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Politics and Hacktivists

Ever since the invention of the internet our everyday lives have become increasingly easier. This goes the same for people in power, though at the same time it becomes increasingly harder for classified material to stay classified. 459 more words


Yes, You Have a Right to Talk to Women in Headphones

I wasn’t going to talk about the #HowToTalkToAWomanWhoIsWearingHeadphones debacle. I figured the Internet had done a pretty good job ridiculing the idea that men should try to approach women who are wearing headphones, which is a pretty good signal not to talk to them. 1,063 more words

Google to pay $5.5 million for sneaking around Apple’s privacy settings to collect user data

”Perhaps if Google had taken its own ‘don’t be evil’ motto to heart, it wouldn’t be on the hook for a $5.5 million settlement after sneaking around Apple’s privacy settings to plunder web browser Safari for user data,” Ethan Baron reports for SiliconBeat. 397 more words


Human activity to be obsolete by 2025?

Could you ever imagine yourself walking out of your front door onto the porch and have a mini helicopter come towards you, holding your pizza delivery? 789 more words

How to Approach a Woman Wearing Headphones

The internet has a viral article this week about How to approach a woman wearing Headphones. Let me tell you how it really works. It’s actually the same as how to approach anyone with headphones. 248 more words

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3 tips for better security and privacy on Snapchat

In the past few years, Snapchat has become the social media app of choice for the younger set, largely due to its ephemeral content. Users send images and videos (called Snaps) that are meant to be quickly viewed – as they expire soon after being seen – though the app also supports plain-ol’ text chats too. 571 more words


TumbleBit: ein neues Protokoll zur Anonymisierung von Bitcoins

Manchmal staunt man, was dem Schoß der Wissenschaft entspringt. Vor kurzem haben fünf Wissenschaftler der Universität Boston ein Paper entwickelt, in dem sie etwas vorstellen, das man mit ein wenig bösem Willen ein Protokoll zur Geldwäsche nennen kann. 1,217 more words