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In-app ad-blockers on iOS, and why a no-go for Apple (for the biggest part)

There are two sides for each and every coin. Also ad-blocking allowance on iOS has its boundaries, on very good reasons (below) because of safety (and perhaps finances). 384 more words



I like to share other people’s point of view.  This is from Warrior’s Landing.

Warrior’s Landing

If you are wondering why you have difficulty surrounding holidays and/or anniversaries of traumatic dates – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

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New California Law Extends Privacy Rights To Electronic Data

SACRAMENTO (CBS / AP) — California will require police to get a court order before they can search messages, photos and other digital data stored on phones or company servers in the nation’s most-populous state. 420 more words


Personal Data and Online Advertising

An expanded tool tracks the way personal information is used in online advertising. “With computer scientists, Augustin Chaintreau and Daniel Hsu, and graduate students Mathias Lecuyer, Riley Spahn and Yannis Spiliopoulos, Geambasu has designed a second-generation tool for bringing transparency to the Web. 61 more words

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Tempest in a Teacup

My appearance at the Code/Mobile conference created a minor furor yesterday. To my dismay, the media focused on a few of my comments while ignoring many others… 554 more words


Are Smartphones Becoming Too Smart?

I woke up Thursday morning and reached straight for my iPhone, almost habitually, ready to run through my usual morning routine of checking the weather, emails and missed texts from my parents or friends. 623 more words


Obama opts for "good cop" approach with encryption backdoors

The Obama administration won’t seek legislation to force technology companies to decrypt communications, FBI Director James Comey told Congress in a public hearing on Thursday. 638 more words