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Regulation and Privacy

On an everyday basis we ignore privacy and regulation levels on social media platforms. Most of us do not read T&C before we sign up to a website. 196 more words

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“It’s about the next twenty years. In the {nineteen} twenties and thirties, it was the role of government. In the fifties and sixties, it was civil rights.

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President Obama On The Islamic State: The VICE News Interview - Published on Mar 27, 2015

VICE founder Shane Smith interviews President Barack Obama, discussing a host of issues important to Americans, from foreign policy and marijuana legalization to college affordability and global warming. 25 more words

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Good luck citizens, we're on our own

Australia’s rush to embrace sweeping powers to access the digital footprints of its citizenry has raised the existential age-old question: What is a journalist?

The development of the government’s data retention bill and its implications were woefully under-reported by those most obviously fitting the description until we got to the pointy end of the law-making. 1,127 more words


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Television Review: Person of Interest

There are many great stories to be found nowadays in the realm of television. I have already written about Game of Thrones, which has made a huge impact on popular culture.  1,546 more words


Amending the Data Retention Bill: Is a Public Interest Advocate really enough to protect Journo's metadata?

The deal struck between the Coalition and Labor to better protect journalist’s metadata with a ‘journalist information warrant’ hurdle has been passed as the Telecommunications (Interception and Access) Amendment Bill 2015. 343 more words

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