661. Idyllic island

(Note: This story is not based on fact, but the process is grounded in the truth!)

It was an idyllic environment on the previously uninhabited island. 344 more words


"Pristine" by Brother John Dorazio

My wife Sister Linda was at the beach looking out at the horizon. She lost site in half of her left eye. Her friend suggested that Linda should go to the doctor in fear she may have had a stroke. 65 more words


'The Parasol'

Quite a lot of elderly people take advantage of their free bus passes to travel around the county and over to the shops; as this very smart and elegant lady had obviously chosen to do. 262 more words

The Streets

Baglama - The best known Turkish musical instrument

Anybody in Pristina / Kosovo interested to learn to play or listen to baglama?

Beauty salon in Kosovo

Hello again,

Which is the best beauty salon in Pristina?

Please put comments and recommendations.