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U.S. Army Enlists IBM For $62M Cloud Deal To Improve Army’s IT Flexibility

IBM today announced that the U.S. Army has signed a five-year multimillion dollar contract with IBM to build manage and operate a cloud solution for greater IT flexibility, efficiency and performance. 285 more words

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Running for the OpenStack Board: “All In” on OpenStack

This is a duplicate of a blog I authored for SUSE, originally published at the SUSE Blog Site.

In thinking about the OpenStack community, our approach to the project going forward, and the upcoming Board elections, I’m reminded of a specific hand of the poker game Texas Hold ‘Em I observed a few years back between two players. 820 more words

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Cloud Computing - What's In It For Small Businesses?

In a highly competitive business environment it is important for small businesses to have an effective communications network to cover all the regions of the world. 383 more words

With the ISL Online remote desktop solution, Brazilian software giant AlterData supports a million clients yearly

One of the largest software companies in Brazil and one of the best places to work in Rio de Janeiro, AlterData Software scaled up from the basic open-source tool UltraVNC to the branded feature-rich ISL Online’s Private Cloud solution in 2013. 990 more words

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Tintri VMstore and Remote ODX

As mentioned in a previous article, Tintri VMstore supports the SMB 3.0 extensions that allow for offloaded data transfers within a VMstore appliance. Recently announced… 901 more words


Forget About Your OpenStack Upgrades

Upgrades. Few IT activities are as important yet heartburn-inducing as upgrading a major system.

Often upgrades mean service disruption, both expected and sometimes unexpected, which can negatively affect businesses. 279 more words