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Italy Orders Facebook Account Details to Be Turned Over

Italy has ordered Facebook to turn over account information to a person whom the account appeared to be impersonating. “The Italian data protection authority has ordered Facebook to provide an Italian user with all of their data, including the personal information, photos, and posts of a separate fake account set up in that person’s name by somebody else.”

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Higher, faster, smarter? education:The future of Australian higher education.

As Australians rush to join the knowledge economy where technology driven skills and jobs dominate, more students are looking for specific, employable skills rather than multi-year degrees from distinguished institutions. 317 more words


被害総額30億円以上--実際の事件から考えるランサムウェアへの対策 [ #cloud ]

事件はロサンゼルスの中規模総合病院で発生した。2月5日、同病院で電子カルテシステム(Electronic Medical Record:EMR)に異常が生じているのが発見された。医師がEMR上の医療記録にまったくアクセスできなくなっていた。医師たちはしかたがなく、紙やペン、ファクスを駆使して仕事を遂行した。しかし、医療記録にアクセスできなければ患者に必要な医療を施せないケースは多く、同病院の異常事態はどんどん深刻化していった。



What a Waste

Lots of interesting news at the intersection of privacy and security these days. The ongoing Apple/FBI feud is only a tiny piece of it.

Consider, for example, the case of… 329 more words


The Visible Data of the Invisible User

As the march to connect each and every noun on this planet continues with a blistering pace, the various ways, contraptions and sensors used to collect data is greatly expanding. 695 more words


The Dark Arts: Anonymity

Love him or hate him, Edward Snowden knew a thing or two about anonymity. In June of 2013, he blew the whistle on the NSA’s out-of-control programs that can target virtually anyone plugged into the digital age. 871 more words

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