Quality issues

In case someone needs proof of how Embassy provide quality then look at the attached document provided by an owner.

This was  a joint inspection done along with Embassy for hand over. 39 more words

Embassy Commitment Broken - 1

Embassy is going back on the promises that they made while purchasing the apartment.

They promised that common areas will have Italian Marble on Ground, First and Second Floor but they are not putting the same on Second floor. 70 more words

Pre Delivery Quality

Just before delivery some of the owners are invited for  inspection of the apartment and this is what they have found. Workmanship has been terrible and in-spite of bringing this to notice many times by many owners this has not been taken care. 61 more words

Embassy is embarrassed with their quality

Embassy is so embarrassed with the quality of the deliverable that they have stopped people from taking photos of their own apartments. Here is detailed email from them. 352 more words

Balos Lagoon, Crete

Crete, the southernmost and largest Greek island. Famous for things like – ancient ruins, history, beaches, fun. Also for one of the most amazing beaches in Europe, the one at Balos Lagoon. 437 more words


Viora hosts a Night of Beauty for the Women of Safe Harbor Crisis Center

With International Women’s Day in March, Viora hosted a Night of Beauty and offer free treatments to those women taking shelter at the Safe Harbor Crisis Center. 666 more words


The Indigenous Libyan Clothing

This little Amazigh girl from Yefren, Libya, wishes you all a good morning!