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Chelsea Manning, a whistle blower whose life is now at risk

She’s in solitary confinement, and has attempted hunger strikes in her struggle and suicide as a result of all of her experience in prison. Her crime, she released information so that Western democracies could stop abuses Western democracies were meant to be interested in stopping. 78 more words



Police ‘Kill’ 400 In 7 Years After Being Held In Custody

Four hundred people killed themselves after being in  police custody in the last seven years – this mean that more people have died in the hands of the police than the Taliban killed British soldiers in Afghanistan. 330 more words


Crackdown wave in Iran & protests in response

Theater actor sentenced to 99 lashes

The mullahs’ so-called judiciary in Iran has sentenced a young theater actor by the first name of Payam to 99 lashes. 1,119 more words


#SystemicRacism in Stanislaus County Prisons

Plus stealing from inmates’ welfare funds and a corruption suit

With Bernie Sanders making his rounds through the central valley, going to Modesto on Thursday, June 2, and this week’s murder of 13-year-old Brisa Covarrubias just off of Paradise Ave, now is a good time to take a look at inequality in Stanislaus County. 946 more words

Digital Journalism

Private Prisons

Many people believe that the rise in income from the private prisons has a connection to the rise in incarceration rates. This connection comes from the coincidental-like occurrence that when private prisons began in the 1980s, the rise of incarceration rates started to grow along with it. 48 more words

Mass Incarceration

Saskatchewan auditor urges long-term plan to tackle crowded jails

REGINA — Saskatchewan’s provincial auditor says the Ministry of Justice needs a long-term plan to address crowding in jails.

Judy Ferguson says in her latest report that Saskatchewan’s adult prisoner population has grown by 51 per cent since 2006 — mainly due to a 104 per cent increase in the number of inmates on remand awaiting trial or sentencing. 459 more words

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Iran: executions, suicides & meddling in Syria

Inmate executed in Kermanshah, west of Iran

A prisoner by the name of Ali Akbar Karami was executed on Tuesday, December 6th at Kermanshah’s Diesel Abad Prison in western Iran. 550 more words