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The #AHPETC Charade.

The AHPETC saga is a charade.

The Parliament is their theater. The public is their audience. The resident’s vote’s the ultimate prize.

One party portrayed as the aggressor and a bully, the other as the underdog and the people’s champion (or so they think.) 343 more words

Bigg Boss 8: Halla Bol edition; Powered by CMK- Part 3

For a while now we have been mulling over posting a third part to round off our Bigg Boss trilogy. Why the delay you ask? Well, we wanted the producers, contestants and the lovely Farah Khan to give us at least a faint glimmer of positivity to write about since the words “What the s*** is this?!” were not enough to qualify as a full-fledged article.

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Why Pritam Singh deserves to win Bigg Boss

Pritam Singh aka Pritam Pyaare… A man whose voice was very popular got a chance to reveal his personality. In Bigg Boss season 8 Pritam Singh entered just like an ordinary contestant and by this final week he has emerged as an extraordinary person that Bigg Boss ever had. 728 more words

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Bigg Boss Halla Bol Spoiler:Rahul Mahajan Evicted

The three contestants who have already confirmed their seats in the finale are Gautam Gulati,Karishma Tanna and Pritam Singh.
Sambhavna is the latest contestant to join the three in finale. 147 more words


5 Things We learnt From The Bigg Boss Press Conference! Find Out Here...

The contestants of Bigg Boss 8 explained everything to the point and gave their opinions on various controversies at the press conference, which was held on (December 20th). 482 more words

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Top 3 Reasons: Why P3G came to an end in Bigg Boss 8

Pritam Singh almost made it official today that P3G has eventually fallen down. Well, but one must say it was beautiful till it lasted. Bigg Boss 8 is nothing but a game show but still it has some own charm in it. 234 more words