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Cassetteboi Versus the Investigative Powers Bill

More fun with a very serious point from Cassetteboi again. In this video, they poke fun at David Cameron’s and Theresa May’s Snooper’s Charter to expand massively the powers of the surveillance state. 93 more words


UK spy agencies systematically amass data on innocent people, legal challenge reveals

Privacy campaign group Privacy International says documents it has obtained through a legal challenge to the UK security agencies data-harvesting practices illustrate the extent to which spies have systematically and secretly amassed a cache of data on UK citizens for the past 15 years — regardless of whether a particular individual is suspected of a crime. 1,300 more words


Cassetteboy vs The Snoopers' Charter

If you’re not worried about the Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snoopers’ Charter), you don’t know enough about it.

Visit https://www.privacyinternational.org and join the campaign against new Government snooping powers. 318 more words


Hacking Team loses global license to sell spyware

The Italian government revoked Hacking Team’s global license to sell its spyware to some governments with poor human rights records.



Hacking Team loses global license to sell spyware

Hacking Team is in the news again, and that’s never a good thing for a company that’s supposed to be all about stealth and discretion. 426 more words

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UK Investigatory Powers Bill: "Back Door" for Cyber Criminals

The lack of basic security of interconnected things allows third parties, including state agencies, to intercept the data shared across the Internet. The draft Investigatory Powers Bill… 496 more words


U.K. Spy Agency Does Not Require Individual Warrants To Hack

More details about U.K. intelligence agency GCHQ’s use of hacking — aka: ‘computer network interference’ in euphemistic official parlance — and the oversight regime governing its hacking activities have emerged via an ongoing legal challenge filed by civil liberties group… 745 more words