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Custom survived: May Dew collection, Arthur's Seat, Edinburgh

“On May-day in a fairy ring We’ve seen them, round St. Anthon’s spring, Frae grass the caller dew-drops wring, To wet their ein, And water clear as crystal spring, To synd them clean.” 1,930 more words

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Halliday + Baillie host exclusive NYC event

This April, the New Zealand hardware brand Halliday + Baillie, hosted an event where they showed their southern (hemisphere) hospitality. H+B have been distributing in the region for the good part of a decade, so when the opportunity arose to give back and say thanks, they couldn’t pass it up. 452 more words

Wekiva Island Cabanas: The best way to celebrate a special occasion 

Wekiva Island is a paradise that evokes the true spirit of Florida. Natural, beautiful, a casual watering hole where sun and water worshippers congregate to celebrate the beauty of Florida. 519 more words


Top 4 Tips to Host Memorable Anniversary Parties in Westchester NY

What’s well-worth celebrating more than a loving commitment that has lasted throughout the years! Whether you’re hosting anniversary parties for yourself or one for your parents or another special couple, it should be an event that’s sentimental and filled with great reminders of good times. 501 more words


6 easy tips to make your Fantastic Ice Cream at Home

Hello, My friends, Giuseppe manzoli here with

Six easy tips to make your Fantastic Ice Cream at Home


My Recipe:
Milk 1,150 gr
Cream 230 gr… 225 more words



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Natural Yeast For my Bread and Canapes

The Purpose of this post is to make you aware that I’m very very passionate about natural ingredients for my cooking events and even the bread it can hide many many difficult chemicals ingredients difficult to digest for our body, it depends on how much honest is with you your bakers or your personal chef. 124 more words