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Solving a hard problem – retaining privacy in Big Data Analytics

TL;DR: Big Data Analytics while retaining privacy is solved using homomorphic encryption on the Enigma network1. The article below describes fundamental principles of the involved cryptography, Enigmas architecture and use-cases in public administration. 3,640 more words

"We the People"

“We the People” is a website President Obama created in order to put people on a watch list, to give people a voice in his very transparent administration. 483 more words

The Effects of Population Density

Decades of suburban sprawl spawned by a massive change in infrastructure caused many cities to loose population at their core. However, since the recession, people are moving back into the cities. 114 more words


Examining the rewards and risks of wearable tech

The important role of technology in our daily lives continues to grow and is now being fueled by the development of smaller more personal devices. Wearable technology are small, electronic devices designed to track and collect data for various purposes – ranging from smart watches and fitness monitors, to full desktop experiences offered by smart glasses. 852 more words

Property & Casualty


By Elizabeth Holland

Today, AALL joins a number a number of privacy advocates, civil liberties groups, security experts, and technology companies for a Day of Action… 404 more words