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Putin on Snowden: Russia not kind of country which gives up those who fight for human rights

Published on Feb 23, 2015

The US is to blame for whistleblower Edward Snowden ending up in Moscow, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday. “ arrived at our transit zone and later it was explained that no one wanted him … And they scared everyone, and he ended up in our transit zone. 212 more words


Find Out If U.K. Spied On You Illegally Via NSA's Prism, Upstream

Following a landmark legal ruling earlier this month that, prior to December 2014, the U.K.’s spy agency GCHQ acted illegally by receiving data from the NSA’s surveillance dragnets, privacy advocacy organization Privacy International has set up an… 617 more words


UK access to NSA mass surveillance data was illegal, court rules

The system through which U.K. spy agency GCHQ can access data from NSA mass surveillance programs was in violation of fundamental rights, the Investigatory Powers Tribunal has ruled. 426 more words

Spy chief says Cheltenham's GCHQ is not Big Brother

GCHQ boss Sir Iain Lobban has said people should worry more about private firms snooping on them than spy agencies.

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph, the director of the Cheltenham-based listening post said commercial companies know everything about people and share the data. 373 more words


RT: GCHQ agents to hunt down child porn in ‘dark net’ – Cameron . . . appalling - and more distraction from the 'real' truth! ~J

Published time: December 12, 2014 02:18


A special unit of the British spy agency GCHQ has been tasked with roaming the “dark net” to locate child pornography images and weed out online abusers, according to Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron. 370 more words


Surprise! UK court defends NSA and GCHQ surveillance and data-sharing

The United Kingdom’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal has decided that the collection of information by the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) intelligence agency, and its ability to get data from the National Security Agency, … 447 more words