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First Version of eGuide Goes Live

So, after months upon months of research, finding a fitness routine that was short, sweet, to the point and worked for my body and lifestyle. I created a First Version eGuide that is customize-able to your fitness level and lifestyle. 112 more words


I see you

You can observe a lot by just watching.  Yogi Berra

People-watching.  The art of sitting alone in a crowded space and observing those around you. Are you being creepy or just human? 500 more words


Polish DPA Releases Data Privacy Inspection Plans – Targets Health, Shopping

GIODO (the Polish Privacy authority) targeted Health and Stores/Shopping malls’ businesses to check compliance to Privacy Law.

Further focus is on devices (especially those with camera), CCTVcameras and video monitoring and surveillance systems.



Facebook says Irish challenge to US data transfers 'deeply flawed'

Last Thursday was the chance for Facebook to unveil some plans and take a few blows to the Schrems case. Their defense is that all privacy protections in  US fully mirror those in EU and that the adoption of the Privacy Shield is enough to protect the privacy needs of European consumers.



The Intercept: How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an Anonymous EMail Address and a Burner Phone

The Intercept: How to Run a Rogue Government Twitter Account With an Anonymous EMail Address and a Burner Phone. “The FBI, a domestic intelligence agency that claims the power to spy on anyone based on suspicions that don’t come close to probable cause, has a long, dark history of violating the rights of Americans…. 41 more words

Security & Legal Issues

Three Ways to Stay Anonymous Online

There could be a number of reasons why you don’t want your identity being known while using the web. You could be a drug dealer, pedophile or hacker. 731 more words

Tech News

The quantified employee: new ways to be watched at work

Is your employer watching you? “Of course,” you probably assume. But you might not know the half of it.

Last week, Bloomberg BusinessWeek hung a story on last year’s events at the Daily Telegraph, a UK newspaper. 724 more words