courtesy of http://www.animalsaustralia.org/issues/caged_birds.php)


The Serial Podcast

The murder of a young High school student? Broken up with boyfriend responsible? Guilty or innocent?

Serial Season 1

Being the mystery movie enthusiast that I am there is no surprise that I loved the… 512 more words


Guilty or Innocent?

Today’s justice system does a phenomenal job at keeping our society safe. Our justice system works to ensure that criminals all over our country are locked away so that they do not continue to hurt people. 1,070 more words

The Concept of date rape drugs, and the legal implications of rape in Nigeria.

Rape is a serious offence and it is a crime all over the world but definition and punishment differ from place to place. According to research rape cases are reported in the Western world than in Africa and Asia . 1,423 more words