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Why RJI is helping to build a non-profit consortium to build a market for news and digital information

Or: Concerning the Future of News: A brief discussion

Past U.S. news-industry collaborations, which have been, fatally, about making profits for themselves and there backers —   rather than about creating a marketplace where all can profit.

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Are Spirits Looking at Me When I'm Naked?

I just received this question: Are spirits checking me out when I go to the bathroom or shower or make love?

The easy answer is no, and that’s what most mediums will tell you. 633 more words

With privacy, communication is critical (but it isn't everything)

Every week, we’re seeing new stories in the news that highlight the uneasy state of privacy norms.

The announcement of Windows 10 came with swift backlash against “privacy nightmares,” Spotify’s new privacy policy sparked another wave of disbelief and outrage, and other stories–such as the one about how… 857 more words

Chipping Away by Ron Steinman

Chipping Away by Ron Steinman

Recently The New York Times ran a horror story in of all places its business pages. Its effect made me scream, shudder and run for cover. 535 more words


Nursing Cover for Breastfeeding and Pumping Universal Fit All

* Fold the scarf length wise to form a tube of fabric.

Among the simplest kinds of scarf to perform close to with is an extended scarf because of its easy flexibility and adaptability. 348 more words

The Ashley Madison hack and healthcare

I was really hesitant to write anything about this topic at all, but a recent article in Gizmodo convinced me that there is something really critical here to be discussed. 1,690 more words