Hemlock Lake

Hemlock Lake is the other Finger Lake that has restrictions on swimming, boating and other activities like those on Canadice Lake. The land around it was purchased similarly to Canadice Lake so that it could be used at the source of drinking water for the City of Rochester. 330 more words

home away from home - hotel prima, prishtinë

After all the parties and weddings I decided to stop over for 4 nights in Prishtinë before jumping on the plane home, this is back in the beginning of August now. 504 more words

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The first snowdrops are a real harbinger of spring and I love them. They were growing in the middle of a group of other plants – “sweet Williams”- just starting to regenerate. 22 more words


big, trendig and very popular - soma book station, prishtinë

This place is all in one – cafe, bar, restaurant and they call themselves Gastropub. It’s very popular and very few tourists. With its location just behind parliament’s buildings at lunch time, this is a waterhole for officials in suits and some with bodyguards. 640 more words


Track of the Day - PRISTINE 'Derek'

With a hot and swampy, heavy and bluesy riff, this track by Norwegian rock-band Pristine grabs hold of me from the start and does not let go: it’s just one of those tunes that makes you want more! 124 more words


Рибено масло Pristine от Alimento гр. Пловдив

Американското рибено масло на Pristine е натурално, двойно пречистено рибено масло произведено от аншоа от Перу, скумрия от Тихия океан и сардини. 90 капсули Fish oil Pristine по 1000 милиграма всяка.

highest rated - restaurant liburniain, priština

Let’s go back to Priština in August, when I visit for 4 nights … a city that wants so much, but don’t have the full strength, with the most wonderful proud people. 573 more words

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