Pristine (Episode 3)


“Dara, that your friend is like the finest guy on camp, in my opinion,” Kenny said in bed one afternoon after a long, tiring lecture in the camp auditorium. 1,562 more words

Pristine (Episode 2)


Dan was right. The soldier did seem to like Dara. Good thing too that Dara shone at marching. People no longer snickered at her, they admired her instead—her perfectly timed responses to the slow match, quick match, attention by number and halt commands, the pride with which the platoon commandant called her to the front to show other corpers how it was done. 843 more words

Pristine Edwardian Engagement Ring

Antiques Rings
Antique diamond Silver gold cluster ring. An antique diamond cluster ring, the central circular cut diamond with an old mine cut diamond surround mounted in silver and gold, c 1850… 16 more words

Pristine (Episode 1)


The shrill whistling and strong loud voices woke Dara up. For a moment, she wondered where she was, then she checked the time on her mobile phone and sat up on the bed as she remembered. 1,990 more words

Jefferson County's Aucilla River

By Anne Haw Holt

Today, in autumn, the river is dry under the Ashville Highway Bridge. In early spring I spent more than three quiet hours in the bow of a friend’s canoe, wandering among the channels, wide pools and small bays created by the overflow. 247 more words

A Dell pristine system @ -Goodwill Computer Museum (2)

A few nice computer images I found:
A Dell pristine system @ -Goodwill Computer Museum (2)

Image by leeleblanc

HP Integral Personal Computer keyboard

Image by Marcin Wichary… 15 more words