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Self-paid cloud migration: Releasing capital from ageing infrastructure

Keeping pace with today’s digitised business environment is an ongoing challenge for most organisations. In order to stay relevant, IT needs to innovate rapidly and respond to almost constant business and technological changes. 751 more words

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Three distinguishing characteristics of modern on-premises cloud platforms

A critical component of the hybrid cloud platform is establishing an on-premises or private cloud to bridge the gap between traditional IT delivery and a public cloud, for workloads that can benefit from a cloud delivery model but need to remain on-premises. 458 more words

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Simple Experiment with Jails and Resource Control

While it has been a good practise to have one computer doing one role, it has also been  asked if a computer can be split for multiple functions as if it is a group of computers.  967 more words


Cloud adoption: The good design decisions that will get you there faster

New businesses are often created with agility at their core. Many are already taking advantage of cloud technology and understand its impact on growth and relevancy. 158 more words

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The need for Hybrid Cloud

As organizations attempt to strike a balance between having all IT services on premises and offloading storage and compute to the cloud, a logical central ground has emerged: The Hybrid Cloud. 317 more words

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Electric Imp announces advanced AMQP support and fully integrated 'All-Azure' Solution

Lots of exciting developments lately. Please check our new Microsoft announcements, including advanced AMQP support, Azure IoT Hub integration, and fully integrated ‘All-Azure’ offering with private cloud.


— Terrence


Private Cloud: 50 Shades of Great

Ok, I admit, I just liked the pun and would struggle to list 50 things great about any cloud.

This post is to clear up some of terminology around private cloud, because not all private clouds are the same, but “private cloud” is a dirty word in some circles. 798 more words