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The Only Thing Pritam Singh Has in Common With JBJ is the Colour of His Skin

Today Daniel Goh announced that he would not be contesting  the SG role leaving the field clear for Pritam Singh to be elected to lead the Workers Party.   722 more words


Ex Contestant Of The Bigg Boss House Asks Salman Khan To Stay Away From The Show

Bigg Boss season 11 is one of those reality shows that is in news each and every time and especially for all the wrong reasons. The madhouse or say the Bigg Boss house is bustling with enough fights, and all the there are enough chaos in the house, ever since the time Salman Khan warned each and every contestant who were not doing anything for the show show. 215 more words

Bigg Boss

On Its 60th Anniversary The WP Conspires with PAP to Create A Fake History

Yesterday the State Times published an Insight article  on  the Workers Party 60th Anniversary. A misnomer, since the article was remarkable for its lack of insight or rather for its deliberate glossing over of the real reasons for the WP’s success and for the airbrushing of my father, JBJ, out of history. 890 more words


Workers Party Clearly Have No Shame Otherwise Why Do They Continue to Cynically Use JBJ's Name Despite Abandoning Him So Callously?

I came across this post on the Workers Party Facebook page by Lee Li Lian. According to her post, during a recent walkabout a resident of Punggol East shared with her a memory of buying a copy of the Hammer from my late father . 796 more words