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Enterprise の調査: クラウドがオンプレミスを侵食していく、エンタープライズの IT 支出 ー IDC

Enterprise Cloud Spending: IDC: Cloud Spending is Eroding On-Premise Spending

Dick Weisinger – November 20th, 2015


IDC reports cloud technology has totally captured the focus for most enterprises.   248 more words


Verizon: Using the cloud is now just "table stakes"

Everyone’s doing it

This, according to Verizon’s State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016 report (no signup required). 84% of Verizon’s enterprise-level cloud customers said their use of the cloud increased in the past year. 431 more words


Platform9 Just Announced Latest Release of Our Managed OpenStack

One of the benefits that Platform9 customers most value with our managed cloud offering is the ability to take advantage of new innovations and capabilities without having to shoulder the burden that often comes with new software releases. 197 more words


Benifit of Hybrid cloud computing

Hybrid cloud-an infrastructural arrangement combining client cloud–identified as private cloud and at least one cloud which is the third party service provider .the interfaces or touch points existing between two clouds creates a computing environment which is conducive. 593 more words


Computing is going in one direction – towards the Cloud

Came across this article in Ars Technica UK (Warning: it’s a bit of an Infomercial with content sponsored by HP Enterprise), the basic premise is valid. 297 more words


Cloud traffic will grow at an annual rate of 33% over the next 5 years, Cisco predicts

The new version of the Cisco Cloud Index computes the rapid expansion of today’s stampede to the cloud. “We have never seen anything like this in terms of speed of customer adoption,” Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd… 853 more words

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The Enterprise Public Cloud Wars Are Over. Let's Talk About What's Next

Last week there were some very interesting developments in the public cloud space. First, Microsoft, Amazon beat Wall Street expectations and reported monster numbers associated with their public cloud offerings. 907 more words