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Why companies need to think before making marketing calls

By  Adam Stevens, Team Manager.

 The ICO has been issuing more fines against companies making nuisance calls. We’ve issued £250,000 of fines this week, all to companies that appeared to have no interest in following the law. 279 more words

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Facebook ‘Most Used Words’ game accused of stealing and selling user data

Do you know what words you use most on Facebook?

No? Well, there’s a game for that: one that will make a word cloud that shows your verbiage leanings, with your most-used words rendered front and center, nice and big. 1,253 more words


Privacy Policy

By submitting your story via email, you are authorizing INeverMeantToBeThatGirl to publish (in print, online, or by any other means) and utilize the contents submitted in any current or future publications. 138 more words

Privacy Policy

Snapchat Terms of Service

In the recent update of Snapchat, some users quickly sniffed out some suspicious additions to their Terms of Service. This specific addition had users worried about the privacy of their photos, and felt violated that it was “okay” to sell their private photos for profit. 240 more words


Twitter Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

I have an account with twitter, which I mainly use for basketball and a few other small things.

Twitter basically says that they collect information through many different venues. 155 more words


5 Key Legal Ingredients For Your Website

To help build successful businesses, business owners need to make sure their websites are a safe place for them and their customers to hang out. But how can you do this? 546 more words


Snapchat tries to soothe users who find new policies #scary!

You know that cute little ghost logo, implying that Snapchat’s snaps are some kind of ethereal, transitory, “now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t”, disappearing phantasm?

Given the amount of angst over recent policy language tweaks, is it time for a new logo – something more along the lines of a ghost cast in concrete? 1,136 more words