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Why You Should Go For Travel Wallet?

If you are the people who love travel so you might find that having some special accessory is very important in order to save your trip. 545 more words


Queer, naked, exposed and sexual: Stefan Mesch

First kiss: 21.First gay sex: 26. First good sex: 29. He is 34 years old right now. Now, nude pictures of him are online, on Tumblr and Twitter. 3,069 more words


24 March 1797: epistolary privacy & nothing new

J’ai reçu ta lettre toute décachetée, mon cousin, et quoique nous ne disions rien qui ne soit à dire, et que nous n’ayons rien à cacher, parce que nous n’avons rien de mauvais dans le coeur, il m’est infiniment désagréable de n’avoir pas la fleur de tes épîtres, et qu’un oeil curieux et indifférent les parcoure avant moi. 135 more words


The FBI Has Secretly Gathered Millions of “Faceprints” For Biometric Database For Years

Source: AcvistPost.com
Derrick Broze
March 24, 2017

A representative of the FBI was grilled by the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding the agency’s growing biometric database.  989 more words


#DarkSeaSkies: How the CIA Can Control Your MacBook in Just 29 Seconds

Source: TheDailySheeple.com
March 26, 2017

It’s known as DarkSeaSkies…. Hacking tools that allows the CIA access to Apple products. One knicknamed the “Sonic Screwdriver” gives an agent the ability to hack and remotely control a MacBook Air in less than half a minute. 405 more words

Big Government

No pictures required

Out behind their grandmas’ house, my two little boys rocked back and forth on a two-person swing. I smiled as I walked nearer; they’re really growing into friends. 146 more words