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Michael Gerson: Politicians must get bolder about treating America’s urban problems

Washington Post — Police and prisons are the successful answer to a rather narrow question: Can overwhelming force and routine incarceration bring temporary order to impoverished and isolated urban communities? 105 more words


Man who murdered family became jailhouse religious tyrant

Kingston Penitentiary was already a very scary place the day Mohammad Shafia walked into the joint.

The Montrealer was convicted for the 2009 murders of his three daughters and first wife in a barbaric “honour killing” in which the women were incapacitated and dumped into the Rideau Canal near Kingston.  686 more words


Im-Politic: Thinking Big to Help Our Country's Baltimores

I’m getting to think that one of the best signs that Americans have no clue how to solve a major public policy problem is lengthy debate that has changed absolutely no minds whatever. 745 more words


The Lion at winter's end

“The Lion, he’s finished,” said Jumanji. “Dead. Last night.”

The Lion is Dave de Leon. Or at least it was. Four months ago the doctor told the 74-year-old lifer that gut cancer was back in town and itching for a rematch. 1,023 more words


Behind bars in Brazil: Inequality reigns even in jail


CURITIBA — Brazil oozes inequality: While some live in abject poverty, others get rich from the country’s commodities. A few, of course, get rich in ways that are less than legal.  2,451 more words


Beginnings & Endings! (Writing)

When we get back together, apart from sharing whatever it is you want to share, <3, and making the requests you want to make, we could read these handouts out loud in class, and then exploit them in whichever way we decide! 51 more words


Addiction is largely an adaptation to your environment. War on Drugs should be renamed War on Humanity

“Human beings have an innate need to bond. And when we’re happy and healthy, we’ll bond with the people around us. If you can’t bond with the people around you because you’re traumatized or isolated or beaten down, you will bond with something that gives you a sense of relief. 125 more words