Sound of the Day

This rainy Montreal day deserves a lovely voice.

“Pristine” by Mantaraybryn, Dark Shapes in the Water (2016)

Part 3: Journey to the five hidden gems of Uttarakhand-Chaukori

Soaking our feet in the  Kosi river at Kausani and drenching in the monsoon rains of Himalayas filled our souls with contentment and peace, but it also left an indomitable spirit of exploring the Himalayas more. 1,572 more words


Paradise Islands- Seychelles

Seychelles. Synonymous with beaches, relaxation, honeymoon..Yes, although Seychelles is about the relaxed and fun life, it surely cannot be limited to only that. Located on the east of Africa, this is an island country in the Indian ocean, comprising of 115 islands, majority of these uninhabited. 910 more words


The Pristine

Sa murang edad, nakaya na ni Cristina Cajucom na gampanan ang mga malulupit na paratang ng mundo sa isang tulad niyang walang malay na anak sa labas. 203 more words

Purity of life giving water….

There is nothing as Pure as life giving water flowing in the midst of a verdant forest….



You see a rainbow; You see a shirt.

You see graffiti; You see the marks of a tiers dirt.

A lot of places, a lot that strikes.. 114 more words