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Apple and Google met with spy chiefs at an 18th-century mansion in England to secretly discuss government surveillance - STEVEN TWEEDIE MAY 23, 2015, 12:35 PM

Top representatives from Apple and Google met with spy chiefs at an 18th-century mansion last week to talk about the growing public concern over government surveillance,  282 more words


Today's Word Is Respect

Respect.  More people need to practice it.  Respect for privacy, property, life.

Niether my daughter nor I can stand yelling and screaming.  I have a rule in my home that you must keep your voice down.   195 more words


Stealing Our Points of View

Body cams for cops? Of course!

And then it’s body cams for teachers, body cams for security guards, and wrist cams for surgeons.

Soon every company will want body cams on its employees. 126 more words

Data on 500 Million Android Phones Left Behind Even After Factory Reset: Research

Researchers from Cambridge University have proven that Android versions from 2.3 all the way up to 4.3 do not entirely wipe out user data from the phone. 473 more words

Data Breach

U.S. Lawmakers Working Long Hours To Extend Key Patriot Act Provisions

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — United States Senators worked late Friday night and into Saturday morning, but failed to work out a deal on government surveillance programs. 105 more words


That's What We Meant to Say... Really!

Dear Annie: This is in reference to the letter from “Sad Mom,” who said a boy in her son’s school committed suicide. She said the cause of death was not explained and there had been irresponsible speculation on social media.

348 more words

United States: Nudity, Privacy and the Prostitute - Susan Brenner

After a jury convicted Charles Adams “of capturing a representation that depicts nudity without the knowledge or consent of the person who is depicted nude in violation of Wisconsin Statutes § 942.09(am)1, 1,151 more words