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Animal Graph

Animal graph was an entertaining, quick easy read that also helped excite the reader. There was so much going on, if it had been a movie you would have been on the edge of your seat. 252 more words

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There's Always Someone Who Knows Someone...Thank God!

DEAL BREAKER BAD is actually, quite possibly, a slight understatement. If I could make it sound even more major then I would.

The link to a newspaper article popped up in the group chat. 503 more words

I don't wanna fuck up

I haven’t had my manic depression meds since they moved me, December 18. I’m up and down every day, to the point of having rage in my brain.

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Man Gets Nearly 3 Years In Prison For Stealing Identities

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) — A man from Nigeria has been sentenced to nearly three years in federal prison for stealing identities of dozens of people and using them to file false tax returns that resulted in $734,000 in bogus refunds. 117 more words


You could be fined and jailed for drunk droning in New Jersey

(Source: www.theverge.com)

Drunk droning is apparently a thing, and one that’s officially illegal in the state of New Jersey. Gov. Chris Christie signed the bill into law on his last day in office this past Monday, banning the use of drones while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or other hallucinogenics. 167 more words


Ex Gov. Rowland transferred to halfway house

HARTFORD —   Federal prison officials say former Connecticut Gov. John G. Rowland has been transferred from a Pennsylvania prison to a halfway house to finish his sentence for campaign fraud, conspiracy and obstruction of justice. 172 more words


The Last Mile is launching its coding program at a women's prison in Indiana

The Last Mile, a coding program that first launched inside California’s San Quentin State Prison, has expanded to its first out-of-state prison. Yesterday, The Last Mile announced its plans to launch at the Indiana Women’s Prison with support from Governor Eric J. 249 more words