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How to opt out of WhatsApp sharing your information with Facebook

Did you know that if you don’t change your settings, WhatsApp will share your data on Facebook after 30 days of seeing Whats App’s latest privacy policy update? 362 more words

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What The Photos You Take Reveal About You

“Capture every moment of your life.”

― Lailah Gifty Akita

Back in the day of film, I’d never been one to take pictures, too much trouble to lug around a really good camera and all the attachments needed, never really satisfied with the picture quality from a cheap-o camera I could stick in a pocket (and never having enough pockets anyway for everything else I seem to need), and simply too lazy to take the film for developing and then sorting prints into albums just to store them away and then later having to sort through them to find the pic I wanted to see. 410 more words

By the Gods, what have I become? (Parts 3 & 4)

First of all, if you wish to read part one, click here. If you wish to read part two, click here.

So, this was Wednesday’s course and I couldn’t attend :( I spent my morning waiting for the internet people to arrive and later on I geeked out on my Wireless Network course <3. 391 more words


アップル、iMessageの通信ログを捜査機関に提出する場合があると認める。ただし会話内容は開示せず [ #cloud ]

アップルが、ユーザーのiMessage使用ログをサーバーに保管し、捜査機関からの提出要請があった場合はそれに応じられるようにしているとThe Interceptが報じています。提出されるデータは日時、電話番号、使用したIPアドレスなどで、iMessageによる会話内容は含まれません。iMessageといえば、2016年に入ってからでも数度、添付ファイルやコンタクト情報を外部から盗み見られる脆弱性が発覚しては修正されています。



Achoo! Sneezing across Internet


Achoo by Jim Lantern

Thursday 29 September 2016

Achoo! Sneezing across Internet

“Achoo – Used for representing the sound that you make when you sneeze.” 444 more words


My Privacy

Whilst setting up this blog I decided to turn back to some of my social media accounts that I had abandoned. I think I stopped using them because I wanted to stay away from the norm, to prevent myself from the ‘brainwashing’ that this form of media has been said to cause and I viewed the whole thing as some type of entertainment, as a distraction (which I still believe to an extent) but I have realised that the phenomenon that is social media is not the terrifying ‘666’ mantra of the twenty-first century. 580 more words

Watch Out for Campaign Cons this Election Season

The first presidential debate has taken place and there’s about a month until the general election; meaning campaign season is at its peak! Scammers latch on to any large, newsworthy event in the hopes of stealing your money or identity, and the 2016 election is no exception. 520 more words