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Final days of freedom

Yesterday I worked at my part time job, but today I spent just sitting and talking to Paul. It’s not wasted on me that these may well be his last few days of freedom. 173 more words


no more
chaos from you
Mr Butterfly

on this
day of liberation
she has you
pinned, penned

your only flights
flights of metaphor
if you… 49 more words


Churchill on Prison

Winston Churchill’s thoughts on his time as a prisoner (of war)

I’m not sure, and am too lazy to verify, whether if Winston Churchill is the only head of a Commonwealth government to have been a prisoner; but there cannot have been many. 553 more words

Criminal Law/Policy

It’s been a few weeks since my last entry here, and I just came off of another three-day lockdown. Since I last wrote, I found out—through tertiary sources—that the inmate who got killed a few weeks ago was being escorted back to his unit with his hands cuffed behind his back when he was attacked. 1,233 more words


From the Pit to the Palace

Have you ever felt like your dream would never come to fruition? I have been thinking about this very topic recently as I have been studying the story of Joseph from Genesis 37-47.  895 more words


Religion Is Dying In Britain

It seems that Britain is to become a non-religious country in a few short decades. A report out today indicates that the number of people who consider themselves to have no religion is increasing at a steady rate. 470 more words


how i #beReal

Today, I’m over at HastyWord’s place– and honored to be part of her #BeReal series, talking a little about what it is to be real. There’s even a picture of me in my favorite shirt, can you guess what the shirt says? 33 more words