Elkhorn and Staghorn Fields in Bonaire

Tales of coral reefs in decline seem to be omnipresent. Various ocean conservation websites list estimates like, “75% of the world’s coral reefs will die by 2050” ( 485 more words


Calm waters

A still surface


Clean, pristine

Throw a rock

A stone, pebble

Break the surface

Shatter perfection

See the ripples spread… 61 more words



Today is important, today I can make a difference, live today fully and well.

I stumbled across a book on Scribd this morning while I was cycling indoor at the gym. 288 more words

A Penny For Your Thoughts

Gertrude is strolling down the sidewalk, dragging her feet. She’s thinking, if put into words, “pick up your feet, you sound like an old lady”. However, in her mind, this thought does not involve any words, symbols, or pictures. 341 more words


Mute Crystal Grief

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Hate the widely available bags? Try some niche brand bags

It is almost a trend that many fashion blogger, celebrities and stars choose to wear niche brand bags to avoid the bag clash and make their looks more unique. 423 more words

LaBarque Creek

LaBarque Creek Conservation Area is a  39 minute drive from Tower Grove Park. Its trails wind through glades, into deep woods, over sandstone and pink dolomite formations, and includes bluffs with lovely vistas. 568 more words